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Originally founded in India by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas back in 1996, as a network management solution provider,...
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Provider Overview

Originally founded in India by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas back in 1996, as a network management solution provider, Zoho Corporation has evolved considerably over the years. Since then, the provider has launched a suite of numerous productivity and business applications, including CRM, Helpdesk, Live Chat and more. It wasn't until 2005 that the provider took on the Zoho name, after their first Zoho application, Writer.

In 2017, Zoho surpassed 35 million users as they introduced their newest application, Zoho Checkout. The provider has remained a private company since its creation, and has a core value in staying independent to prioritize the customer's needs. Sridhar Vembu remains as the CEO with and drives a clear vision of independence and privacy while remaining committed to solving specific business pain points.

Zoho SalesIQ Pricing and Services


Track and Engage Visitors

  • Geolocate visitors
  • Track visitor's footprints
  • Personalize chat
  • Automatic chat translation
  • Identify new vs returning visitors
  • Start chats based on visitor activities
  • Interactive email campaigns

Live Chat Software

  • Real time traffic monitoring
  • Automated website visitor engagement
  • Customize the chatbox to match your website design
  • Actionable analytics
  • Prioritized list of website visitors
  • Help articles and FAQs in chat box

Visitor Insights and Lead Scoring

  • Turn your website into a lead generation machine
  • Lead scoring based on customer history
  • Real-time lead scoring
  • Lead scoring rules
  • Focus on prospects that deserve most attention

Zoho ZRM Driven Engagement

  • From data to actionable insights
  • CRM data based pro-active triggers
  • Convert visitors you chat with into leads or contacts in CRM
  • View previous interactions
  • Assign follow up actions in CRM

Setup and Customize Quickly

  • Set up in 2 minutes
  • Flexible to customize
  • Canned responses
  • Chat departments
  • JavaScript APIs

Measure, Coach and Monitor

  • Prebuilt reports
  • Coach in real-time
  • Team monitoring

Pricing and Plans

Free - $0

  • 2 operators included
  • Track and engage with 5k visitors / month
  • Add SalesIQ on 1 website
  • Mobile Support
  • 100 chat sessions / month
  • 30 day storage

Basic - $17/month

  • 3 operators included
  • Track and engage with 10k visitors / month
  • Add SalesIQ on 3 websites
  • 3 Departments
  • 1000 chat sessions / month
  • Unlimited storage

Professional - $53/month

  • 5 operators included
  • Track and engage with 50k visitors / month
  • Add SalesIQ on 5 websites
  • 5 Departments
  • Unlimited chat sessions
  • Insightful Reports

Enterprise - $116/month

  • 10 operators included
  • Track and engage with 200k visitors / month
  • Add SalesIQ on 25 websites
  • Unlimited chat sessions
  • Chat translation support

Editor's Bottom Line of Zoho SalesIQ


With online Live Chat, Website Visitor Tracking and Analytics rolled into one platform, Zoho offers an advanced and robust solution for multiple business problems. Whether your organization is just a small team looking to handle a few hundred interactions a month, or an Enterprise organization looking to engage with thousands, Zoho's SalesIQ provides the features and functionality that you need. With Live Chat, your business can track, capture and engage visitors in real-time in order to increase sales while offering the best customer service possible. When it comes to both features and pricing, SalesIQ easily rivals their competitors.

Unlike many other options, Zoho does not limit features based on the plan your business subscribes to. Instead, it's interesting to note that Zoho places limitations on the number of visitors your business can track and engage with each month. This limitation exists throughout all of their plans, even up to the top tier Enterprise offering. However, these limitations are fairly generous, with even the Basic plan offering tracking of 10,000 visitors each month. Zoho does also place a limitation on the number of chats your business can have each month, with the Free plan being limited to only 100 chats, and the Basic plan limited to 1000 chats. This limit is lifted once you enter into the Professional plan, but it’s absolutely an aspect to recognize for smaller businesses.

Aside from their chat limitations, Zoho is fairly generous with other features and functionality. For example, even the Basic plan has access to three departments, and can place SalesIQ directly on three websites. Many competitors don't offer multiple website support, or if they do it is limited to more expensive plans. SalesIQ also has some unique and powerful features like visitor geolocation, automatic chat translation, JavaScript APIs, real-time lead scoring, real-time agent coaching, and help articles and FAQs directly in the chat box. While you can embed SalesIQ into multiple websites, Zoho currently does not offer the ability to integrate at Live Chat into your business' mobile apps.

While Zoho SalesIQ is a strong solution on its own, the real power of Zoho's suite of solutions is found when organizations invest deeply into the Zoho ecosystem. With applications ranging from CRM, Marketing and Campaigns, Email, Collaboration, Meetings, Helpdesk, and advanced Analytics and reporting, the provider has a solution for almost every business problem. The major selling point behind the platform is the ability to natively share data and functions with complementary business apps, which enables Zoho to offer a strong competitive advantage over third-party integrations and solutions.

  • Zoho SalesIQ Agent Dashboard
    Zoho SalesIQ Agent Dashboard
  • Zoho SalesIQ Report Overview
    Zoho SalesIQ Report Overview
  • Zoho SalesIQ User Activity Overview
    Zoho SalesIQ User Activity Overview
  • Zoho SalesIQ Visitor History
    Zoho SalesIQ Visitor History
  • Zoho SalesIQ Chat To Lead Conversion
    Zoho SalesIQ Chat To Lead Conversion

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