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Michael Roden

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Michael Roden is GetVoIP.com’s news reporter and VoIP provider analyst.  Mike currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, all the while neglecting his Mother’s wish that he keep his wallet in his front pocket. He finds the most solace in the arts, humanities, music, & culture – with the same fervor and fascination Aristotle had for the stars. There are few things that may upset Mike, but none more than when Paris Hilton tries to DJ.

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February 25, 2013

Newly Released: Mozilla WebRTC in Action (VIDEO)

At the forefront of the WebRTC movement have been Mozilla, who are moving full speed ahead with Firefox Aurora mobile app as the vehicle of choice. WebRTC stands for "Web Real-Time Communications', an open-source project aimed to enable real-time video, voice, file-sharing and more between browsers. Mozilla have been the most progressive company thus far in terms of making RTC a reality, without...
February 22, 2013

Adventures in Wi-Fi: My Guide to Staying Connected

The first question I pose when I walk in to any establishment, whether it be commercial or residential, is "Do You Have Wi-Fi?" I've been known to ask the maître d' of a hotel I'm not even staying at, the management, waitstaff, everywhere and anywhere, ill ask (the reactions are normally positive, and sometimes hilarious). Think of it as a modern way to drop into public places for the sake of a...
February 20, 2013

VoIP Failover Plans – How Important Are They?

Let's face it - you should always have a Plan B, or even a Plan C if needs be. Voice Over IP communication relies predominantly on the viability of the Internet, and at times this connection is severed through outages (due to inclement weather, scheduled maintenance, etc). The definition of Failover is any backup operational mode in which the functions of a system component (in this case, your...
February 19, 2013

Are VoIP Providers Allowed to Charge for Number Porting?

In short, yes, VoIP providers are absolutely able to charge for number porting - however, this doesn't mean that they always do. In fact, this process is the most seamless when making the move from POTS providers to VoIP, but full of difficulties and even stop signs when transitioning from VoIP to VoIP. No matter your current phone service provider, the Federal Communications Commission requires ...
February 11, 2013

Leaders & Innovators: Exclusive Interview with Wain Kellum, CEO of Vocalocity

The next installment in our Leaders & Innovators series features a big mind from a likewise business VoIP provider - Wain Kellum of Vocalocity. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Wain joined Vocalocity exactly three years ago, and has made a positive, lasting impact that has been more than apparent in the company's progression over the last few years. Holding a unique background infused...
February 07, 2013

Is Virtual PBX the Same as Cloud Hosted PBX?

The wonder of the English language, along with the technological world is there are so many ways to say one thing. As for Virtual PBX and Cloud Hosted PBX, there are some similarities, but many differences nonetheless. In this circumstance, it's a matter of functionality that differentiates the two. In natural, easy to understand terms, I'll now attempt to shed some light on a point of confusion...
February 07, 2013

Way to Negotiate Efficiently & Effectively for Telecom Service Contracts

A huge misconception is that it costs telecom providers a lot of money to provide service. In reality, the overhead is very minimal compared to the cost of the consumer, requiring them to maintain their own servers while paying the staff that help them run. According to a study from Compass, telecom costs constitute about 1 to 2 percent of a company's sales, a representation of real money for a...
February 06, 2013

Big Challenges to Consider When Switching Telephone Companies

So, you've decided to switch telephone companies...let me be the first to congratulate you on that move. The next step in this process is to take a step back, and ensure that the transition will be a smooth one. This involves a bit of diligence and planning to ensure that the change is not only seamless, but also free of hurdles, difficulties, and unnecessary costs. Once a new company is...
February 04, 2013

Leaders & Innovators: Exclusive Interview with Mark Spencer, CTO of Digium

In continuation of our Leaders & Innovators series, GetVoIP.com is proud to present an exclusive interview with founder, chairman, and CTO of Digium (now Sangoma), Mark Spencer. Born and educated in Auburn, he wrote Asterisk as a personal solution to the high costs of PBXs, which inevitably became a renowned, cost effective telephony platform for the masses. At a young 35, Spencer has...
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