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Michael has extensive experience in a number of fields ranging from journalism to copy and technical writing. Mike currently resides on Long Island, where he pursues his interests in the arts, more specifically music, literature, and film. Mike’s constantly at work on a number of projects including prose work and musical ventures.

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April 14, 2014

How to Give a Killer Webinar: Tips from the Pros

Webinars can be an incredibly powerful marketing technique for a lot of businesses. Regardless of your planned usage though, webinars are only as effective as they are quality. As such, it’s really up to presenters to prepare and create the best possible content and experience for the viewers. But what exactly is that? While there are tons of different ways to prepare and assemble your...
March 13, 2014

100 Great Tech Podcasters to Follow on Twitter

For many, Podcasts, or audio or video feeds distributed through RSS, are nothing new. Since debuting in the early/mid-2000’s the platform has been used by professionals and amateurs alike to discuss a variety of subjects. Though these subjects are wide and vast, one popular area of concentration has always been technology. Typically, these feeds are great for providing users with all types...
March 04, 2014

February Recap: Top VoIP Headlines You Might Have Missed Last Month

February has come and gone; however, with Valentine’s Day, snowstorms and inclement weather, Oscar coverage, and other news/events, you might have missed some of the month’s most breaking VoIP stories. As such, we’ve rounded up the best VoIP stories that might have came in under your radar in February. VoIP in 2014 - Industry Experts Weigh In On State of The Industry VoIP experts...
February 25, 2014

50 Great Blogs Cloud Professionals Will Love

As cloud computing has become a bigger and bigger industry, the web has filled up with blogs and websites dedicated to the service and its development. While these blogs can be very informative, they aren’t the only source of information professionals should be referencing. In fact, there are a number of tech-centric sites that explore the utilization and implementation of cloud services, as ...
January 20, 2014

Business Traveler's Guide to Staying Connected

For business travelers, communications are essential. Those on the road need to stay connected and current at all times, which means users need a reliable, and secure Internet connection. However, with obstacles such as time zones, poor/limited Wi-fi connectivity, cultural issues, limited power, etc., staying connected while traveling can be a hard nut to crack. Luckily, the same dependency has...
January 07, 2014

Study: 37% of Americans Are Against In-Flight Cell Phone Use

2014 may see the end of the FCC’s twenty-two year long ban on in-flight cell phone usage. Earlier this month the FCC met to discuss the future of their self-imposed ban, which resulted in a 3 to 2 vote in favor of lifting the ban, or at least considering doing so. Though some welcome this change, and even deem it necessary, others reject it and call into question the practicality of this...
December 26, 2013

The Biggest VoIP Stories of 2013

As the year winds down, its important to take a look back and really take in the past year. While every year brings a number of new developments, 2013 seemed especially chock full. So, we took a look around and rounded up some of the biggest VoIP stories of 2013. FCC Ends Ban on In-Flight Phone Usage - December 12 The FCC has voted 3-2 to lift the ban currently prohibiting travelers from...
December 16, 2013

Study: 79% of Employees Don’t Text Their Boss

As cellular phones and mobile devices continue to make communication easier and more available, the balance between work and life can be harder to maintain. While being available via phone call can be harrowing, where do employees stand on text messaging with their boss? Texting is done by thousands on a daily basis; however, is it a plausible means of communication between employees and their...
December 11, 2013

20 Great Slideshows on Cloud Communications

Cloud based communications are becoming an increasingly popular mode of communications amongst businesses. As such, it’s able to provide tons of features, extended functionality, and overall greater efficiency. However, despite these pros, many businesses are still in the dark when it comes to cloud-based communications. Luckily, there are a number of resources available to shed some light on...
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