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Matt Grech

  • Analyst and Writer

Matt Grech is a technology analyst and writer with a strong focus on Unified Communications and Team Collaboration. Matt has a unique set of professional work experience in writing, technology, sales, investigative reporting and client services.

Through his combined experience, Matt looks to discover emerging trends and utilize his deep interest in technology to formulate practical interpretations of UC&C business applications.

This unique combination has allowed Matt to forge internal leader industry relationships to probe deeper into the technological breakthroughs, and emerging trends, direct from product leaders like Nextiva, Cisco, Vonage, Mitel, and 8×8.

Read some of Matt's latest articles below:

April 09, 2019

5 Great Examples of Customer Service Chatbots in Action

We have taken a few close looks at chat bots recently, focusing on what they can do, why we should use them, how they fit in within the realm of contact center software, and even a breakdown of when and how they're being used. But looking at statistics and numbers all day long will only tell you so much. We can understand what percentage of users prefer chatbots, or prefer them to which...
March 29, 2019

Intercom Pricing: Calculating The Cost of Customer Engagement

Intercom offers a wide range of solutions, all focusing on better engaging and supporting your organization's customers. Whether your team is looking to proactively reach out, or needs a way to better handle incoming request, Intercom offers a piece of that puzzle. But, with so many different options to build out such a powerful platform, the sheer volume can be overwhelming. When it comes to...
March 26, 2019

The 8 Best Business Phone Plans with Unlimited Calling, Text and Fax

When it comes to the specificity of looking for the best business phone plans, figuring out exactly what that "right system" even consists of can be tricky. That's we've done the work to simplify things. Thankfully a large number of vendors seem to agree, and aim to make the option of finding the right plan as simple as possible. When it comes down to it, recognizing the needs for your...
March 15, 2019

LogMeIn Leverages Jive Tech and Launches UC&C Platform GoTo

As I had just mentioned in my Enterprise Connect preview, I said we were really curious to keep a close eye on this new marriage of Jive and LogMeIn following the acquisition. The two already have very strong, independent platforms -- so bringing these together was clearly a recipe for success. It was just a matter of when and how it would be brought together. And that question has in fact...
March 13, 2019

Enterprise Connect 2019: What To Expect, and Who To Pay Attention To

With Enterprise Connect 2019 right around the corner, we wanted to take a step back and prepare for the massive wave of announcements that will inevitably overwhelming us. With our latest analysis on industry trends, news on recent acquisitions, and a focus on new technologies, there will be a lot to try to keep up on. So, to help break through all of the information overload, and really...
March 05, 2019

Intermedia Launches Their New Analytics Platform: Intermedia Unite Envision

Intermedia just announced yesterday the latest addition to their rapidly growing Unite UCaaS platform, this time adding intense data analytics. No UcaaS platform is complete without not only the tools to communicate, but also the tools to better understand how, when and why we are communicating. Through the use of powerful data and performance analytics tools, organizations can uncover some...
February 28, 2019

Video Conferencing in 2019: Will it Ever Become The Norm?

Video conferencing has existed for quite a while now, both in the enterprise and consumer worlds. And, as the story goes, as our technology has improved so has the accessibility and ease of use of video conferencing. When we look at today's technological landscape, in fact, we seem to be in a position to leverage video chat and video meetings far more than ever before. But, that of course,...
February 25, 2019

Microsoft Teams vs Webex Teams: The Ultimate Showdown in 2019

Over the last two weeks, we've taken a really close look at two of the most popular emerging Enterprise unified communication solutions -- Microsoft and Webex Teams. We noted that Microsoft Teams in particular is quickly taking the world by storm, and has even started to gain ground on Slack. On the flip side, the Webex Teams rebranding from Cisco Spark has brought with it both a new coat of...
February 21, 2019

Are People Even Using Chatbots? A Closer Look at Some Stats in 2019

With all of this constant buzz around new technology, we can quickly let the hype take control. As I've said a few times in the past, when we're constantly fed promises from the power of new tech, we really need to take a step back and truly analyze the reality. This rings particularly true for chatbots, and I have taken quite the stance on them in the past; declaring a new wave of customer...
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