Founded in 1999 and now a Fusion Company, Apptix specializes in offering business communication, collaboration, and IT solutions to...
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Provider Overview

Founded in 1999 and now a Fusion Company, Apptix specializes in offering business communication, collaboration, and IT solutions to business customers of all sizes—from SOHOs to Fortune 500 business. Additionally, the provider has extensive expertise in supporting legal, financial, healthcare, and telecom firms. For over a decade, the provider is widely considered a pioneer is the hosted services sphere. In regards to services, the provider offers both business and industry solutions. Business Solutions include Communications, Collaboration, Compliance & Security, Infrastructure, and Consulting Services. Each of these categories has its own offerings. For example, Communications includes Hosted Exchange, Mobile, Hosted Business Voice, Hosted Fax, Lync Secure IM, and Unified Communications; Compliance & Security include Mobile Device Manager, Email Archiving Solutions, Email Encryption, and Anti Span/Anti Virus; and so on. As stated above, Industry solutions include Healthcare, Financial, Legal, and Telecommunications. Apptix also offers Partner Programs including Channel Partner Program, Referral Partners, and Reseller Programs. In regards to support, Apptix also features a variety of support tools and resources including a Control Panel (where users can change account settings, passwords, etc.), Backup, FAQs, Videos, “How Do I…” Guides, as well as additional contact support via email/website form, live chat, or phone.


Apptix Pricing & Services


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Apptix Services:


Managed Hosted Email Exchange for Mid Size and Enterprise Customers

  • Easily manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks with the familiar Microsoft Outlook® client for PC or Mac® as well as Outlook Web App (OWA) access
  • Supported mobile devices include BlackBerry®, Android®, Windows® Mobile, and iPhone® or iPad®
  • Shared calendars and scheduling
  • Email security and virus protection
  • Integrate your email with other Microsoft services such as SharePoint, Web Conferencing, and Secure Instant Messaging
  • Proven Microsoft Exchange capabilities with full email and collaboration feature sets (shared contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, Global Address List (GAL), distribution lists, aliases, public folders, and resource mailboxes)
  • Full protocol support (RPC/MAPI, POP, IMAP), all controllable on a per-user basis
  • Premium email security and anti-spam/virus protection with content screening and blocking capabilities
  • Ability to mix-and-match larger mailboxes with web-only accounts for individual employee needs
  • Easily integrates with optional add-on services for a comprehensive business communication solution (see “Add-On Options” tab)

Office 365

  • Business-class Microsoft Email
  • Up-to-date Office applications
  • Limitless online meetings
  • Instant Messaging
  • Private social networking
  • Option to add Microsoft Office Suite: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher

Hosted Business Voice

  • Reliable and technically advanced enterprise-class hosted business phone service across multiple geographically diverse locations
  • Online management tools that make administration easy
  • Scalable solution – users can be quickly added and deleted as your business needs change
  • Monthly service plans include calls, voicemail, mobility features, and more – at a savings to your organization
  • Eliminate the hassle of managing an in-house business phone system


Hoteling Add-On Features:

  • Hoteling Guest – Allows users to associate their own service profiles with Hoteling Host users, and use the hosts’ devices as their own.
  • Hoteling Host – Allows users to host other users with the Hoteling Guest service assigned.
  • Shared Call Appearance Add-on Features:
  • Multiple Call Arrangement – Supports multiple calls with Shared Call Appearance
  • Shared Call Appearance – Allows a user to have up to two additional location assignments. The user can also enable Click-to-Dial alerts. When this is enabled, all of the user’s locations (primary and SCA) are alerted for a Click-to-Dial call when the user has no active location or the user has Multiple Call Arrangement (MCA) assigned and enabled. It also allows users to make and receive multiple calls simultaneously on their different SCA locations.
  • Shared Call Appearance 5; Shared Call Appearance 10; 15; 20; 25; 30; and 35 – Shared Call Appearance 5 allows a user to have up to 5 additional location assignments. There are also separate licenses for Shared Call Appearance for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 additional location assignments, respectively.

Remote User Add-On Features:

  • Apptix Anywhere – Allows a user to configure mobile phones to link to their account.
  • Call Notify – Allows email notifications of calls made to the user’s phone number.
  • CommPilot Express – Allows a user to easily configure their phone service based on pre-defined profiles.
  • In-Call Service Activation – Allows users hosted on a TDM system to activate mid-call services (e.g., flash services).
  • Remote Office – Allows a user to assign a phone number at a remote site to be the user’s current phone number.
  • Two-Staged Dialing – Allow a user to use their VoIP services from a cell phone or public switched telephone network (PSTN) landline.

