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Broadvoice offers a wide range of different Cloud delivered Business Solutions, primarily providing Business VoIP and Unified Communications platforms...
Winnetka, CA
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I have a fairly simple set up. 5 offices and about 17 seats/phones. I gave them a very detailed PowerPoint on how I wanted everything set up. They did not follow my direction. The phones are spotty and we have to reboot regularly. I am having all sorts of issues making changes. Had a support rep ask me how I was able to get my cell phone mirror the incoming calls. He should have know that. Clearly he does not know how the system works so wasted my time. They were very responsive until I signed the contract and went live. They also ported my numbers without authorization and had to reverse it and blamed the other carrier for the issue. Very unprofessional. Now that the contract has been signed and numbers ported I am told that I have to go through the support center to get support. I guy I was working with to initially get set up is no longer available to me. Take my advice, do not use this company. It has been a terrible experience. i will be switching as soon as my contract expires.

Pros: Could be a great service.
Cons: terrible support, they do not care about you after you sign their contract.
Would Recommend: No
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Charissa P.'s review for Broadvoice

I was so excited about the transition from AT&T landline service to Broadvoice Voip. The ability to have the Broadvoice app on my smartphone for receiving and making business calls from our business number while on the go was compelling for me. The features potential is great if those features actually worked reliably. However, after using the service for about a year now I have encountered constant glitches, shortcomings, lack of app development, spotty connectivity and absolutely atrocious support. I typically wait days if not weeks for responses from tech support and when I do get a response they often give me instructions that do not even correlate to their own app as if they are not familiar with the actual settings options available in the interface, forcing me to figure it out for myself. The app has not been working on the iPhone for months now and they have no proactive plan, timeline or response about getting it fixed. They simply keep telling me it's a conflict as of now with T-Mobile and there is not further information. They ask me sometimes questions about how to update iPhone apps. The lack of care and response from tech support and the ridiculously long wait times to get anyone to respond at all are so unprofessional it's somewhat staggering. The message that comes through loud and clear is "we don't care, deal with it". Not happy at all. Will definitely be looking for a different solution when my contract is up. It is disappointing to sign contracts with companies who display no integrity in their business practices coupled with complete disregard for quality of service and the opposite of customer support.

Pros: Convenient features POTENTIAL.
Cons: Terrible support, Spotty service, Constant glitches, Faulty development.
Would Recommend: No
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I have been a user since 2006 mainly because of their international plan which includes my home country. Even though the plan is called Unlimited World and advertises as unlimited calling, last month they just notified me that they were switching my contract to the domestic plan. No more free international calls for us. The email said:"Our system has detected an unusually high amount of international usage on your account. Your account has been switched to a domestic plan which will require you to pay for future international calls."I should point out that our usage was not unusually high, meaning we were not making more calls than before.On the call with customer service department they mentioned the words, excessive, abuse and limits, for an "unlimited" plan. They also mentioned that our country of destination was losing them money and that we were not the only customers that were being switched. The call rep blamed upper management for the decision.I would like to point out that this happened without prior warning or without any limits being specified in written or oral form. Their web page has a section on "5.9 Reasonable Use Policy" that mentions 4000 minutes:"Broadvoice may determine that abnormal or unreasonable usage is occurring, and may charge an overage fee of $0.02 per minute over 4000 minutes, or take appropriate steps to enforce this Policy and the Terms of Service ("Broadvoice's Rights") including suspension or cancellation of service."Our usage was lower than 3000 minutes nowhere near the 4000 minutes.To sum up:- False advertising- Violating their own Terms & Conditions- Changing plans without prior warnings.So beware

Pros: Good call quality.
Cons: False advertising.
Would Recommend: Yes
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BroadVoice made a bad first impression when I called, being interested in their SIP Trunking services. Its been almost 2 years and I don't regret any minute of being in business with them. First class features and price is very affordable. I was up and ready for callers 3 days after that first call with them. Been happy ever since.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Simple and reliable business service. Very friendly staff. Nothing but good things to say about this company. Makes my daily conferences with remote teams so much smoother.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Voip.com provides a good service that is the least expensive out of the other provider I switched from. Provides basic calling services with some key features. Customer support seems thorough on their products and whats included. Haven't experienced any issues. If your trying to keep your business place simple then this is the provider for you.

