As of this writing, we on the northeast are preparing for what could be a record snow storm. With VoIP, just because you take a snow day, there’s no reason you can’t get work done. Here are a few different ways that VoIP can help you stay productive when you can’t get to the office.

Record a New Custom Greeting
Will your office be open or closed when there is an oncoming storm? With VoIP, you can answer that question without even having to pick up the phone. Either record a message as part of your main IVR message, or have a virtual extension dedicated to your hours and closings. That way, you can keep on doing your work without being interrupted.

Take Your Phone Home, Log in Remotely on your home computer
Even if you’re not a regular telecommuter, some events can force you to be one. If you’re not a regular telecommuter, I recommend making a checklist of everything you need to know and take with you, and take back. Here are a few suggestions:

-IP Phone
-Power Cable
-Ethernet Cable
-Web cam for video conferencing
-Passwords to your work email, VoIP Portal and other important logins that you may forget
-Know your own phone number
-Reminders (see below)

Check your Find Me/Follow Me Preferences, Day/Night Mode, and E-911 settings
Whatever your phone setup, make sure that the phone that rings first is the one you plan on using. You may want to change your settings from sequential ring to simultaneous ring, or change your primary number. You might want to change your hours of day/night mode to reflect the fact that you won’t be commuting to work. You definitely want to reprogram your e-911 settings, not just for you, but for the emergency workers who may put themselves at risk looking for you when you are safely at home. Just remember to change all these settings back when you return to work.

Check your Home Office Settings, and Make Sure That They are Fault-Tolerant
Do you have an uninterruptable power supply? Have you got both Wi-Fi and wireless connections? Is your phone able to connect to data and your home Wi-Fi? Now would be a good time to check.

Avoid distractions
Easier said than done, of course, but worth mentioning. I recommend dressing for work, not lounging about in sweats. It’s fine to have hot cocoa, as long as you treat it the same way you would treat a coffee break. If you need to take a walk to stretch out, by all means do, as long as you can do so safely. But remember, you’re at work, even when you’re not at work.

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