If you find that public bathrooms are a stressful experience, you likely also have very particular views about bathroom etiquette. However, for some, it seems that the office bathroom is the gateway to another dimension where generally accepted rules of conduct no longer exist. Most people would argue the same respect should be applied when using the office bathroom as when using your home bathroom.

Most people prefer to use discretion when taking a bathroom break, but some people use no such tactfulness. Since discretion is preferable to most when tending to business, it can be assumed most people prefer the bathroom to be removed and separate from the office space. Steve Jobs did not agree with this theory when the Pixar headquarters were being designed. Jobs insisted only one set of restrooms be constructed, forcing everyone in the company to associate and mingle with people at all levels of the organization.

If you are dealing with an etiquette offender in your office bathroom, perhaps they need to be reminded of what is acceptable in the widely acknowledged procedure outlined in this visual:

Guide to office bathroom etiquette