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NICE CXone is a cloud contact center that unifies over 30 communication channels–including voice, SMS, email, live and automated...
Salt Lake City, UT
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Brittany N.'s review for NICE CXone

NICE inContact has been the best 2020 tool in our agency ever since covid since it has allowed team in our organization to work together.
Integration with third-party applications offered us a lot of capabilities. Finally, being a cloud-based solution, we are able to access it from any web abd from anywhere there is internet connection or via mobile data.

Pros: I have been able to automate workflows in Accounting department with NICE inContact. Also, this program has aided me to schedule tasks in real time.
Cons: Nontheless, it was a bit hectic and tedious to fully implement this software all by ourselves. In house support though collaborated with vendor support to enhance everything.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Austin L.'s review for NICE CXone

It offers a wide range of solutions to business challenges. We can have our customers conduct in one place and make use of them during planning. The platform has helped us in designing our products and creating clear reports. It gives us basic and very important systems for work management. Our data is well stored for future reference and decision making.

Pros: This is an excellent product in ensuring all business operations are in order.
Cons: I have never experienced any drawback since I started using this product.
Would Recommend: Yes
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An easy to use and simple to customize software.
I love the reliability of this amazing software. Moreover, I like the support team of this software. The tool has never ever disappointed the team I work with. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this software to all the potential buyers or users.

Pros: Easy to use.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Would Recommend: Yes
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Easy to spin up small, remote-only contact centers (or on site if preferred). Browser based interface is only marred by proprietary CXOne softphone software. Easy to scale based on demand or client requests for additional campaigns etc. System is fairly stable and clean with extensive reporting and analytics. The scripting (call flow/behavior system) interface is antiquated and Windows only, and requires proprietary knowledge or paid support. This is not a concern if you rarely need to make changes to IVR functionality.

Pros: Easy to scale, minimal hardware/infrastructure requirements.
Cons: Proprietary VOIP software, Windows only scripting system.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I've been using inContact for several years now, both as an active agent and on the administrative side. I find the system user friendly and reliable, with great call connectivity. When system issues occur, which doesn't happen often, the fixes are quick. The dashboards and reporting are also very simple to navigate yet very informative.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Ari O.'s review for NICE CXone

Nice InContact is a solid omni channel solution for cloud contact centers. Its cost effective and provides many third party integrations including Salesforce. The SMS channel is supported by a third party and that channel is not as integrated as it should be. We look forward to a more integrated SMS channel in the future from a data collection and reporting perspective.

Would Recommend: Yes
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I have been using NiC for many years now. I love the stability of the product and the simple setup. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to setup their contact center and maximize their agent utilization. The product offers a fairly large set of capabilities that are easy to maintain and update.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Ryan S.'s review for NICE CXone

I have almost always had a good experience with inContact, and enjoy being a partner with them. Their Studio application is easy to use, and powerful enough that I can write integrations with any application easily. The system is durable, with few major issues, and rarely the fault of inContact. I recommend it to anyone who needs a VoIP solution.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Andrew C.'s review for NICE CXone

Since partnering with NICE inContact my department has seen numerous increases in efficiency. inContact has been great at supporting our needs and initiatives both in implementation as well as technical support. We use a wide variety of products from NICE inContact, as well as various API integrations with these solutions, giving us a very robust suite of applications that allow us to drive efficiency and ease of use for the agents that we support. I would recommend NICE inContact to anyone looking to manage their own ACD/IVR.

Pros: Efficiency.
Cons: Steep Learning Curve.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

NICE CXone is a cloud contact center that unifies over 30 communication channels–including voice, SMS, email, live and automated chat, social media messaging, and more. The software is accessible on desktop and mobile, featuring agent and desktop dashboards. CXone offers digital, voice-only, or omnichannel plans with routing across all communication channels. It has quality management tools for coaching and evaluation, plus workforce management tools that automate scheduling and support supervisors in providing feedback. CXone incorporates AI for real-time interaction analytics that identify customer sentiment and guide agent actions.

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NICE CXone Pricing

NICE CXone offers six pricing plans, ranging from $71 to $209 monthly per user. Each tier builds on the features of those below it.


Interactions Orchestration

These three plans offer digital, voice-based, or omnichannel dashboards with basic routing. They do not include special features like AI or workforce optimization.

  • Digital Agent ($71 monthly per user): Desktop and mobile call center with 30+ digital channels–SMS, email, live chat, social media, and more. Includes agent and supervisor dashboards, reporting, and omnichannel routing.
  • Voice Agent ($94 monthly per user): Voice-only contact center for desktop and mobile. Includes universal queueing and self-service IVR, with no-code configuration. Includes report dashboards and voice recording.
  • Omnichannel Agent ($110 monthly per user): Voice and digital channels with omnichannel routing and queueing. Captures and stores interactions across all channels. Voice and digital reports and dashboards.


Orchestration, Optimization and Analytics

Three higher-tier plans that build on Interactions Orchestration by adding quality management, workforce optimization, analytics, and AI-based insights.

  • Essential Suite ($135 monthly per user): Quality management for agent supervision. Adds screen recording for agent desktop, quality management workflows for evaluation, and real-time monitoring for supervisors.
  • Core Suite ($169 monthly per user): Workforce management tools and performance reporting. Adds omnichannel AI forecasting and scheduling, agent mobile app for scheduling, adherence insights, and advanced KPIs and insights about agent performance.
  • Complete Suite ($209 monthly per user): Analytics and Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights. Uses AI to identify trends and analytics across all channels. Analyze interactions to identify customer sentiment, conversation categories, and more.


