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We’re going deep into the details of Verizon Business Digital Voice — one of the industry leaders due to its robust system and countless features — so that you can find out if it’s the right pick for you.

In this article, you’ll learn about the service’s pricing and features among other key information.


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Verizon Business Digital Voice Overview

Verizon Business Digital Voice is a VoIP phone system that enables companies to make and receive calls over the internet. It includes over 45 features such as call routing, 3-way calling, simultaneous ring, and more.

One of the best things about Verizon Business is that, unlike some other VoIP service providers, it doesn’t lock certain features to higher tiers.

Users can bundle VoIP with other Verizon services such as Fios. Verizon Business Digital Voice has commonly been referred to as one of the top service providers in the VoIP industry. To see why, let’s take a closer look at things — starting with pricing.


Verizon Business VoIP Pricing

Verizon business VoIP can be purchased as a standalone service or bundled with Verizon Fios internet service.


Verizon Business Digital Voice (BDV) only:

Price: $35 per month, per line up to 100 lines

Additional Fees:

  • Activation: $100
  • Installation: $200
  • Wireless router: $399.99 purchase or $18/mo rental
  • Required phone equipment purchase: starts at $85.00


Verizon BDV with Fios bundle: 

Price: $20/mo. for the first BDV line and $25/mo. for each additional line

Internet speed: 200/200 Mbps and higher

Additional Fees:

  • Activation: $49
  • Wireless Verizon Router: $399.99 purchase or $18/mo rental
  • Required phone equipment purchase: starts at $85.00


Verizon Business Digital Voice Features

Here are some of the features that are included with Verizon’s Business Digital VoIP plan.


Auto Attendant

Verizon’s business service includes a virtual receptionist that will assist callers by providing options for them to choose from and directing them to the right representative accordingly.

Verizon Business auto attendant features include:

  • Two modes for business and after hours
  • Up to 11 menu options (1-9, *, and #)
  • Custom greetings
  • Holiday scheduling (set up different forwarding rules and greetings during office holidays)
  • Alternate numbers (assign multiple numbers or extensions to the same auto attendant)
  • Dial by name or extension


Call History Analytics

Verizon’s VoIP service includes a call history feature that reports on missed, outgoing and incoming calls. With the analytics tool, Verizon users view the number of minutes in a call at a detailed user or macro trending level.

Verizon’s call history analytics features include:

  • Call detail records (CDRs) are stored for 12 months
  • Export records as a .CSV file for up to 90 days
  • Filter call activity by number, call type, status, etc.
  • View results in graph format
  • Top 10 report shows 10 phone numbers or destinations with the most calls based on pre-selected criteria


Mobile App

Users of Verizon business phone service are able to transfer calls to a smartphone using Verizon’s One Talk mobile app, even as they’re in progress from a desk phone or computer. The caller ID displays the office number even when using a personal cell phone or mobile device.

Verizon’s mobile includes features such as:

  • Call transfer
  • Business calling and messaging
  • Multiple numbers on one device
  • Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Automated receptionist


Admin Portal

Through the admin panel, administrators are able to manage the accounts of all users and tweak the settings for all devices, telephone numbers, users and features.

Admin portal tools include the ability to:

  • Approve or reject requests from users
  • Create and edit custom End User roles
  • Add End Users in bulk
  • Select the functionalities that end users have access to such as billing, etc.
  • Activate equipment
  • Manage notifications


Visual Voicemail

The Verizon small business VoIP also accommodates visual voicemail. Visual voicemail lets users see exactly who left the voicemail and when along with transcriptions (when premium options are purchased).

Visual voicemail features include:

  • Voicemail to text (premium add on)
  • Reply by call or text
  • Integrates with iPhone’s built-in visual voicemail automatically
  • Transcribe voicemail messages (premium add on)


Verizon Business VoIP Phones

Having the right VoIP provider is vital to your business communications but the hardware you pair with your service matters just as much.

Here are some of the Verizon business VoIP phones that are offered to be paired with service:

  • Yealink T53W (12 lines, wifi and bluetooth)
  • Yealink T54W (16 lines, customizable color screen)
  • Yealink Cordless W76P (10 lines, quick charge time)
  • Yealink T33G (4 lines, color display)


Verizon Business Digital Voice Support Options

Verizon’s business phone system offers various options for contacting customer support.

Live customer support options:

  • Phone support (M-F 8am-8pm, Sat. 8am-5pm)
  • Submit a ticket
  • Email support
  • Online portal
  • Live chat support

Customer self-service

  • Searchable knowledge base
  • FAQs


Comparing Verizon to Other Providers VoIP Providers

The Verizon small business VoIP is impressive, but how does it stack up against some other providers? Let’s find out by comparing it to some of the most common VoIP providers.


1. RingCentral

RingCentral offers a secure UCaaS and CCaaS platform that is packed with business phone features. RingCentral’s service is highly reliable and is suitable for large enterprises, call centers, and healthcare providers.

Pricing: 3 pricing plans ranging from $20-$45 per user, per month.


  • IVR
  • Call recording
  • Video conferencing
  • Whiteboard


  • Highly secure with two factor authentication and data encryption
  • Advanced video conferencing platform included in all plans
  • Reliable phone service with 99.999% uptime guarantee


  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • Customer service is difficult to reach
  • Steep learning curve


2. Vonage Business

Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) is a flexible UCaaS platform that combines the customizability of Vonage APIs (voice, video, and messaging), with an all-in-one business phone system. Vonage Business is a great choice for SMBs that have a tighter budget or more specialized needs.

Pricing: 3 plans ranging from $13.99-$39.99 per user, per month


  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Many features offered as add-ons so companies can choose only what they need
  • Secure platform with single sign on
  • Affordable compared with competitors


  • If many adds are need the cost will be driven up
  • Video conferencing only included with premium plans


3. Nextiva

Nextiva is a secure and reliable business phone system specifically designed for SMBs. Its platform combines voice, text, and video conferencing capabilities at affordable prices with 24/7 live customer service.

Pricing: 3 plans ranging from $16.72-$30.79 per user, per month


  • Video meetings
  • Toll free numbers
  • Call recording


  • Live customer service is available 24/7
  • Affordable pricing
  • Video calling included in all plans


  • Video participants limited to 40 except in Enterprise plan
  • Video conferences limited to 45 minutes in duration on all plans
  • Advanced features such as call and video recording only included in Enterprise plan


4. GoToConnect

GoTo Connect is an all in one video and voice communication system. GoTo Connect offers a reliable, secure platform with a fully featured video meeting tool.

Pricing: 2 pricing plans ranging from $29-$43+


  • Auto attendant
  • Call routing and queues
  • Instant response
  • Hot desking


  • International calling to 50+ countries
  • Real time analytics
  • Video meetings up to 250 participants


  • Texting is not unlimited
  • Expensive compared with competitors


5. Dialpad

Dialpad is a business VoIP system that leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide advanced analytics at affordable prices. It is one of the few VoIP providers to offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

Pricing: 3 pricing plans ranging from $15-$25+


  • SMS, MMS, and team messaging
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Real-time call transcriptions
  • Audio chat rooms


  • Affordable compared to competitors
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Real-time call transcription using some of the best NLP tech


  • Difficult to reach customer service
  • Video meetings limited to 10 participants
  • Not many integrations compared to competitors