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Concord, NC
ACN specializes in offering a variety of services for both home and business use. For home users, ACN’s services...
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Provider Overview

ACN specializes in offering a variety of services for both home and business use. For home users, ACN’s services include digital phone service, local and long distance, Internet, wireless, energy, television, home security and automation, computer support, and mobile application. With business use, the provider offers phone service, energy, satellite TV, and computer support. For home users, digital phone service comes with VoIP features, unlimited local and long distance calling to US and Canada, and more for $24.99 per month (plus Equipment charge $29.99, S&H $10.99, and Activation $29.99). International calling is available to 70 countries/territories, but is subject to additional pricing.  Business phone service is available through Digital Talk Express package ($39.99/month) and Business Advantage package ($34.99/month)—which is wireline service available in select markets including OR, UT, WA, AZ, CO, and more. Separate from phone service, pricing varies depending on the service selected. For example, in terms of wireless service, ACN offers Wireless—allows user to choose from quality providers—or Mobile Application—which allows users to make low-cost long distance and International calls through an app. In regards to support, ACN features a customer care center that includes phone and live chat customer care and technical support for each service offered.  Hours of operation are: for customer care Monday –Saturday 9am-12am, closed Sunday; for Tech support, Monday-Friday 9am-12am, Saturday and Sunday 11am-8pm. Customer care is also available for users in Canada and Puerto Rico.

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