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AVOXI is a cloud communications provider focused on meeting the international calling needs of various businesses. In doing so,...
Atlanta, GA
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I don't understand this service.

I make a payment for the company and they continuously email me about late payments. The payment was never late to begin with.

When I reach out to customer service they promise to "reply within 4 hours" but 1 day later I get another late payment notice.

When someone reaches out to my email like a human being and resolves this issue, I will remove this review

Would Recommend: No
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I was using Avoxi but when bill came it was to my surprise they charge me 700+ USD extra, when asked them theu said US government taxes and other expenses we forward to customers. And it can vary according to they got taxed. I told them that i am not in USA nor i am beneficiary for that tax. They simply said we cannot do anything.

There sales & support is in EST time zone so for Asian and other countries you have to waut USA to open and then only you will get support, for us it was 12 hours diffrence.

Also there website is misleading they will publish like 300 mins with the package..but later find out its incoming minutes.

Do not go for these scamers.

Pros: Quick Setup.
Cons: Over Pricing, Hidden charges, poor support.
Would Recommend: No
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I started to use Avoxi since it seemed that it was a cheap option. After my installation, they called me a few times which I did not ask for.

A few weeks later, one of my clients told me that he can not reach me! The phone number gives an error. I tried from different phone numbers and got the same result. The technical staff tried hard but could not solve the issue.

They did not even bother telling me that my number did not work! I lost customers and business thanks to them. I do not recommend their service.

Pros: None.
Cons: Agressive sales, bad support.
Would Recommend: No
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An abundance of issues with both the service, and their staff.

1. They run paid advertisements online that explicitly state that you can register online; that it's simple and easy. However, that's not the case at all. They take your money online, then you're bombarded with calls and emails from their sales staff. Their staff are extremely aggressive, pushy and invasive.

2. If you select the "pay by the minute option", you're the one paying for those pushy sales calls.

3. After expressing that I was not comfortable with the level of contact, and the extremely aggressive sales tactics, one of the sales staff cancelled my account without warning. Stating that "because we are a telecommunications company, we're in the business of speaking to our customers by phone".

4. The original number I registered was apparently also being used by Amazon support, so I routinely received calls from disgruntled Amazon customers. And again, because I was paying by the minute, I paid for all of those calls. There are several other reviews on here that say Avoxi is aiding and abetting in scams, and well, if the shoe fits...

Would Recommend: No
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A service for all business using world leading tech. We operate call centres and support offices for Medical Software in 5 continents and need up time, clear communication, no lag no delay and Avoxi does it all AND NONE of our customers see strange numbers as we have OUR MAIN office line showing and east=y to use even for our non tech staff

Cons: NONE.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Shehryar K.'s review for AVOXI

Worst customer support ever a guy named Nathan Stenger contacted & he was so rude & unprofessional that instead of helping he was trying to be offensive. They have an issue on their own website but instead of rectifying it they're blaming customers for it. I want my money back. Worst Company to do any business with.

Pros: Nil.
Cons: Worst Customer Support.
Would Recommend: No
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Impossible to use. scammers

1. Impossible to use their service. I've got no result
2. I've asked to stop charging my card on the 1 of November and they did not response ANYTHING!

I've made another request today (Case 00325668).
I have to write such a negative review here bacause support does not answer at all

Pros: None.
Cons: Does not working. Impossible to unsubscribe by yourselve.
Would Recommend: No
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I implement PBXs for businesses in Costa Rica and I recommend AVOXI to my clients because their setup is very easy, their service is very reliable and their customer and technical support is excellent.

Uptime is the highest I've got from any provider in the country, they are very proactive in network maintenance and will work with you to resolve any quality issues you have with the service.

Would Recommend: Yes
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We love our experience with this team of professionals. The Web site is excellent and user friendly.
The service they provide has everything a company could wish to offer to their clients.
No doubt this is one of the best VoIP services on the market.

Pros: Very responsive, Quick attendance.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I needed a communications line to new operations in France. AVOXI filled the bill with their excellent product and customer service. Their support and sales staff made it easy to implement and setup. I have never had an issue with the service or the customer support. The phone service is always up and running and frankly I don't notice the difference when I'm using it from France or the US. I recommend them highly!

Pros: Great customer service and productuct.
Cons: none.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

AVOXI is a cloud communications provider focused on meeting the international calling needs of various businesses. In doing so, the provider offers a variety of services that come loaded with advanced features and capabilities.


AVOXI Pricing and Services


These services include:

  • Virtual Phone Numbers
  • Cloud Contact Center Solutions
  • Business SMS
  • SIP Trunking
  • Call Routing

In regards to International calling, AVOXI offers toll free numbers from more countries than any other industry competitors, making the provider a one stop hub for international toll free numbers (ITFS), universal international freephone numbers (UIFN), and US and Canada toll free numbers. Additionally, each of these numbers has a specific purpose: ITFSs are singular, country-based numbers, UIFNs work from multiple countries, and US and Canada numbers are cost efficient in reaching customers in North America. AVOXI allows users to combine ITFSs, UIFNs, and US and Canada numbers as well as select indivudally.

AVOXI also offers extensive customer support, which includes platforms such as FAQs, Virtual Call Center & Hosted PBX Terms, Self Service Portal, Tutorial Videos, and Live Chat with Support. Additionally, AVOXI offers an 800 number with an automated directory.

Pricing: AVOXI’s pricing varies depending on the services selected. For pricing information, users should submit their information for a personalized quote.

Accreditation: AVOXI offers quality solutions and services that are backed by certifications including:
CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association) Member
BPeSA (Business Process Service and Outsourcing market) Member
Inc. Magazine 500—named one of the fastest growing private companies in the US

  • AVOXI Analytics
    AVOXI Analytics
  • AVOXI Call Queues
    AVOXI Call Queues
  • AVOXI Reports
    AVOXI Reports

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