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Aircall was created in 2014 at the eFounders startup studio in Paris, France.  Today, the Aircall team has grown...
Paris, France
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I would suggest to everyone who is in the sales industry

I am a sales person and aircall's call quality is brilliant..no cracking up like hubspot..no bad line, delays..just a clear sound...is like when you see blur and suddenly you use contact lenses!! I was using hubspot for so long and their signal is really bad..i cant do sales when people cant hear me or i have to repeat myself 3 times...

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Would Recommend: Yes
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We recently switched from Toky, and overall Aircall has been much better in terms of call quality

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Pros: It's easier to use and the desktop app for calling is better as well.
Cons: The only reason I'm writing this review is because they have a ridiculous pricing ceiling on their Essentials plan, where you can't show the dashboard of calls in your local timezone (everything is set to UTC). This completely screws up the calls reports, as we don't know how many calls were made on which day. I was told by support that I need to upgrade to show the dashboard in my own timezone.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Love that it integrates with my eCommerce platform so that when someone calls, everything I need to know shows right up

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Pros: None.
Cons: Hard to justify cost for a smaller operation.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Great telephone service for the price. I like it alot.

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Pros: Easy to use. Easy setup as well. So far I like everything about it.
Cons: So far there are no cons at all. I have liked everything.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I could set up a call center in matter of minutes, and it is very easy to use! And the calls that arrive, we can forward to personal mobiles, that has helped us to make sure that we would not lose any important calls. The best part is, we can record and make a note of all the calls, and we can also put up a setting for greetings. The desktop app is self-sufficient to receive calls, and I should say the quality of these calls are just awesome. The customer service team is very responsive, they have quickly got back to us whenever we had any concerns. The application integrates with pipedrive, slack and thereby had helped our staff to stay connected for better support.

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Pros: The application is very much cost effective in comparison to the features it provides.
Cons: We need a strong internet to use this application. There are a lot of updates available every now and then, but updating and restarting of the application has become a very irritating task.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Aircall was really easy to setup, and the team were very helpful and forthcoming with information. They integrate really well with lots of different CRMs and that's where the most useful features of the system come into play.

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Pros: Being able to see who's calling, log that straight away in the software, and also have a quick link to click to view that customer/client information means the agent handling the call can in most cases respond much more quickly, and save the step searching for the customer's records.
Cons: It's quite expensive per user, almost twice the cost per user of our current physical phone system, and more expensive than other software phone providers. There also were some strange issues with the bluetooth streaming protocols forced on bluetooth headsets when using their app which hasn't been present in other similar apps that I trialed and tested.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Aircall integrates with our other systems and programs seamlessly, allowing our email campaigns to feed information through with ease. Aircall also offers the ability to track performance and activities across the globe, particularly useful for us when contacting international applicants / students.

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Pros: Initial setup was very quick and easy, it took no time at all for us to get everything installed and configured correctly.
Cons: The connection strength can be shaky at best, since Aircall relies on an internet connection this is to be expected, but for our staff who are off-campus somewhere else in the world this can be particularly annoying. It took me and our team some time to get used to the user-interface, trying to figure out where everything is really was a pain. Also, this is made even worse when using Aircall on a mobile device.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I like that it is easy to use and navigate. It's also easy to find recorded calls if you need to go back and listen for something.

We frequently have issues with call quality and dropped calls. It has been a little better since we started opening in Chrome rather than through the app.

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Pros: easy to use and navigate.
Cons: We frequently have issues with call quality and dropped calls.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Pros: The phone calls that I have used Aircall for have been clear and I have not had an issue with calls being dropped.

Cons: I wish that the software would automatically make you unavailable after a set period of time so that you didn't have to keep doing it yourself.

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Would Recommend: Yes
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Amanda B.'s review for Aircall

The built in note taking option that can be made into an Intercom conversation is super helpful. Also, the internet browser add-on makes clicking on phone numbers to call a breeze!

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Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Aircall was created in 2014 at the eFounders startup studio in Paris, France.  Today, the Aircall team has grown to over 200 employees with headquarters in Paris and New York.  Aircall's mission is to create phone systems and call center solutions that are accessible, transparent, and collaborative.  One of Aircall's defining features is their seamless integration with some of the most popular business tools such as Zendesk and Salesforce, but they have also become very well liked for their simple and intuitive setup and user interface.  Additionally, Aircall offers powerful and advanced features including pause-resume recording, unlimited concurrent calls, click-to-dial and dynamic call analytics.