Advanced Group:

  • Barge-in Exempt – Allows a user to block barge-in attempts from other users with Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in.
  • Calling Party Category – Allows a category to be associated with a user. The category is included in the signaling for all outgoing calls.
  • Directed Call Pickup – Allows user to pick up a call to another group member using a feature access code followed by the extension.
  • Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in – Allows user to pick up or barge-in on a call to another group member using a feature access code followed by the extension.
  • Directory Number Hunting – Allows a caller to reach a Hunt Group or Call Center by calling the number of one of the group members.
  • Intercept User – Allows a group administrator to graciously take users out of service by providing callers with informative announcements and options.
  • Account/Authorization Codes – Allows a group administrator to restrict inter-group calls to authorized users and also track these calls.
  • Call Capacity Management – Allows a system administrator to limit the number of active sessions for a user in a group.
  • Custom Ringback Group – Allows a user to specify custom media files to be used for ringback when incoming calls are received. When the user is called, the system allocates a media resource and plays a custom ringback file to the caller, instead of the standard ringback tone.
  • Incoming Calling Plan – Allows a group administrator to restrict incoming calls by call type.
  • Intercept Group – Allows an enterprise administrator to graciously take a group out of service by providing callers with informative announcements and options.
  • Inventory Report – Allows a group administrator to produce reports on services, users, phone numbers, departments, and devices.
  • LDAP Integration – Allows a group to retrieve contacts from an LDAP directory using their CommPilot Call Manager.
  • Series Completion – Allows calls to be forwarded to the next line in the series for key system implementation.
  • Service Scripts Group – Allows the group administrator to configure Call Processing Language (CPL) script files to manage all users’ incoming and outgoing calls.

Security Add-On Features

  • Barge-in Exempt – Allows a user to forward calls from selected callers to another phone number.
  • Call Forwarding Selective – Allows a category to be associated with a user. The category is included in the signaling for all outgoing calls.
  • Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking – Allows a user to restrict the public from seeing the user’s phone number when making a call.
  • Malicious Call Trace – Allows an administrator to generate traces automatically for all calls to and/or from selected users.
  • Physical Location – Prevents the user from making calls from locations other than the one configured for his or her assigned device profile.
  • Privacy – Allows a user to restrict the system from listing his or her information to other users in the Group and Enterprise Directories.
  • Selective Call Acceptance – Allows a user to accept phone calls from selected callers.
  • Selective Call Rejection – Allows a user to reject phone calls from selected callers.
  • Zone Calling Restrictions – Allows a user to make calls within specified zone calling restrictions and roaming restrictions policies.

Hosted Fax

  • Uses your existing email client to send documents to a recipient as a fax
  • Enables both inbound and outbound faxes from mobile devices
  • Industry-standard 128-bit encryption
  • Audit trail automatically created for all faxes
  • Support for large data transmissions and peak periods
  • Faxes can be received from any fax device and delivered as electronic documents
  • Incoming fax is received as email attachment directly in the recipient’s inbox
  • Inbound and outbound fax capabilities from local or toll-free numbers

Instant Messaging for Business: Microsoft Lync Secure IM

  • Secure private business instant messaging
  • Real-time Presence awareness
  • Chat with people in other organizations that use Lync
  • Cloud-based delivery
  • Mobile devices
  • End-to-end encryption
  • One-on-one or multi-user chats
  • Real-time Presence information
  • Integration with hosted Microsoft Outlook
  • Tagging subject matter experts
  • Direct access to contacts within Global Address List
  • Saving of chat conversations
  • Alerts when contacts become available

Unified Communications

  • Hosted Exchange Email for email and calendar functionality, with mobile sync to stay in touch and productive wherever you are
  • Hosted VoIP Service for enterprise-class voice service and unlimited calling in the US and Canada
  • Secure Instant Messaging with Presence for communicating instantaneously with colleagues and customers
  • Web Conferencing for team collaboration regardless of location
  • Hosted SharePoint for an always-available collaboration site to share and manage documents, project plans, ideas, contracts, and more