Pros: Clear Calls, Price.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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It’s been several months now that I get less than mediocre service. I have called countless times, but I still experience the same problem. Very, very often I can’t make phone calls from either of the two devices I pay for regularly and on time. am not getting the service I deserve and am paying for. This is disrespectful and a tremendous lack of customer service. When will I get a technical representative that will know what they are doing? When will I enjoy again the service I had for many years? I am not the kind that jumps from company to company as I know that problems happen, but it has got to a point of disrespect to the American Citizen. I am exhausted of the amounts of reps that touched my devices, keeping me on the phone for hours, without successfully fixing the problem. I request that proper service be provided, through a qualified staff. This is not much of a request but it’s been ignored for so long. Just about every time I called, the rep ( or should I say phone operator ) said they had no skill to help me and took a message so a more technical rep would call. And that call always came when I was on the street. Every single rep would look what the previous one did and say that was the problem so they’d have fixed it. In my dreams!!!! /fiel

Pros: Customer Service.
Cons: It was sold to Phone Power whose Customer Service is poor.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Great service, very reliable and has already proven to be cost-effective. Very structured plans as per my company's needs, and can make changes to my account from on their site. Support team has pretty much available on demand. Setup of the ip phones was easy and got them to work with just a quick phone call to support.

Pros: Price, Setup, Quality.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Joined this company a couple of months ago. The setup was real easy. I found guides on everything I needed on the site about how to install the soft-phone and directions on how to use it properly. Its a little pricey and took me a couple of days to figure out the soft-phone and all its basic features and keys.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Soft-phone works great..clear sound quality. I switched in February of 2013. The hubby set everything up and was really quick. The features are pretty basic including e-911, dual line, call hold.We got one phone Polycom for our home office, and because the phone allows for multiple line connections, we were able to use the same device as our home phone as well. The selective calling features allow us to set call rules as we need between our home and business lines.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Broadvoice offers a wide range of different Cloud delivered Business Solutions, primarily providing Business VoIP and Unified Communications platforms. Founded by Jim Murphy, BroadVoice has had its humble beginnings starting as a pager company, run out of a college dorm room in 1987. BroadVoice has since grown to be awarded as one of the fastest growing business cloud communication companies in 2017.

The provider has since won numerous awards including the 2017 Stevie Gold Winner for Sales & Customer Service, Unified Communications Excellence Award for 2017,  and Internet Telephony Product of the Year 2018. The solution has evolved beyond just Hosted PBX and Business VoIP to also include a complete UCaaS platform as well as SIP Trunking and a Virtual Call Center platform.


Broadvoice Pricing and Services


Plans and Features Available


  • Call Forward Busy Line
  • Call Forward Don't Answer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Forwarding Whisper
  • Call Hold
  • Call Log
  • Call Park
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Forwarding Whisper
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Hot Desking or Hoteling
  • Intercom
  • Mobile iPhone & Android App
  • Multiple Devices/Extension
  • Paging
  • Portal
  • SMS - $0.01/message
  • Sound Manager
  • Unlimited  Domestic Calling - $0.029/minute


  • All Metered features, plus
  • Local DID
  • SMS Included
  • Unlimited Domestic Calling Included


  • All Standard features, plus
  • Call Catch
  • Call Recording
  • Communicator
  • Conditional Call Catch
  • Global Extension Plan
  • One Number
  • Virtual Fax

Additional Administrative Controls

  • Activation Codes
  • Block Numbers
  • Contact Book
  • Extension Maps
  • Phone Auto Provisioning
  • Announcement Groups
  • Business Hours
  • Dashboard Traffic
  • Music on Hold
  • Ringtones
  • Billing Management
  • Caller ID Prepend
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Outbound Call Tagging with Reporting
  • Shared or Split Locations


Editor's Bottom Line of Broadvoice


BroadVoice offers a comprehensive Business VoIP solution for businesses of any size. Rather than differentiating their different plans and options by placing user limitations, BroadVoice instead will tailor packages to better fit the specific needs of your organization. It is worth noting that there are some slight feature limitations, for example more advanced functionality like Call Recording or Virtual Faxing is restricted to the Professional plan. However, on the other hand, even the Metered solution offers a lot for organizations that are not looking to pay monthly.

With the Metered plan, your team still gains access to the advanced call controls you need, like Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Park, and Transfer. But even beyond just basic call controls, even the Metered plans includes some more advanced functionality like a Find Me Follow Me feature to ensure that you never miss a call, even when you are away from the desk. All plans also include SMS Messaging, with unlimited messaging included in the Standard and Professional plans. Upgrading to the Standard plan over Metered not only provides unlimited SMS texting, but also unlimited Domestic Calling and a Local DID number. In fact, BroadVoice offers DID numbers around the world, including in Europe, Asia, North America and even Australia.

One truly unique aspect of BroadVoice's platforms and solutions is their 4G Failover Network. In the event that your service has any issues, or your business loses an internet connection due to weather, hardware failures or power outages, the system will automatically divert data to the wireless nationwide 4G network. This ensures that your business will always stay connected without experiencing any interruptions in a worst case scenario situation. BroadVoice's latest addition to their platform was the b-hive virtual call center platform, combining UCaaS, Contact Center and Cloud PBX communication tools into one single application.

  • Call Forwarding
    Call Forwarding
  • Number Management
    Number Management
  • Dashboard

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