When I hear VoIPo, I think of a cruel, callous organization plotting the fall of pretty much any residential VoIP provider that might oppose them. Fortunately, there’s nothing evil about this company, and if they are anyone’s adversary, it’s certainly their competitors due to the low pricing and services they offer. Their plans allow you to make and receive virtually unlimited calls for for just $6.21 per month – a price that doesn’t even seem realistic. The thing that caught my eye immediately about their site, was how strikingly beautiful the reps on their home page were. For some reason, I did not for a second think they were hired models. I was very wrong, but definitely understand where the Beach Boys were coming from with their wishful (and sometimes reckless) thinking.

You may try VoIPo risk free, and if not satisfied, then return the VoIP adapter within 30 days with extreme prejudice for a full refund. Located in SoCal, their customer support is 100% US-based, so you know it’s good. They characterize their support agents as knowledgeable, “friendly Californians”, which I’m just going to infer means they are optimistic and helpful, rather than what I should based on where they are situated geographically. You get 60 free minutes of international calling, with additional minutes being a meager 2 cents, and calls to Canada are free, an unbeatable price, all things considered. The website contains a complete lookup rate for all countries and whether or not they are included in any VoIPo packages.

Cloud numbers are also ridiculously cheap at just $3.00 per line, with the choice of a local or toll free number – something offered separately for a fee by many providers. VoIPo offers the opportunity to cash in on the booming VoIP industry through their Reseller Program, where you can start your own phone company overnight for $24.95/mo or $199 annually. This program provides access to vPanel, a proprietary VoIP control panel they have spent over $1 million and 3 years to develop.

The perks and savings boasted by VoIPo are unparalleled, with their features and plans clearly outlined throughout the site. Naturally, when things seem to good to be true, that is usually the case, but VoIPo is truly good without a reasonable doubt. If interested in porting your number, you may do so on their website also through the dropdown menu provided. VoIPo’s home and small business solutions are worth checking out if you’re interested in VoIP service at more than great prices.

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