We all reach that point in the day where we start to get tired, distracted, and mentally drained. Often, we try to power through it because there is so much to do. But the key to ultimate productivity isn’t working longer hours, it’s working smarter.

There are many factors that impact your productivity, concentration, and focus. For example, how your workspace is set up. Seemingly small details like the color of your walls, temperature of your office, and proximity to natural light can influence your productivity.

Your workflow and break schedule also impact how productive you are. Rather than trying to multitask and work through lunch, dedicate focused time to a task and then take strategic breaks.

We created this infographic with 19 scientifically proven hacks to increase your productivity. It will help you pinpoint things you didn’t even know were distracting you and find new ways to refocus.

getvoip improve productivity infographic

What hampers your productivity? Is it your office space? Workflow? Failure to take breaks? There are solutions for each!

Though companies control the color of the walls, temperature, and structure of the space, there are many things you can do to make your work environment more hospitable. For example, add a plant to your desk, display colorful photos, or get a natural light desk lamp.

If workflow is your problem, you can try listening to music that will get you focused or stick to a schedule. There are three common methods that help with time management and productivity.

  • Pomodoro Technique – The pomodoro technique encourages short bursts of productivity followed by short breaks. You work for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break, and repeat. After four 25 minute sessions you take a longer break.
  • 52-17 Method – DeskTime, a productivity app, studied the habits of productive workers and found that the most productive people tended to work for 52 minutes straight and then take a 17 minute break away from their desks.
  • Ultradian Rhythms – Ultradian rhythms are natural body cycles that occur every 90-120 minutes. In these cycles people move from higher to lower alertness. It is recommended that people take a 20 minute break every 90-120 minutes when their alertness is waning.

Try out some of the productivity hacks above, and if you have a productivity tip that works well for you, let us know!