NICE CXone Features

NICE CXone includes dozens of advanced features–channels, call distribution, queuing, AI support, workforce management features, and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown of NICE CXone’s key features:

  • Digital and self-service features
  • Orchestration and routing
  • Workforce engagement management
  • CX analytics
  • Agent assist


Digital and Self-Service Features

NICE CXone provides automated customer self-service across all 30 communication channels, including the following self-service tools.

  • Conversational AI and chatbots: Virtual agents, chatbots, and IVR menus that interact with customers naturally to resolve issues or route queries. Build your IVA with NICE’s low-code tools.
  • Knowledge management: Leverage web search, integrated apps, scheduling, and customer purchase history to provide customers with advanced answers to their queries.
  • Self-service analytics: Track customer patterns through self-service, IVA, and IVR paths. Identify the most common customer choices with insights about sentiment and repetitive requests.


Orchestration and Routing

NICE CXone includes the following routing and customer journey-orchestration tools across all channels.

  • Interaction channels: Blend routing across NICE CXone’s 30+ channel offerings. These include inbound and outbound voice, self-service IVR, email, web chat, messaging platforms like WhatsApp, social media channels, and more.
  • Omnichannel routing: An advanced contact distributor (ACD) engine that utilizes analytics and AI to optimize routing. Build routing paths with low-code and no-code drag-and-drop designers to build a frictionless customer experience.
  • Enlighten AI routing: CX uses all available data to match inbound queries with the agents best suited to help. This is a skills-based and data-based routing engine.


Workforce Engagement Management

A variety of tools and AI capabilities that manage workforce quality, performance, adherence, and feedback. These features help administrators organize and monitor agent activity.

  • Enlighten actions: AI-based software tool that analyzes workforce behavior and interactions, providing actionable plans that pinpoint the best opportunities for automation.
  • Workforce management: AI-patented forecasting that predicts staffing needs and uses machine learning to create employee schedules. The software tracks schedule adherence, provides agent self-service scheduling, and offers agents a mobile app to manage their own schedules.
  • Quality management: An admin assistance tool with dashboards, automations, and forms to provide feedback and monitor agent performance. It includes multiple dashboards and visuals that display agent service quality and time efficiency. Analytics-based insights that evaluate interaction performance, plus automated and self-service forms for agent evaluation.


CX Analytics

NICE CXone tracks productivity, customer satisfaction, and customer journeys across all channels. These insights and data are organized in a variety of dashboards and reports.

  • Dashboards and reporting: Hundreds of KPIs, metrics, and data points arranged in dashboards with customizable widgets. Sort reports by user, metric, or channel–over any historical timeframe. Each report features dozens of visuals to display statistics.
  • Interaction analytics: Monitors each interaction to identify topics and sentiment trends, quantifying each by popularity. Reports use a variety of color and visual styles to display these insights.
  • Customer journey analytics: Get a holistic view of your customer’s journey through your website, routing menu, self-service system, or queues. These dashboards and display insights about which customer paths are most popular, with percentages indicating the most frequented paths.


Agent Assist

NICE CXone supports agents with AI-based tools that automate, guide, and summarize interactions and activities.

  • Omnichannel agent desktop: The CXone agent desktop portal lets agents monitor all communication channels–including voicemail and queues. The omnichannel interface embeds within CRM applications like Salesforce and HubSpot, but it also pulls customer data and CRM info into the CXone dashboard. During interactions, agents can view customer data, journey history, and previous conversations.
  • Real-time guidance: During live interactions, agents have access to a variety of call controls, customer insights, and suggested actions. Agents can transfer calls, switch channels, schedule appointments, or view customer CRM data. The CXone dashboard suggests activities, like promoting self-service or asking questions. AI provides live feedback and customer sentiment info.
  • Enlighten Copilot: Agents have a by-their-side AI tool that guides their activity by making suggestions and providing information. Enlighten Copilot suggests actions to resolve issues, offers snippets and links to articles, and notifies supervisors when interaction sentiment becomes problematic.


Our Thoughts and Summary

NICE CXone is a well-rounded contact center, with over 30 communication channels. It also offers voice-only, digital-only, and omnichannel plans.

Here’s our overview and general thoughts on NICE CXone:

  • Excellent agent assistance: CXone’s Agent assistance tools, like Enlighten Copilot, support agents well and utilize CRM info. New employees will appreciate the real-time guidance and customer sentiment feedback. The desktop dashboard provides the agent with a coherent view of all channels, controls, and customer information.
  • Good for call center monitoring: The workforce optimization and quality management tools help supervisors keep tabs on agent activity and performance. For customer support teams whose supervisors feel overwhelmed, CXone’s real-time analytics and automated notifications will improve team visibility and coaching.
  • Impactful AI: NICE CXone leverages AI to improve several aspects of call center functionality. Machine learning tracks customer sentiment, routes inbound calls, makes scheduling forecasts, and suggests agent actions. This makes it a forward-looking contact center that will continue to improve.
  • Pricy: While NICE CXone has plenty of positives, the plans are expensive compared with alternatives. This is especially true when considering that the three lowest-tier plans don’t include in-depth AI or analytics. In our opinion, NICE CXone’s most important features only come with the three highest-tier plans, each of which costs $135 or more.
  • Nice inContact Analytics Dashboard
    Nice inContact Analytics Dashboard
  • Nice inContact Dashboard
    Nice inContact Dashboard
  • Nice inContact Form Creation
    Nice inContact Form Creation
  • Nice inContact Form Manager
    Nice inContact Form Manager
  • Nice inContact Performance Monitoring
    Nice inContact Performance Monitoring
  • Nice inContact Quality Planner
    Nice inContact Quality Planner
  • Nice inContact Task Overview
    Nice inContact Task Overview

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