OnSIP was founded in 2004, and delivers VoIP service via a hosted PBX to small, medium, and large businesses. The company boasts support of new technologies such as HD Voice and the enterprising field of Mobile VoiP.

Their customer base includes the non-profit organization and creator of Firefox, Mozilla, as well as microblogging platform and social media monster, Tumblr.  A great feature of their service is that if at any time an extension, user, or phone system is added, no additional charges are incurred – something few companies practice. OnSIP is a service provider to over 15,000 businesses worldwide, offering packages relative to business size that range from 39.95 to 199.95 monthly.

I found this to be a great tool – Every Tuesday at 2 PM (EST) and Thursday at 12 PM (EST), OnSIP hosts a free interactive webinar [dial 1-888-864-0686 at start of session] for new customers and/or those seeking info about getting started. The webinar lasts approximately 30 minutes and is immediately followed by a Q&A session.

OnSIP also features a VoIP Reseller Program – a way to reward partners by sharing all OnSIP revenues received from features and calling activity. Additional webinars are held for resellers, consultants, and those considering joining the reseller program, featuring professionals and guest speakers at the helm. Their website contains a wealth of reviews on VoIP software, hardware, and peripherals, featuring in-house evaluation of products and services with user friendly information on setup and use. While visiting OnSIP’s site, it was a breeze to navigate the menus along with their professional yet casual layout and language. Their reviews and newsletters were accompanied by the occasional comic strip or clever quip, adding color and personality to their apparent expertise.

OnSIP continues to grow and flex their dynamic muscle in the industry. Their clear vision and innovations make them one of the top players to watch in a VoIP game that is only becoming bigger and better as the industry progresses.

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