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GetVoIP FAQs + More About Us

Founded in 2012, GetVoIP is the only website on the planet specializing exclusively in researching, testing, and comparing VoIP phone services and other contact center solutions.

Unlike other comparison and review sites, we stick to what we know well. This laser focus–combined with unbiased product insights from hands-on experience–has helped us maintain a model reputation in the VoIP and Call Center comparison space for over a decade.

Our content is thoroughly fact-checked and updated regularly to ensure accuracy and freshness. So, when reading an article or comparison guide, rest assured you’re getting credible and up-to-date material.

We’re transparent about who we are, who our advertisers are, and how we make money. Read more About Us.

GetVoIP is an advertising-supported publisher and comparison service. We are compensated as follows:

  • In exchange for featured placement of sponsored products and brands, which may result in your clicking links on this website.
  • In exchange for connecting prospective leads to certain service providers, which may result in your submitting a form for a quote request or pricing.

Although this compensation may impact how, where, and in what order some products appear, it does not impact our objectivity or review process. Our focus remains on our readers and the end-user experience and needs. Our content is written by real humans, not robots.

Read more about our Advertiser Disclosure and Terms of Use.

GetVoIP employs some of the top technology and business editors and advisors out there. We are a group of 6 experts with a deep understanding of the VoIP and call center industries, bolstered by hands-on research and continuing education.

Each of our editors has a dedicated area of expertise for vertical research and development. For instance, a piece about the best small business phone systems will only be written by a seasoned subject matter expert and further reviewed and fact-checked by a senior product analyst. 

Learn more about Our Team.

No, companies do not pay us to review their products or write our content. Our team of editors maintains 100% editorial independence and researches and decides on the relevant topics to produce.

Our team of experts has spent thousands of hours buying, installing, configuring, using, and comparing the products and services we write about.

We validate every data point on our site by calling, emailing, obtaining quotes, signing up for service, and live chatting with top service providers and their support and sales staff.

Yes, we have our own paid VoIP services and call center software subscriptions for hands-on testing and original research. This allows us to access, capture unique product screenshots, and rigorously test each product and system feature. We also rely on provider webinars, training materials, white papers, media/analyst coverage, and industry studies to identify trends, understand differentiating provider factors, and evaluate software ease of use.

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