Matt Grech

Matt Grech

  • Senior Tech Journalist

Matt Grech is a technology journalist focused on Unified Communications, Team Collaboration, Contact Centers Solutions and just about anything VoIP related. Matt has a unique set of professional work experience in writing, technology, sales, investigative reporting and client services. Through his combined experience, Matt looks to discover emerging trends and utilize his deep interest in technology to formulate practical interpretations for both business application on all levels, as well as personal applications. This unique combination has allowed Matt to forge internal leader industry relationships to probe deeper into the technological break-throughs, and emerging trends, direct from product leaders like Nextiva, Cisco, Vonage, Mitel, and 8×8.

Matt’s perspective has become a recognized voice in multiple outlets, including TechCrunch, MSN, the Samsung Enterprise Blog,, TalkingPointz, the official Yeastar blog as well as Avaya’s official blog, a prominent feature on OnSip’s homepage and research conducted by the Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers. Matt has also been invited to exclusive industry events including Cisco’s annual Cisco Live! conference, as well as their January 2017 Product Announcement for their Cisco Spark platform.

Matt’s passion for technology began when he first took control of the Doom marine on an early Windows 95 computer. His passion for computers and technology is only met by his passion for words, and sharing information in a digestible format to help others make the best decision possible.

Read some of Matt's latest articles below:

November 16, 2017

Your Business Should Absolutely Be Recording Calls and Here's Why

Previously an expensive solution requiring complicated hardware, call recording has since trickled down to become a feature offered in most, if not all, Business VoIP solutions. Thanks to the simplicity of a Hosted PBX platform, your business gains access to robust features like call recording without the headache and cost that previous came along with it. In fact, call recording has become so ...
November 15, 2017

UJET Founder on The State of Customer Service: Context Is Key

Customer Support is an incredibly crucial aspect of any business. In fact, we're at a time now where customer support, and the interactions people have with companies, serve as a major make-or-break point for a business. If users have a terrible experience, they will be very quick to move to another business, and very quick to share their negative experience online. So, we're in an age where...
November 09, 2017

Our Rundown of Gartner's 2017 CCaaS Magic Quadrant

Gartner is generally one of our favorite go-to sources when it comes to the latest industry rankings and breakdowns. With their Magic Quadrant series, the analyst firm annually updates the standings of different competitors and providers within the same market, all while providing a solid foundation and definition for what makes up the service they are looking at. Just as we have done in the...
November 02, 2017

Cisco Brings The Future to Meetings With An AI Powered Spark Assistant

Cisco seems to really love to step into the realm of science fiction when developing their latest Spark additions. We just recently saw them add in Virtual Reality support for Spark, allowing users to hold their meetings in virtual spaces, adding in an entirely new realm of immersion, and even fun, to otherwise boring meetings. But this time, we find something even more interesting and...
October 31, 2017

NextCon 2017 Introduces a New Cloud Communication Paradigm

Every year that Nextiva hosts their annual NextCon conference, there seems to be something special that comes out of it. Last year we heard from the great Steve Wozniak who shared his thoughts on innovation, and how Nextiva is at the forefront of that innovation. And Nextiva hasn't slowed down at all, with their announcement of NextOS last year finally coming to life at the 2017 Nextcon. When...
October 27, 2017

Cloud Mistakes: 4 IT Missteps To Avoid When Going Cloud

It’s very easy to see the Cloud as the answer to all your business IT problems. After all, when it comes to business VoIP phone service and other hosted services, all of the heavy lifting is handled by the provider. As end users, your business gains a nice web portal to customize everything, loads of features, and even cost savings. But, at the end of the day, the Cloud might not be the be-all ...
October 26, 2017

RingCentral's ConnectCentral 2017 Brings New Platform Innovations

With so many different providers hosting annual conferences this month, it seems like there's a never-ending stream of announcements and news. Most recently, RingCentral has made a list of announcements at their ConnectCentral 2017, and we're excited to take a look at exactly how this leader in the market is going to expand their already strong portfolio. Right off the bat, RingCentral...
October 25, 2017

The Cisco and Broadsoft Acquisition Brings a New Collaboration Powerhouse

Most have probably heard by now -- the biggest announcement to come out of BroadSoft Connections this year was a bit different than previous years. Cisco will be snatching up BroadSoft for a massive $1.9 billion, and while this news was unexpected, it definitely makes a whole lot of sense. Cisco has been known to acquire different solutions and organizations to fill in the gaps before. The...
October 19, 2017

Why and How Your Business Should Embrace Enterprise Mobility

As we continue to embrace more and more technology in our everyday lives, the way we work changes as well. Going way back, Palm Pilots and Blackberry's first introduced the concept of mobility, and gave us the ability to stay on top of work, to a degree, even when we weren't at work. I guess if you really want to stretch it, you could even say the beeper had a pretty big impact and offered some...
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