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Zoho was founded in 1996 in India by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas as AdventNet, Inc. as a solution...
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Provider Overview

Zoho was founded in 1996 in India by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas as AdventNet, Inc. as a solution for network management. They expanded to Japan five years later. In 2005, AdventNet launched Zoho Writer, the first application in what would become the Zoho Suite; in 2009, the company rebranded itself as Zoho Corporation after their popular product.

The Zoho Office Suite consists of numerous productivity and business apps, including their CRM, helpdesk solution, app creator and others. Zoho bootstrapped itself and remains privately-held; while their revenue isn’t publicly disclosed, it’s believed to be primarily spent on product development.

In 2017, Zoho users surpassed 25 million and they introduced their newest app, Zoho Checkout. Zoho suite product typically include both paid and free versions. Sridhar Vembu remains the CEO.

Zoho Desk Pricing and Services

Intended Customers

Small to Midsized Businesses; Zoho Users

Free Trial

15-Day Free Trial


  • Ticket Management
  • Multichannel Integration
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Developer API
  • Security
  • Services & Support

All Available Plans & Services

Free Professional Enterprise
Billed Annually $0 per agent/month $12 per agent/month $25 per agent/month
Billed Monthly $0 per agent/month Contact Sales Contact Sales
Ticket Management
Ticket Merging Yes Yes Yes
Ticket Splitting Yes Yes Yes
Custom Fields & Tags Yes Yes Yes
Custom Views & Group Views Yes Yes Yes
Macros No 10 per Department/Module 20 per Department/Module
Email Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Ticket Notes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Ticket Refresh No No No
Agent Collision Detection Yes Yes Yes
Assume Agent Identity No No No
Multichannel Integration
Email Integration 1 Email Address 10 Email Addresses Unlimited
Facebook Integration No Yes Yes
Twitter Integration No Yes Yes
Web Widget No No No
Mobile App iPad and iPhone iPad and iPhone iPad and iPhone
Call Integration No Multiple Numbers with IVR Multiple Numbers with IVR
CTI Toolkit & Integrations No No No
Live Chat No No Yes
Helpdesk Management
Translated Agent Interface No No No
Light Agents No Yes Yes
Triggers Yes Yes Yes
Workflows Yes Yes Yes
SLA Management Priority-Based SLA 5 per Department 10 per Department
Multiple SLA Policies No Yes Yes
Game Mechanics No No No
Customer Self-Service
Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes
Community Forums Yes Yes Yes
Language Packs Yes (9 Languages) Yes (9 Languages) Yes (9 Languages)
Branded Support Centers Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Unique Support Centers No No Yes
Customer Relationship Management
Contacts & Ticket History Yes Yes Yes
Custom Tags & Fields Yes Yes Yes
Customer Satisfaction Ratings Yes Yes Yes
CSAT Prediction No No No
Reporting & Analytics
Overview Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Agent & Group Performance Yes Yes Yes
Customer Analysis No Yes Yes
Industry Comparison No No No
Custom Reports No Yes Yes
Export Reports Yes Yes Yes
Add-Ons & Extensions
Marketplace No No No
Developer API Yes Yes Yes
SSL Encryption Yes Yes Yes
Single Sign On Yes Yes Yes
Two-Factor Authentication Yes Yes Yes
Whitelisting No No No
Sandbox Test Environment No No No
HIPAA Compliance No No No
Disaster Recovery No No No
Service & Support
Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes
Community Forums Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support No No No
Onboarding No No No
Service Level Guarantee No No No
Custom Implementation No No No

Editor’s Bottom Line of Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is the helpdesk solution in the Zoho Office Suite. Actually there are a few solutions in the Zoho Suite dedicated towards customer service, particularly for tech support, but Zoho Desk is their general customer service online ticketing solution.

Like many Zoho apps, there is a free version, though its capabilities are fairly restrained, though useful. You’ll be able to produce and track tickets, prevent agent collision, create a customer portal, knowledge base and community forums. You’ll also be able to export reports on ticket overviews and agent performance. However, you’ll only have one email address to use for tracking tickets, you won’t be able to integrate social media accounts or telephony, and you won’t have any time-based rules or workflows - so there won’t be any automation in the free Zoho Desk account.

The paid plans open things up a bit. For $12 per agent/month you’ll gain ticket time tracking, 10 email addresses for tracking tickets, social media and telephony integration, multiple departments for your helpdesk and a limited number of workflows per department and module - specifically, 10. Whether or not this is sufficient for your support department’s needs depends on how much you intend to automate - ticket assignment rules, record updates, and so on. The Enterprise plan expands these limitations further, but still imposes limits - instead of 5 SLAs per department, you get 10; instead of 10 workflows per department/module, you get 20. This is probably sufficient for many SMBs. Both plans get additional reporting dashboards and security controls.

For companies invested in the Zoho ecosystem, Zoho Desk provides online ticketing features at relatively low cost in a familiar format. As a standalone platform, Zoho Desk provides online ticketing and the ability to create customer self-service resources. As might be expected, their depth doesn’t go as far as companies solely dedicated to a helpdesk product. If you’re looking for a powerful helpdesk, and are willing to pay for one, you might consider another solution; if you’re interested is a fairly capable and inexpensive solution (in a familiar environment, for existing Zoho users), then Zoho Desk is worth a try.

  • Zoho Desk Integrations
    Zoho Desk Integrations
  • Zoho Desk Monitor
    Zoho Desk Monitor
  • Zoho Desk Reports
    Zoho Desk Reports
  • Zoho Desk Ticketing
    Zoho Desk Ticketing
  • Zoho Desk Ticketing
    Zoho Desk Ticketing
  • Zoho Desk Workflow Editing
    Zoho Desk Workflow Editing

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