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Michael has extensive experience in a number of fields ranging from journalism to copy and technical writing. Mike currently resides on Long Island, where he pursues his interests in the arts, more specifically music, literature, and film. Mike’s constantly at work on a number of projects including prose work and musical ventures.

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July 09, 2020

VoIP ATA – Analog Telephone Adapter

Despite the various advantages VoIP phones have to offer, many VoIP subscribers refuse to leave their traditional phones behind. Whether this hesitance is due to cost or preference, users can now effectively utilize both services through Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs). These adapters essentially act as a gateway that transforms your voice into data before sending it over the internet. ...
April 14, 2014

How to Give a Killer Webinar: Tips from the Pros

Webinars can be an incredibly powerful marketing technique for a lot of businesses. Regardless of your planned usage though, webinars are only as effective as they are quality. As such, it’s really up to presenters to prepare and create the best possible content and experience for the viewers. But what exactly is that? While there are tons of different ways to prepare and assemble your...
March 13, 2014

100 Great Tech Podcasters to Follow on Twitter

For many, Podcasts, or audio or video feeds distributed through RSS, are nothing new. Since debuting in the early/mid-2000’s the platform has been used by professionals and amateurs alike to discuss a variety of subjects. Though these subjects are wide and vast, one popular area of concentration has always been technology. Typically, these feeds are great for providing users with all types...
January 07, 2014

Study: 37% of Americans Are Against In-Flight Cell Phone Use

2014 may see the end of the FCC’s twenty-two year long ban on in-flight cell phone usage. Earlier this month the FCC met to discuss the future of their self-imposed ban, which resulted in a 3 to 2 vote in favor of lifting the ban, or at least considering doing so. Though some welcome this change, and even deem it necessary, others reject it and call into question the practicality of this...
November 20, 2013

Cisco vs Polycom: Company Comparison

In this edition of head to head comparisons, we are going to compare Polycom and Cisco. This review will not focus on one or all of the phones or other hardware, but on the two companies’ profiles as a whole, as well as what you can expect as consumer. Info Compared Cisco Systems, Inc. Polycom Year Founded 1984 1990 Stock Symbol NASDAQ: CSCO NASDAQ: PLCM Head...
November 04, 2013

Polycom VVX 600: 5 Great Features

Though the provider has since launched a slew of new devices, Polycom’s VVX 600 still holds as a superior business media phone. Released last fall, the VVX600 looked to carry on the quality tradition of the VVX line by injecting simplicity with reliability. As such, the phone is designed to provide business users with Unified Communications and desktop productivity solutions. In this regard,...
October 28, 2013

The Top 50 VoIP Experts to Follow on Twitter

At this point and time, it’s pretty clear that VoIP is destined to usurp traditional landlines as the dominant form of telephony. Every year a number of market research firms, industry analysts, and other experts and groups produce forecasts, statistics, and reports that dictate the rising dominance of VoIP—i.e. the increased number of users, mobile adoption, increased revenue, etc. Here...
October 07, 2013

The Best VoIP CEOs To Work For In 2013

Currently, there are a number of big named VoIP companies that generate buzz within the industry; however, of these names, which companies are truly the best to work for? Though compiling any “best of” list is highly subjective, there are a number of critical factors to look for within a company--i.e. job security, benefits (healthcare, perks, discounts, etc.), salary, time off, etc. Though...
September 30, 2013

STUDY: Tech Employees Willing to Take 7.9% Pay Cut to Work From Home

In September 2013, GetVoIP posed the question to tech workers "How big of a pay cut would you take in order to work from home?" to learn how receptive the tech sector was to wage reduction in order to work out of the office. Tech professionals answered that on average, they would be willing to take a 7.9% pay cut in order to telecommute. 53% of Tech Professionals Would Take a Pay Cut to...
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