Vonage and Jumper.ai have long had affiliation, one it expects will allow companies to convert conversations into sales via its joint conversational commerce offering. For nearly a decade (since 2017) the duo have partnered on a conversational commerce platform - with Vonage eventually acquiring the Singapore-based firm in 2021.

Looking to engage customers along their buying journey: the platform leverages artificial intelligence to create omnichannel experiences - to boost sales and improve customer delight. Even more powerfully - the conversational commerce platform aims to provide organizations insight into how customers behave with intelligence gathered from AI.

With several new features poised to deliver a myriad of experiences, the freshest components of the duo's platform include those set to enhance the experience for mobile app users; and customer engagement features like an AI-fueled widget. The platform; will likewise have varied messaging channels like LINE, WhatsApp, and Telegram. 

Through live chat and messaging from any device or platform, Vonage and Jumper.ai (appear to) focus on ease of use for end users like marketers and contact center agents - otherwise known as end users. On the other end of the spectrum - are customers who will likely benefit most considerably, being able to interact with companies with near-endless channels. 

There is plenty more to unpack regarding the latest features from Vonage, so stay for (the duration) of this piece to learn the ins and outs of what Vonage and Jumper.ai customers can soon expect from the conversational commerce offering. 


A Customer Case Study

For some customers, the advantages of the platform appear apparent, with Kamila Skötsch, Global CRM Team Lead for HolidayPirates, adding in a statement: 

"We have already increased our cost efficiency by 18%, as we can target our active users, allowing us to connect in real-time with those searching for travel deals. We can reach them within seconds - allowing them to; easily take advantage of deals and to book before prices change." 

HolidayPirates and Vonage

As one of the fastest-growing free travel search platforms, HolidayPirates developed a marketing channel on WhatsApp, which it says turned out to be its most engaging channel. "The messaging strategy was simple," Skötsch added, continuing: 

"We broadcast the best travel deals on the market, and our users value this service tremendously as they can stay up to date with the best offers without researching themselves."


A New Mobile App/Experience 

Available for iOS and Android users, the fresh take on previous versions of the app; will enable contact center agents to access and leverage live chat features no matter where they are. 

Along with being able to extend support from anywhere, the implications are near-endless, as agents can offer immediate support to customers with queries through real-time messaging. That means the same access to functionality, resources, CRM systems, and customer information on the Jumper.ai unified dashboard

In a statement, Vonage notes that this includes the ability to create orders; share products and images.


Messaging Channels, Bots,  Etc. 

When I say that Vonage added a fair amount of messaging channels, I'm talking over ten, and to name a few, the conversational commerce platform now supports SMS and Google Business Messenger (GBM). Organizations can also directly message and engage customers via a unified customer experience management dashboard.

Through that dashboard: users can further design and implement bots for said experiences via Vonages' AI-fueled chatbot builder. 

Vonage Facebook, Live Conversation

Vonage Facebook, Live Conversation

Ok, so; for a shortened form of the channels now offered: there's (now) access to social and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Instagram, LINE, Google Adlingo Ada, Webchat, Telegram, iMessage, and more. 

Vonage Facebook Messenger

Vonage Facebook Messenger

This is of the most relevant and extensive lists of third-party apps available to users on platforms of the conversational commerce nature, with Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder of Opus Research, validating that notion. In a statement, Miller notes that Vonage is ahead of the pack of other cloud-based solutions supporting commerce. Miller further added: 

"These conversations occur over time, employ multiple channels, and culminate in a completed transaction. That requires a global network that integrates VoIP with 5G wireless, informed by conversational AI - under the control of easy-to-use dashboards or toolkits."


There's a Widget Too

Seemingly: one of the most notable and sizable advantages of the offering's latest instant messaging widget is that companies of all sizes can embed instant messaging widgets anywhere on their website(s). Such a capability could (very well) ensure they never miss an opportunity to engage with customers at their moment of interest. 

The experience: according to Vonage, "primarily powered by AI-driven bots and easily accessible through the customer experience management dashboard." With it, starting conversations earlier in the customer journey, nurturing that throughout every step of the buying process, and improving the visibility of new launches and offers: are all less complex.

A key differentiator between the Vonage widget and others on the market is the attention to detail it extends. It is, for one, laser-focused on live chat, the ability to share products, fill orders, and even make payments, all from within the widget itself - a game-changer when you consider the level of convenience.  


Customers Get it

With multi-channel chatbot automation, a unified multichannel inbox, the ability to manage order fulfillment and payment integrations, and access to marketing support/analytics: the platform is a solid offering. And it is only growing in functionality.

The platform has seen many transformations since its inception in 2017. In fact: the pandemic all but transformed it into what it looks like today for the most part. There is a lot to learn from such a robust platform, and customers have likely understood the value of the offering too.

That is apparent from the kinds of brands that leverage the platform. Customers include many of the world's largest brands like L'oreal, Armani Beauty, Axe, Dove, Huawei, Toyota, Marvel, Ben & Jerry's, and Burger King.


Juniper Conversational Commerce Leaderboard

Not only do customers seem to get it, but analyst firms like Juniper Research do too. The firm recognized Vonage as a leader in the area, with Elisha Sudlow-Poole, Research Analyst, Juniper Research, noting that Vonage appears to go above and beyond:

“Supporting enough communications channels is no longer enough to ensure the success of omnichannel experiences. Vonage’s ability to provide value-added services, like strong AI capabilities, CRM solutions, and payment integrations into its platform, ensures depth within existing communications channels. This secures its place as an established leader in this highly competitive market.”

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