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Redbooth is a work organization platform.  In addition to assigning tasks with due dates, Redbooth includes advanced features such...
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Love the versatility of being able to invite selected people to view particular topics

The invite process could be a little smoother rather than having to reply to an email

Love that Redbooth enables all of my virtual employees to stay connected.

Love the advantage of being able to invite just the people necessary to different groups.

Love that it can be accessed on mobile devices or pc


Would Recommend: Yes
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I like that I get email notifications when coworkers make notes to a task and I can reply to the email and my comment automatically gets put on the task.

You can't sort your tasks on the dashboard and you can't have the same task in multiple workspaces unless you copy the task but then the comments don't follow.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Ability to assign tasks to other people.

Ability to collaborate on projects with multiple tasks.

Ability to see completed tasks.

Email responses, no need to login to reply.

Requirement to be a part of the group that you are assigning tasks.

Possibility of being assigned tasks that should not be yours.

More visibility between departments on status of larger tasks, broken into smaller tasks.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Mobile app, alerts, responsive website.

Cons: Google SSO / Mobile App design and price

The UI has changed a bunch over the last few months.

It is now responsive and has icon placement pretty much where you'd expect to find things. The chat is helpful.

Task templates make a great boilerplate for similar tasks, perhaps the checklist used to add a new user to your system.

It is a bit expensive and the mobile app doesn't currently work well to remember who you are logged in as if using Google SSO.


Would Recommend: Yes
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I get lost at times when trying to keep track of all the task i am set to do for our company.

Redbooth allows you to keep track and mark off your task once completed.

You can even mark them as high importance so they are at the top of your list!

You can have many categories so you can keep track of your task for each department or section you are working on.

You have to check daily.

I wish they would send you reminders by email on task that are upcoming or due on the day or even over due.

keeps me organized


Would Recommend: Yes
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easy coordination of remote workers and very easy taracking of the work progress in a different projects

lack of possibility to customize my own workspace an adjusting location of particular parts of the dashbord to fit my own preferences and needs


Would Recommend: Yes
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I found that interface is very intuitive and user friendly - it is easy to find current, finished and related tasks.

I found dashboard to be difficult for me to modificate and personalize for my own needs and requirements.

The greatest benefit is that it helps to clearly organize my day.


Would Recommend: Yes
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i like the connection with the email , and task assignment

maybe the tons of email with problem to properly show it on the screen, each time we need to download picks for each email

knowledge of the progress on several different projects


Would Recommend: Yes
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Redbooth keeps a record of all conversations, archived, and future tasks.

The search bar is so easy to use and makes navigating the space simple.

Saving dates and assigning tasks to people can be tricky if you don't double check to make sure you accurately clicked on the right spot. The buttons are not very forgiving.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Redbooth helps to organize the entire team.

Task related, always on schedule.

Great user-friendly interface constantly evolving

. Data stored in the cloud, access from any place and device.

Android and iOS supported app.

Very fast and professional support.

Free collaboration possible for external clients via e-mail.

Integration with many popular apps and services.

Chrome and gmail connection.

Many reports available.

Zapier and API support for multi connection and automation across different platforms.

Really hard to find any.

Any functionality that is not available directly inside Redbooth may be find and implemented from different aps via API support or Zapier.

High control over project related tasks.

Productivity improvement.

Thousand of hours saved.


Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Redbooth is a work organization platform.  In addition to assigning tasks with due dates, Redbooth includes advanced features such as timelines, Gantt charts, reports, web forms, HD Video meetings and automation.  Redbooth also includes a collaboration tool although it is somewhat simplistic and does not currently include 1:1 chat.  This feature is slated to be added in the near future but only as part of the Business and Enterprise plans.  The Redbooth platform allows for a lot of organization in a very easy to use interface.  The technology is in a state of constant development and continues to improve with new features being added.

Currently, over 3,000 companies are using Redbooth including Unicef, Ritz Carlton and NBC.

Redbooth Pricing and Services

Free Trial

Business Plan, 14 days, no credit card

Free Version


Plans & Features:

Price $0 $9/user/month $15/user/month Contact Sales
Storage 2 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Assign users and due dates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time Tracking No Yes Yes Yes
Tag Manager No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Tag Groups No No Yes Yes
Multiple Task Assignees No Yes Yes Yes
Assignable Subtasks No No Yes Yes
Workspaces  2 Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
User Limit  2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Guest Users  No Yes Yes Yes
Exportable Gantt Charts  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Task Dependencies  No  Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Workspace View (coming soon)  No  No  Yes Yes
Task Overview  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Calendar  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trend Reports  No  No  Yes Yes
Workload  No  No  Yes Yes
Timeline Reports  No  No  Yes Yes
Conversations  Yes Yes Yes Yes
HD Video Meetings  No  Yes  Yes Yes
1:1 and Group Chat (Coming Soon)  No  No Yes  Yes
Community Forums  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support  No  No  No  Yes
Free Training  No  No  No Yes
User Recommendations  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Due Date Recommendations  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Project Status (coming soon)  No  No  Yes  Yes
Predict Reports (coming soon)  No  No  Yes  Yes
  • Redbooth Calendar
    Redbooth Calendar
  • Redbooth Sub Tasks
    Redbooth Sub Tasks
  • Redbooth Task Creator
    Redbooth Task Creator
  • Redbooth Workspace Overview
    Redbooth Workspace Overview

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