Avaya recently launched its OneCloud for Service Cloud offering on the Salesforce AppExchange, a move the company says it hopes will empower customers to leverage artificial intelligence and voice functionalities.

The new Service Cloud integration brings together voice, digital channels, and customer insights into a unified user interface for service agents. Avaya customers can now connect their preferred phone solutions into Service Cloud with the Service Cloud Voice offering.

According to Avaya, this can create a robust unified agent and digital channel experience to deliver a faster, smarter, and more personalized experience. According to Patrick Beyries, VP of Product Management, Service Cloud:

“The expansion of Service Cloud Voice for partner telephony enables customers to integrate the telephony experience natively within the agent workspace, combined with CRM data, process, and voice intelligence.”

In a statement, Avaya said it is all about improving the quality of experiences through the customer journey, noting that the ability to do so: "Has become among the most important differentiators and creators of brand affinity for many businesses."

A pivotal part of the Avaya OneCloud for Service Cloud portfolio - Avaya is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to CCaaS. The company recently got recognized as a contact center leader by Ventana Research. The solution should further assist organizations in expanding critical enterprise elements, including digital capabilities, and help them to more effectively leverage the power of the cloud, AI, and IoT (Internet of Things).

Eric Rossman, Avaya VP, Technology Partners, and Alliances, told me in a recent interview - Salesforce is a notable member of A.I.Connect. The Avaya-led initiative brings together an ecosystem of vendors and developers who take an active part in building AI-driven solutions. According to Rossman:

"A.I.Connect is accelerating the adoption of AI solutions in CCaaS, and UCaaS portfolios, to deliver better customer engagement, drive agent productivity, and increase customer affinity."

Rossman further remarked that Avaya is: "Excited to collaborate with Salesforce on the OneCloud for Service Cloud offering." He said, not only because of the immediate benefits and functionality the solution will deliver but also because, well, I will let him tell you:

"Unlike open CTI-type solutions - there is the potential to offer customers so much more in terms of roadmap functionality to drive digital transformation.”

Rossman told GetVoIP News about more of Avaya's plans, too. He said that the company has will deepen its relationship with Salesforce. He also noted that the tech firm has plans to go beyond AI and automation to achieve ‘single-brain omnichannel routing capabilities, building more powerful workforce engagement management solutions, and analytics-powered CEC (consumer electronics controls), etc.

The Salesforce AppExchange is a leading enterprise cloud marketplace with (more than) 6,000 listings, over nine million customer installs, and 117,000 peer reviews.