No, you’re not the only person who feels that big dip in energy levels after lunch at work. In fact, scientists have determined this is a real phenomenon many people deal with on a regular basis.

The reason many of us lose so much energy after lunch is because of our circadian rhythms, which is our 24-hour internal clock that can alter our physical, mental, and behavioral states. Many people after lunch, around 2pm to 4pm, feel a sudden dip in energy that makes them tired and unproductive.

Some things that cause the post-lunch energy dip at work can include the temperature of the office, how big of a meal you eat, what you eat, access to sunlight, and hydration levels. Not only will these things help boost energy levels throughout the day, but they will also turn you into a generally healthier person.

Here, we’re going to break down the 20 best ways to avoid the post-lunch energy dip at work so you remain productive throughout the whole day by working with your circadian rhythm rather than powering through it.

how to boost energy at work infographic

It’s also possible to keep your energy levels up after work by continuing to follow the same advice we’ve already mentioned. The key to all of this is simply being aware of what your body is feeling. If you’ve been sitting all day, stand up. If the blinds are closed, open them. If your desk is messy and you’re having a stressful day, clean it. Are you hungry? Eat something light. Are you waking up tired? Go to bed earlier.

We don’t feel these things for no reason. Our bodies wants us to change. The habits we form are not always perfect, and when something is wrong, it tells us. Chronic fatigue is a thing too, and it could lead to all sorts of health issues. If you’re making these changes, and there’s still no sign of improvement, consider seeing a doctor.