Rachael Abrams

Rachael Abrams

  • Contributing Writer

Rachael Abrams is a contributing writer at GetVoIP and a freelance writer for the NYC metro area. She’s been writing professionally for almost ten years and enjoys covering topics such as television, art, advertising, tech and electronics. With a background in product-centric marketing and technical writing, she’s always eager to break down complex ideas and make them easier to swallow. Her works have appeared in blogs, literary magazines, and on the shelves of some of your favorite retailers. In her free time, Rachael can be found exploring Brooklyn in search of new culinary adventures, reading about the robots taking over, or singing poorly at karaoke.

Read some of Rachael's latest articles below:

May 13, 2020

Is Online Fax Secure Enough for Lawyers, Doctors, and Government Contractors?

Many read the word “fax” with a somewhat antiquated connotation, much akin to having a computer room in a family house. Online fax, however, provides the complexity of a cloud-based service without the need for extra hardware (fax machines). Unlike its bulkier counterpart, which used analog networks to transmit data by connecting to traditional telephone lines (PTSN), secure online fax...
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