Offering incredible employee perks is a major business trend in 2018 for good reason. Employees in this day and age are looking for more than just big paychecks; they want to work for a company that offers strong benefits and offers a positive work culture that fits in with their lives outside the office.

It makes sense, too, considering the amount of time we all spend in the office over the course of a lifetime. At some point, people get tired of the same thing day in and day out. The money they make brings them financial freedom, but happiness goes beyond that.

Plus, when employees are happy, that rubs off on everyone they work with. So successful companies are making more of an effort to offer unique employee perks that boost morale inside and outside of the office. One great example is Zappos! who offers life coaching services to their employees, boosting confidence significantly.

Zappos! isn’t the only company to offer incredible employee perks, and they’re only a small example of what other successful companies offer their companies. If you’re interested in learning more about what you’re missing out on, here are seventeen examples of employee perks successful companies offer.

Employee perks and how to incentivize the top talent from GetVoIP

As you can see, these seventeen incredible employee perks of successful companies all go above and beyond what we typically expect out of a company. By making the extra effort to make our lives easier outside the office, successful companies are finding that their employees are more motivated to come into work and are actually more productive too. It goes to show that ignoring company culture in this day and age is an extremely unwise business move.