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Supporting over 500 million subscribers, Broadsoft is one of the largest Unified Communications players. Originally founded in 1998, while...
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Provider Overview

Supporting over 500 million subscribers, Broadsoft is one of the largest Unified Communications players. Originally founded in 1998, while Broadsoft might not one be one of the oldest elder's in the space, nor should they be considered an infant in the space either. With two product platforms, BroadWorks and BroadCloud, the provider offers cloud-based Unified Communications solutions to over 500 different service providers. Broadsoft was acquired by the British company Hosted IP Communications Ltd. and the German company Finocom AG in 2013, both of which also provide cloud-based UCaaS. In 2013, Broadsoft received the Frost & Sullivan 2013 New Product Innovation LeaderShip Award for the company's hosted UCaaS platform.

Broadsoft's flagship product is BroadWorks, a VoIP application platform that allows service providers to deliver either basic or more advanced telephony systems to both UC providers that do not want to build their own solution to be rebranded, and more recently end users. BroadCloud is the company's fully managed UCaaS platform expanding beyond just VoIP capabilities. In 2016, Broadsoft acquired Intellinote, an enterprise messaging-based team collaborating application to grow their UCaaS solution even further.

Based off the BroadCloud platform, Broadsoft also offers Broadsoft CC-One, an omni-channel contact center solution designed for any size business.


Broadsoft Pricing and Services


The Broadsoft CC-One Solution Offers:

  • Omni-channel customer interactions, communicate via voice, email, web, chat and social media.
  • Unified communications built in to facilitate collaboration between agents, managers and back-office subject matter.
  • Predictive analytics-based routing to match each customer with the best agent suited for their request.
  • Built in IVR.
  • Skills-based routing.
  • Real-time and historical reporting.
  • Call recording.
  • Utilize ACD and CRM data to match customers with agents having the best performance records to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Unified contact center solutions to centrally manage and administer tools like ACD, IVR, call recording, interaction history and CRM Integration.
  • Omni-channel view of the customer journey to analyze cross-channel customer interactions.
  • Performance analytics can help managers understand agent and customer behavior.
  • Monitor and manage service levels in real-time to reduce call abandons and prioritize previous abandons.
  • Optimize resource usage to balance call loads across teams, sites and systems.


Editor's Bottom Line of Broadsoft


Many utilizing an existing VoIP or UC solution might even be taking advantage of Broadcast's solution without even realizing it. As Broadsoft offers their software to other providers to repackage, their solutions have made their way into more businesses than obvious at first glance. However, with the CC-One Contact Center Solution, Broadsoft is starting to make a push in offering its products directly to the end user. In this case, that happens to be any business in need of a omni-channel contact center solution. Designed to be adopted by any size business, from small and medium all the way up to large Enterprise players, the CC-One offering is flexible enough to work for any team and can be tailored to fit any specific needs.

For the small to medium sized business, Broadsoft offers the ability to start with simple call center software, best for a business that needs to get a small call center and customer service operation up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Because of the flexible and agile nature of the solution, a business can grow their team starting from a handful of agents up to a full fledged contact center - or even allow expansion to include outsourced and at-home agents. Small and medium businesses will only have to pay for what they use and when they use it, and won't have to take on more expensive features that will not be utilized.

Large, Enterprise level companies will be able to take full advantage of the CC-One Solution in a number of ways, building off their massive scale and operations. CC-One makes it possible to manage multiple contact center sites, including outsourced agents, from all around the world under one cloud network. This allows administrators and managers to generate one single operation report for all centers, and provision the system as necessary all from one platform. With hybrid solutions, users can route calls from the cloud to existing on-premise systems, and consistently control service levels worldwide to provide the best possible experience.

For any size business, the omni-channel solution allows a business to take control of every single possible channel of communication. Between phone, email, web chat, text, and social media, a business can utilize the CC-One platform to meet the customers in the channels they are already using, again vastly improving the customer experience. Real time dashboards and cross channel analytics allow managers to optimize their contact center solution. An added bonus with CC-One is the inclusion of Broadsoft's robust Unified Communications solution, which allows agents and employees to discuss and interact behind the scenes - reach out to a manager or specialized agent via chat to collaborate on the best possible solution. UC and a Contact Center solution all in one makes Broadsoft's CC-One a worthy contender.

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