Patrick Bobilin

Patrick Bobilin

  • Senior Manager of SEO & Content
Patrick Bobilin is Manager of SEO & Content at GetVoIP. With his background in design and technology, he brings a unique perspective to the world of business.


As former UX/UI lead at an international tech firm, he understands the operational and usability challenges of the modern office. His thoughts on design, technology, and politics have been shared across a wide variety of platforms from NPR to the Chicago Tribune. He’s an avid reader and creator of online content that aims to make complex concepts clearer and more manageable.


In his free time, Patrick volunteers in his Manhattan community at two soup kitchens and as Vice President of a political club. He runs daily with or without his terrier Ghostface along the East River Esplanade.

Read some of Patrick's latest articles below:

January 23, 2020

What is PRI? The Complete Guide to Primary Rate Interface for Businesses

A primary rate interface or PRI is a provider-free system of communication that allows organizations to use a copper wire connection to transmit data, video, or files using a network architecture. PRI systems have been in use for more than three decades and they use channels that are carried on T-carrier systems. T-carrier systems are an entirely digital voice transmission system that uses pulse...
November 21, 2019

8x8 Customer Service: 5 Ways To Get In Touch [Review]

As the number of business VoIP providers to choose from continuously rises, it becomes increasingly important for each one to provide not just a robust product, but also superior customer experiences. A report from Microsoft shows 96% of users see customer service as an important factor when choosing between brands. Growth in the user base always impact the support team first because...
November 18, 2019

Comcast Business VoiceEdge: A Closer Look at Plans, Pricing & Reviews

If you’re trying to run a successful business, proper communication is a must. Most companies today are opting to unify and enhance their communication systems using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Traditional desk phones and lines are slowly but surely being replaced by superior VoIP technology that provides multiple benefits for its users and customers. There are multiple ...
November 15, 2019

Freshworks Launches Customer-for-Life Fully Integrated CRM Platform

Freshworks recently made headlines after raising $150 million in their Series H funding, giving them a valuation of $3.5 billion. Getting to a multi-billion valuation within less than a decade of its founding is an outstanding feat. According to Freshworks CEO Girish Mathrubootham, the funds they’ve just acquired will be used in part to further their research and development pursuits. It’s ...
November 12, 2019

The Top 9 Tips for Implementing Live Website Chat [Guide]

There are many factors involved in making a successful business, and customer satisfaction is a big one. If your business operates a website, offering live chat software is a good start and also a feature well known to improve the customer experience. Live chat interactions have the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 92%. However, live website chat can be a double-edged sword. Some...
November 07, 2019

Chatbot vs Live Chat: Which is More Effective?

These days, visits to most websites start with a little popup appearing the bottom corner asking you if you need help. These pop up open up a chat window where users can ask any questions they have. Chat boxes lead to one of two possible kinds of support. You either get help from a live agent or a chatbot. The concept is simple: users get quick answers to their questions, so they don’t have ...
November 04, 2019

What is Skill-Based Routing and Why Do Customers Love It?

In following the ROI of customer experience, we’ve noted in the past how privileging your existing customers leads to a nearly 70% probability in selling to existing customers. However, as customers have also noted that they don’t like pitches that feel too “salesy”, they’re privileging other aspects of customer service over others. One of the most important ways to make or break...
October 31, 2019

Vonage Makes Customer Experience The Cornerstone of Revitalization

When buyers, IT managers, and business owners used to pitch stakeholders on using Vonage, they would have to start by reminding them that they had a business product offering. The popularity of their consumer products made it confusing for some prospective users. The fact that they hadn’t made any major rebranding efforts in more than a decade didn’t help either. However, on October...
October 31, 2019

How to Use Your Call Center Analytics Software to Reveal Actionable Insights

In the age of big data, digging through your analytics is vital. It’s never been easier to find out everything you could ever want to know about the people who are interacting with your company in order to improve customer experience. The level of insight you can gain and the sheer amount of actionable information that can be pulled from these analytics is invaluable. According...
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