Aircall Pricing and Services

Essentials Professional Custom
Price per user per month $30 $50 contact Aircall
Min Number of Users 3 3 contact Aircall
Max Number of Callers in Queue 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Phone number included in the plan 1 local or toll-free 1 local or toll-free 1 local or toll-free
Price of each additional number, per month $6 $6 $6
Inbound calls & internal calls (Toll-free excluded) Free on the App Free on the App Free on the App
Data recording 1 year Unlimited Unlimited
Price of outbound calls per min per min contact Aircall
Highlighted Features
  • The minimum needed to get your team's operations up and running
  • Unlimited inbound calls (toll-free excluded)
  • Integrations and API
  • Smart queuing
  • Phone support
  • All Essentials features, plus...
  • Salesforce integration
  • PowerDialer
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Live call monitoring
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Dedicated account manager
  • All Professional features, plus...
  • Unlimited outbound calls *
  • Custom analytics
  • Custom onboarding
  • Access to API developer support
  • Service-level agreement (SLA)


Aircall Features

Initial setup Essentials Professional Custom
Instant numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Custom music and messages checkmark checkmark checkmark
Opening hours checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call from any number checkmark checkmark checkmark
Smart queuing checkmark checkmark checkmark
IVR (Vocal server) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Queue callback - checkmark checkmark


Collaboration Essentials Professional Custom
Ring groups checkmark checkmark checkmark
Flexible call distribution rules checkmark checkmark checkmark
Shared call inbox checkmark checkmark checkmark
Assign & comment on calls checkmark checkmark checkmark
Shared contacts checkmark checkmark checkmark
Extensions checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call recording checkmark checkmark checkmark
Simple analytics checkmark checkmark checkmark
Custom filters checkmark checkmark checkmark
Email reporting checkmark checkmark checkmark
Tags checkmark checkmark checkmark
Conference call checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call monitoring - checkmark checkmark
Call whispering - checkmark checkmark
Mandatory tagging - checkmark checkmark
Live feed - checkmark checkmark
Advanced analytics - checkmark checkmark
Unlimited analytics history - checkmark checkmark
Custom analytics - - checkmark


Productivity Essentials Professional Custom
Forward-to-mobile checkmark checkmark checkmark
Voicemail by email checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hold with music checkmark checkmark checkmark
Working hours per user checkmark checkmark checkmark
Desktop notifications checkmark checkmark checkmark
Click-to-dial checkmark checkmark checkmark
Blacklist numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Warm transfers checkmark checkmark checkmark
After-call work checkmark checkmark checkmark
Parallel calls checkmark checkmark checkmark
Pause-resume recording checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ring on speakers checkmark checkmark checkmark
PowerDialer - checkmark checkmark
Unlimited concurrent calls - checkmark checkmark
Unlimited callers in queue - checkmark checkmark


Apps & Integrations Essentials Professional Custom
APIs & Webhooks checkmark checkmark checkmark
Zendesk integration checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hubspot integration checkmark checkmark checkmark
Pipedrive integration checkmark checkmark checkmark
Intercom integration checkmark checkmark checkmark
Slack integration checkmark checkmark checkmark
40+ business tool apps and integrations checkmark checkmark checkmark
Salesforce Service Cloud integration - checkmark checkmark
Salesforce Sales Cloud integration - checkmark checkmark
Access to API developer support - - checkmark


Customer support Essentials Professional Custom
Help center access checkmark checkmark checkmark
Email support checkmark checkmark checkmark
Phone support checkmark checkmark checkmark
VIP hotline 8am-10pm - checkmark checkmark
Dedicated account manager - checkmark checkmark
One-to-one onboarding sessions - checkmark checkmark
Service-level agreement (SLA) - - checkmark

Editor’s Bottom Line of Aircall

One of the newest companies to enter the VoIP space, Aircall has experienced incredible growth.  This is not surprising considering the high quality communication solutions that Aircall offers.  Aircall has been praised for being easy to use. Both in setup and day-to-day use, Aircall solutions are simple and intuitive, which is good for startups and SMBs that don't have a full time IT staff on hand or the time to go through a slow learning curve for a new phone system.

Aircall solutions are similarly easy to scale, which is another benefit to growing SMBs.  Despite the simplicity of Aircall, they offer an exhaustive list of cutting edge features (as can be seen in the list above). Advanced call analytics, which are usually only available at premium price points, are offered by Aircall at their mid range tier. In fact, nearly all of Aircall's advanced features are available at the mid range tier, with the exception of an SLA, API support and Custom Analytics.  This fact combined with a very low minimum number of users to start the plan (only 3) makes the Aircall professional plan extremely accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The one drawback to Aircall is price. At $30/month per user for their most basic plan, Aircall is not the cheapest service.  It should also be noted that Aircall charges by the minute for outbound calls.

What you get for the price, however, is a powerhouse service that will allow you to not only communicate, but better serve your clients through tracking, analytics, collaboration and integration.  If you have a business or call center that mainly works with inbound calls, Aircall is an excellent value.  If your company makes a lot of outbound calls, it would be best to contact Aircall directly and set up a custom plan that includes the outbound minutes you need.

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