  • File Sync and Share
  • Dedicated Share Point Plans:
    SharePoint Foundation 2010 Sharepoint Server 2010 Standard Sharepoint Server 2010 Enterprise
    Accessibility Includes Foundation Features Includes Foundation and
    Standard Features
    Blogs Ask Me About Access Services
    Browser-based Customizations Audience Targeting Advanced Content Processing
    Business Connectivity Services Basic Sorting Advanced Sorting
    Business Data Connectivity Service Best Bets Business Data Integration with the Office Client
    Claims-Based Authentication Business Connectivity Services Profile Page Business Data Web Parts
    Client Object Model (OM) Click Through Relevancy Business Intelligence Center
    Configuration Wizards Colleague Suggestions Calculated KPIs
    Connections to Microsoft Office Clients Colleagues Network Chart Web Parts
    Connections to Office Communication Server and Exchange Compliance Everywhere Contextual Search
    Cross-Browser Support Content Organizer Dashboards
    Developer Dashboard Document Sets Data Connection Library
    Discussions Duplicate Detection Decomposition Tree
    Event Receivers Enterprise Scale Search Deep Refinement
    External Data Column Enterprise Wikis Excel Services
    External Lists Federated Search Excel Services and PowerPivot for SharePoint
    High-Availability Architecture Improved Governance Extensible Search Platform
    Improved Backup and Restore Keyword Suggestions Extreme Scale Search
    Improved Setup and Configuration Managed Metadata Service InfoPath Forms Services
    Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for SharePoint Memberships PerformancePoint Services
    Large List Scalability and Management Metadata-driven Navigation Rich Web Indexing
    Managed Accounts Metadata-driven Refinement Similar Results
    Mobile Connectivity Mobile Search Experience Thumbnails and Previews
    Multilingual User Interface Multistage Disposition Tunable Relevance with Multiple Rank Profiles
    Multi-Tenancy My Content Visio Services
    Out-of-the-Box Web Parts My Newsfeed Visual Best Bets
    Patch Management My Profile
    Permissions Management Note Board
    Photos and Presence Organization Browser
    Quota Templates People and Expertise Search
    Read-Only Database Support Phonetic and Nickname Search
    Remote Blob Storage (SQL Feature) Query Suggestions, “Did You Mean?”, and Related Queries
    REST and ATOM Data Feeds Ratings
    Ribbon and Dialog Framework Recent Activities
    Sandboxed Solutions Recently Authored Content
    SharePoint Designer Relevancy Tuning
    SharePoint Health Analyzer Rich Media Management
    SharePoint Lists Search Scopes
    SharePoint Ribbon Secure Store Service
    SharePoint Service Architecture Shared Content Types
    SharePoint Timer Jobs SharePoint 2010 Search Connector Framework
    SharePoint Workspace Status Updates
    Silverlight Web Part Tag Clouds
    Site Search Tag Profiles
    Solution Packages Tags
    Streamlined Central Administration Tags and Notes Tool
    Support for Office Web Apps Unique Document IDs
    Unattached Content Database Recovery Web Analytics
    Usage Reporting and Logging Windows 7 Search
    Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools Word Automation Services
    Visual Upgrade Workflow Templates
    Web Parts
    Windows 7 Support
    Windows PowerShell Support
    Workflow Models
  • Hosted Share Point
    • Business connectivity services
    • Configuration wizards
    • Connections to Office Communication Server and Exchange
    • Discussion boards
    • Mobile connectivity
    • Cross-browser support
    • Streamlined central administration
    • Usage reporting and logging
    • Browser-based customizations
  • Lync Web Conferencing
    • Unlimited audio or video web meetings
    • Includes Lync Secure IM and Presence
    • PC-to-PC calling (internal to organization)
    • Video chat (internal to organization)
    • Application, desktop, and document sharing with editing and annotation
    • Drag-and-drop secure file transfer
    • Interactive tools including Q&A and surveys
  • Office Web Apps
    • Browser-based viewing and lightweight editing of Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and OneNote 2010 files
    • Easy access, sharing, and editing of documents

Compliance and Security

  • Mobile Device Manager
  • Email Archiving
  • Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus
  • Email Encryption


  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
    • Adaptive data storage expands in real time to accommodate data
    • Enterprise-grade network security features
    • Predefined storage policies control data distribution
    • Flexible pricing options include storage capacity, network, and security services
    • 24/7/365 data access is backed by a service-level agreement of 100% availability
  • Servers on Demand
  • Virtual Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
    • Scalable, dynamic solutions based on your unique organizational needs
    • Powered by the HDX protocol complete with rich graphics and fast performance instantaneously
    • Runs in private and multi-tenant environments
    • Enterprise-grade security – all data is encrypted and backed up on a cloud-based platform
    • Pay for just what you use every month
  • Server Backup
  • Desktop Backup

Services and Tools

  • Active Directory Management
  • Migration Services
  • Workstation Management
  • Email Professional Services
  • SharePoint Professional Services
  • Slide Sharing
    Slide Sharing
  • Chat

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