Matthew DeCarlo

Matthew DeCarlo

  • Technology Editor

Matthew DeCarlo has been in digital publishing for more than a decade, during which time he has authored and edited thousands of technology articles including industry news, hardware and software reviews, product buying guides, how-tos, editorials, in-depth explainers, trivia and more.

He’s a veteran at computer repair, has been infatuated with PCs since playing The Oregon Trail and is fascinated by future technologies such as IoT, AI and nanotech.

Having worked remotely throughout his career, Matthew has hands-on experience with many VoIP and collaboration platforms and is always eager to test new software.

Along with a lifetime of sponging information on subjects spanning from pet psychology to copy style guides, he has spent years pursuing minimalist outdoor living and exploring the primitive roots of mankind. Side interests include health / wellness, cycling, strength training and fishing.

When not in front of a PC, he can be found anywhere that trees might be.

Contact: matthew (dot) decarlo (at) getvoip (dot) com

Read some of Matthew's latest articles below:

April 4, 2021

What is RingCentral Persist & How it Keeps You Connected During Downtime

Subscribers to RingCentral’s business VoIP services will receive a new feature this year that allows them to continue making certain calls even when they lose Internet connectivity. The company prides itself on providing customers with maximum uptime and while its goal is to deliver 100% reliability, unfortunate circumstances sometimes prevent that from occurring.  For example, during a...
May 8, 2020

What is Conversational IVR and Why Businesses Should Care

As nearly 60% of consumers prefer to communicate with customer service via chat and email, much of the blame falls on the shoulders of outdated call center systems. For example, if a customer has a nuanced issue that a menu system wasn't designed to address, and you can't afford the staff to take phone calls 24/7, what do you do? That's where conversational IVR comes in. While it might not be...
July 08, 2019

SD-WAN For Business: A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Enterprise SD WAN Vendors

Maintaining a robust wide area network (WAN) is among the more expensive and challenging aspects of managing an enterprise network. SD-WAN or software-defined networking is being rapidly adopted among organizations with a desire to optimize network traffic across multiple locations while helping to reduce costs and increase reliability. Corporate data coming from branch locations is no longer...
June 13, 2019

18 Common IVR Mistakes & How To Configure Effective IVR

Interactive voice response (IVR) is an effective way to maximize call center efficiency and improve customer satisfaction on many fronts. Allowing customers to interact with an automated answering system – whether through using the buttons on their phone or by speaking with conversational IVR – reduces call volume. This is especially true for spikes in call volume. At the same time, IVRs...
May 13, 2019

Verizon Unlimited Hotspot Review – Broadband Internet On the Go

Unlimited cellular plans have become a rarity. Unless you have a grandfathered account from years ago when mobile carriers offered unlimited data options, most “unlimited” plans are subject to fine print that commonly includes soft data caps and throttling. However, Verizon has updated its offerings to include a prepaid hotspot plan with truly unlimited data – no caps and no throttling...
May 08, 2019

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams: Team Collaboration and Communication Showdown

The war among office collaboration platforms is just getting started. Although Slack prevailed in early battles with rivals such as HipChat and Stride, which Slack acquired from Atlassian in 2018, the company faces an increasing amount of pressure from industry veterans including Microsoft and Cisco, who are vying for a dominant position in the rapidly growing market for workplace communication...
May 06, 2019

Remote Work in 2019: Facts, Figures, Tips and Anecdotes

The proliferation of digital technology has made it possible to accomplish many jobs from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection. While remote work may evoke images of someone stuffing envelopes in their underwear, an increasing number of professionals are seeking opportunities to work from home at least part of the time and many companies are beginning to recognize the perks associated with...
April 17, 2019

Auto-Attendants: Maintenance Tips & Best Practices

Although there are obvious benefits to having an auto-attendant, many (if not most) people would still prefer to communicate with a human instead of a machine. Any negative feelings about your automated answering system will only be exacerbated if it provides information that is outdated, unhelpful or downright erroneous. Beyond simply damaging a customer’s impression of your company, it could...
April 09, 2019

Slack Announces Office 365 Integrations for Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Slack has announced new feature integrations that will allow users to share content from Office 365 applications within Slack's software. Interoperability with different communication services is an ongoing emphasis for collaboration platforms across the board and Slack is known for being particularly extensible, offering countless API-based apps that let you incorporate activity from external...
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