Nick Campanella

Nick Campanella

  • Associate Tech Writer

Nick Campanella graduated from Queens College with an MFA in fiction writing. He was the youngest in his class and first to graduate. His thesis is an unfinished, novel-length story about a young man from Long Island trying to make a difference in his Brooklyn community after a shooting.

Nick has interned for various companies including Seven Stories Press, Publishers Clearing House, and Tremr. His writing ranges from fiction, to poetry, to creative nonfiction. When his pen isn’t to a notebook, when his fingers aren’t banging on his typewriter, he can be found in the gym, somewhere in the mountains upstate, or binge watching The Office on Netflix.

Read some of Nick's latest articles below:

August 23, 2018

21 Slack Hacks That Eliminate Information Overload

Information overload is a real issue that every business faces. In Slack (arguably today's most powerful team communications software), the problem is extremely multiplied. Every user needs to get comfortable using the collection of highly effective Slack features to slash through the volume and reliably bring to yourself only those items of value for your purposes. Here are some hacks and...
June 04, 2018

The 8 Commandments of Giving Constructive Criticism

It’s very easy to give constructive criticism, but it’s not always easy to receive it. It takes a lot of patience and self-awareness to be able to take a step back and look at what we’re doing, acknowledge what we’re doing is wrong, and then take the advice we’re given. It’s also difficult to give constructive criticism without going overboard. We all know that one person in the...
May 21, 2018

17 Incredible Employee Perks of Successful Companies [Infographic]

Offering incredible employee perks is a major business trend in 2018 for good reason. Employees in this day and age are looking for more than just big paychecks; they want to work for a company that offers strong benefits and offers a positive work culture that fits in with their lives outside the office. It makes sense, too, considering the amount of time we all spend in the office over the...
May 08, 2018

The State of IVR Systems in 2018

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are nothing new; we all know how they work, and depending on from what point of view we’re looking at them from, we all have our own opinions on their capabilities and effectiveness. What we’re trying to do is give you the best overall look at how “Press One for X” is turning into something much more unique in 2018 and going forward. For...
April 23, 2018

16 Gmail Tips and Tricks to Make You More Productive

For many hard-working people, email has naturally become a significant part of our everyday lives. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is check our email; when we get to work, the first thing we do is check our email; on our lunch break, we check our email; before we leave the office, we check our email; when we’re getting ready for bed, we check our email. There are some...
April 23, 2018

20 Customer Retention Strategies Backed by Data

Being able to bring in tons of customers is great for any business, but real success lies in the business’ ability to retain a good number of those initial customers. Those customers who keep coming back time and time again are great indicators that what your business is doing is right. Not only that, but they’ll also encourage other people do business with you. If they’ve been customers ...
March 19, 2018

20 Ways to Avoid the Post-lunch Energy Dip at Work [Infographic]

No, you’re not the only person who feels that big dip in energy levels after lunch at work. In fact, scientists have determined this is a real phenomenon many people deal with on a regular basis. The reason many of us lose so much energy after lunch is because of our circadian rhythms, which is our 24-hour internal clock that can alter our physical, mental, and behavioral states. Many...
March 15, 2018

NewVoiceMedia Announces Fully Integrated Omni-channel Solution

NewVoiceMedia, a company who enables organizations to create unparalleled, emotive customer experiences to serve better and sell more, has launched an omni-channel solution that is completely-integrated and designed to deliver a consistent customer experience across all Salesforce digital channels and the NewVoiceMedia contact center. Adopting an omni-channel solution is a significant business ...
March 13, 2018

25 Business Buzzwords that Drive Everyone Crazy [Infographic]

People inside and outside of the business world love to use buzzwords without actually understanding what they mean, and they use them to the point where the meaning of the word either changes or disappears entirely. Using certain buzzwords is the equivalent of a hipster letting everyone know their unique font choice or that they listened to a certain band way before anyone else: no one...
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