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Robert Pepper

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Robert Pepper has been a professional web content producer since 2011. He has a background in consumer and electronics and SMB business electronic needs. His natural ability to understand extremely technical specifications is matched by his finely-honed ability to write in such a way that the layperson can understand. Robert has written extensively in the fields of VoIP, cloud backup, and web hosting. Robert has contributed his skills to familiar names including Norton, Asterisk, and AT&T.


Robert Pepper is a graduate of Muhlenberg College with a B.A. degree in Communication. As one of GetVoIP’s expert tech bloggers, he keeps up with the latest technology news by listening to tech-related podcasts and reading technology blogs. As a tech writer, he is able to translate “geek speak” into everyday language.

Read some of Robert's latest articles below:

May 30, 2020

VoIP Codecs + Bandwidth = Your Call Quality

The minimum VoIP speed is determined by the Codecs that your provider uses. Ideally, you would have the right match for the amount of compression that your codec uses, and the amount of bandwidth you have.  The most popular codec is called G711, which uses no compression at all. Other codecs use compression at a trade-off of sound quality. VoIP providers assume you have a broadband Internet...
July 05, 2019

What is a Virtual Extension?

Your business needs a dynamic call receiving system that moves with your employees, which is why virtual extensions have become a popular feature for many SMBs. This is a unique business VoIP solution that helps your employees stay in touch with contacts, even when they are on the run and only have their smart devices.   What is a Virtual Extension? A virtual extension, which is a...
April 05, 2016

VoIP Rules and Regulations: Is Your Provider Compliant to Your Industry?

Imagine you're watching a science fiction show in the 1970s. You see doctors diagnosing patients by manipulating robots from a world away. You see consumers talking to customer service agents on screens giving them personal shopping recommendations. You see a report filed in a little pad, secured by a fingerprint. You see nuclear-powered flying cars. Well, aside from that last one, we're pretty...
February 27, 2015

eVoice vs RingCentral – Comparing Business VoIP

RingCentral is an established business VoIP provider, that has expanded outward from their core subscriber base of SMBs to include very advanced features for enterprise consumers and smaller plans for solopreneurs and microbusinesses. eVoice has always catered to smaller businesses. So, will a provider be better able to serve its customers if they hone their practices in one area, or if they have ...
November 25, 2014

SugarCRM vs Salesforce CRM Comparison For Large Business

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a system for tracking and managing an organization's interactions with clients and potential clients. Primarily, it is a tool used to track, and hence improve and increase, sales. That said, CRM today encompasses a range of interactions, from hours-long in-person meetings to 140 character social media messages and everything in between. The experience...
July 24, 2014

10 Things You Can Do With Jive Communications That You Can’t With ShoreTel Sky

Hosted VoIP providers give many of the same PBX features associated with Fortune 500 companies. As VoIP becomes more and more mainstream, users have come to expect more from their VoIP provider. In turn, most providers step up and give more features at the same low price. Figuring out which provider is best for you can sometimes mean knowing the small differences between providers that have a lot ...
June 09, 2014

Zoiper vs Bria Softphone Comparison

A softphone is any software that can do the same thing as a phone. As our would has become increasingly connected, while at the same time, our computing capacity has expanded, softphones have expanded as well. Today's softphones are capable of communicating over the web or to the PSTN, transmitting not just voice, but through paperless fax and IM. Many softphones incorporate sophisticated...
May 15, 2014

Phone Power vs Vonage Comparison

The residential VoIP market is every bit as competitive as the business market. From both a hardware standpoint and a features standpoint, a home VoIP service is deployed differently. The biggest difference is that home VoIP services require the user to plug their existing phone into an analog telephone adapter, which ideally goes between the router and the modem, but can also go between the...
April 08, 2014

Take a Closer Look at What the Big VoIP Companies Hide in Their Fine Print

When signing up with a VoIP provider, it's extremely important to know what you are getting into when you sign that agreement. We called up 19 of the top names in business VoIP, gave them a sample business, and obtained actual quotes and agreements to take a deeper look at things. In our hypothetical business, we needed ten users (aka seats/extensions), one new phone number, and ten new...
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