CPaaS company Bandwidth Inc. has announced that Duet SM for Microsoft Teams is now available to the public. It is a comprehensive solution for both direct routing and dynamic E911.

As of press date, it’s the only one of its kind available from a carrier that both owns and operates the underlying infrastructure. Through Microsoft-certified E911 and software-driven SIP, all enterprises can tremendously speed up the process of migrating their telecom over to Microsoft Teams through a single provider.

Despite being newly released, you can already expect Duet SM for Microsoft Team to have outstanding reliability. This is due to the fact that it uses Bandwidth’s software-powered SIP-native network as its foundation.

This has been the standard for PSTN connectivity for quite some time for various CCaaS and UCaaS platforms including Cisco, RingCentral, Zoom, Google, and more. Furthermore, Bandwidth also manages an E911 network that spans across the entire nation.

As if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also one of two providers that have been officially certified by Microsoft to provide dynamic E911 calling capabilities for direct routing.

Irwin Lazar — the vice president and service director of Nemertes Research — said that:

“more than 69% of those moving to Microsoft Teams Phone System adopt direct routing to connect to the PSTN.”

He went on saying

“our data shows that direct routing, leveraging capabilities like Bandwidth’s software-driven migration, delivers improved deployment speed, greater ROI, and increased control.”

Essentially, you’ll be able to migrate faster, get a larger return on investment, and have more control all throughout the process. 

Finally, Lazar closed with “combining direct routing with E911 dynamic location management and call routing offers further opportunities to simplify operations, reduce cost, and optimally support Teams’ native dynamic emergency calling capabilities to meet regulatory requirements.”

While quicker turnaround times and more profitable returns are always important to the business world, ease of use was one of the bigger talking points amongst the C-level and V-level personalities who have already commented on Duet’s release.

Bandwidth’s Senior Vice President of Product Strategy John Bell told us that making the migration process less daunting was always a key goal while working towards the release of Duet. “Migrating to Teams is new territory and can be challenging because when phones don’t work, that will bubble up to me. They made my job easier by staffing our project with highly competent Bandwidth experts who had an answer for everything we encountered along the way and were able to truly deliver for Inclusa, in less than 4 months time. A lot of companies provide Direct Routing options, but Direct Routing without 911 is an incomplete solution.”

He went on saying, “911 in a cloud environment is complicated – especially when you have to provide accurate location information when employees are moving between buildings, floors, and, often, even states.

CIOs have to figure this out before they can implement a solution like Teams, and new 911 regulations like Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act create migration hurdles and added requirements.

Duet SM for Microsoft Teams helps enterprises solve for these challenges by leveraging the innovative, dynamic location capabilities provided in Microsoft Teams. Bandwidth can natively route 911 calls across our secure, highly-reliable, nationwide network based on precise user location information that is made available at the time of the emergency call.

Not only does this help enterprises meet new and existing state and federal regulations, but it also sets the stage for better emergency outcomes and a safer enterprise.”

All organizations that have access to a Microsoft-certified SBC will be able to reap the benefits of Duet SM for Microsoft Teams. Bandwidth will also be hosting a live session during the Enterprise Connect Virtual event at 3:15 EST on Tuesday, August 4th to delve into greater detail on this latest release — making it a prime opportunity to learn more.

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