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Vietelity offers users a host of service options spanning VoIP, SMS, vFax, and Hosting solutions. In doing so, the...
Englewood, CO
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Matthew W.'s review for Vitelity

As a wholesaler, they may put you out of business by giving customers unreliable service. You can call to complain or try to get support, but I think anyone who knew anything abandoned ship more than a year ago.

Constant failures and now they are refusing to port numbers. Our customers want to leave us because they won't let us leave them!

Pros: Portal for status.
Cons: Serial fuck ups.
Would Recommend: No
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Although the price is good, their service is atrocious. They give meaning to the saying, you get what you pay for. With this "bargain price" you get unhappy and rude customer service. I would say, spend the extra money and get a reliable VOIP provider who actually cares.

Pros: Price.
Cons: Customer Service.
Would Recommend: No
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I have been personally using vitality for my business customers for I think almost 10 years now starting in my asterisk@home and TrixBox days, I think I have personally installed phones systems dialers for over 50 business over the years and I have sent all of them to vitality as the base provider. I have had very little issues.

Either the people people giving these types of reviews are cons, Or sometimes people try to operate and do things them selfs that are bit over their head.

Pros: Quality, Reliable, Cheap , Tons of Features.
Cons: Limited Noob Support.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Not only did I call, but there was also a support ticket asking them to please stop billing me for a service I wasn't using any longer. If you are familiar with the Vitelity system you will know that there are many set-up options and if you speak phone systems, perhaps it is great. I do not and I used an outside company for the set-up. I rarely used their portal. The not-so-friendly customer service gentleman, Cory M, informed me over a static-y phone line that he could barely hear me on, that I should have known to click into one of the 12 options along the left side of the user portal, then I should have known to select the correct option from 8 more choices to reveal two rather lengthy paragraphs in red lettering. The second informs customers that they are responsible for deleting their number. Apparently DID means number, I think. I did that and hopefully I can stop paying them now. Wow. It feels like they stole from me. And then, were rude about it and blamed it on me. I really hope they stop billing me now.

Pros: Strongest link in a terrible phone system.
Cons: Still billing me after months of requests to terminate my service.
Would Recommend: No
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The CDR records they billed me was allways 40% more then my cdr records from opensips just stole my money waste it time with them stay away

Pros: Good bs sales team.
Cons: Every thing.
Would Recommend: No
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As remarked by others, Vitelity used to be pretty good. No longer.

We have been trying to port for 6 weeks! We have never been notified of issues until we have asked why it's taking so long.They have never offered advice on how to resolve issues raised by the incumbent carrier once when they get around to responding to our queries.

The portal interface is OK at first glance, but is quickly awkward and offers no advice on page elements or links to page help.
Go with someone else...

Pros: Pricing.
Cons: Porting and Support.
Would Recommend: No
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Darlene C.'s review for Vitelity

I will keep it short. Years ago they did a find job. After every merger they had they got one step worse.

Porting is so bad I finally had to move services. This summer I think they began moving my DIDs to their latest acquisition and now my inbound calls were horrible, garbled, dropping. Nothing changed on my side.

I did some digging around and found QuestBlue, I ported everything I had with Vitelity in less than 72 hours. Most important at QuestBlue they actually answer the phone and I have not had one issue with the process and their portal is better. I do not normally write reviews but because their customer service has been going downhill for some time they actually have me mad enough to write one. Since my move I found the QuestBlue portal to be easier, faster, and lower cost.


Pros: User portal is Ok B-.
Cons: F- Everything, porting, quality, support.
Would Recommend: No
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I agree with the other reviewer - their support is abysmal. They are rude and flippant, and porting to them is absolutely one of the worst experiences I have had. They repeatedly miss FOC dates, take numbers out of service, and generally make stupid mistakes. Stay as far away as possible.

Pros: Decent vFax Service.
Cons: Everything Else.
Would Recommend: No
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I have been with them for 3 years. constant headache to port! Their support just sucks it's like they have one person working there and they get to you when they want. I have pulled all my business from them after the last 2 day outage where they wouldn't even update me to the status.

Pros: Their interface is great.
Cons: Support sucks and they don't respond.
Would Recommend: No
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Partnering with Vitelity is the worst business decision we ever made. They have constant problems and outages, their porting department is hilariously bad. they have billing issues all the time and their attitude is basically that they don't want you as a customer and you can go sit and spin. I would highly highly recommend that anyone thinking of using them find a reputable vendor instead like flowroute, nexvortex or voip.ms Vitelity is actively trying to put themselves out of business.

Pros: nice portal, clean user interface.
Cons: the worst support and customer service in the industry (and that is saying a lot).
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Vietelity offers users a host of service options spanning VoIP, SMS, vFax, and Hosting solutions. In doing so, the provider enables both experienced and inexperienced users Professional Services Group (PSG) free consultation with certified technicians. In doing this, the provider employs knowledgeable staff to assist in PBX training, PBX setup and configuration, PBX/Switch Security Breach Mitigation, Toll Fraud Mitigation, PBX Security Hardening, Installation Assistance for SIP devices (i.e. ATA’s, IP Phones, and media gateways), Hardware Troubleshooting, and more. With each offered service, Vitelity offers cost efficiency and option flexibility. For example, with VoIP service, users can receive unlimited phone service starting at $7.95 per month, as well as custom toll free numbers, A-Z International Rates, expansive features, Local and International DID Coverage, and SIP eligibility. Additionally, Hosted PBX is available for $29.00 per month and comes equipped with features, training and support, and freePBX options. SMS text service is currently included on all Vitelity voice numbers, free of charge. Separate from phone and text service, vFax is available to users for as little as $2.99 per month. In regards to support, Telephone support is available Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm MST. Also, there is 24/7 support via trouble ticket. Vitelity can also be contacted via email or directly through their website.


Vitelity Pricing & Services


SMS for Local & Toll Free Numbers

SMS For Local Numbers
Inbound messages $0.01/text
Outbound messages $0.01/text
SMS For Toll Free Numbers
Inbound messages $0.01/text
Outbound messages $0.01/text
SMS to International Numbers
Outbound messages $0.049/text


vFax cloud based faxing platform

Wholesale Price
Monthly Charge $1.55 (MRC)
Setup Fee $1.00 (NRC)
Usage $0.028/minute
URL Branding $99
Logo Branding $5-$10 (MRC)
Wholesale Pay As You Go Price
FaxEnable Device (1-2 ports) $109 + $12.50
Wholesale Unlimited Price
Monthly Subscription (1 port) $24.95
Monthly Subscription (2 ports) $44.95


vFax Wholesale Feature Set:

  • Secure HTTPS Fax Transmission
  • Brandable
  • API
  • Lowest wholesale rates
  • Large nationwide footprint
  • No additional charge for Toll Free fax DIDs
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Fax status notification

FaxEnable Features

  • High reliability
  • Secure
  • Plug-n-play
  • Remotely manage your FaxEnable devices within the Vitelity customer portal
  • Create Signature
    Create Signature
  • Ports
  • Phone Numbers
    Phone Numbers
  • Dashboard

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