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SnapEngage offers a range of solutions designed to help businesses transform their customer engagement. With Sales solutions, organizations can...
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Provider Overview

SnapEngage offers a range of solutions designed to help businesses transform their customer engagement. With Sales solutions, organizations can engage and convert inbound traffic into qualified leads, and with their Support solutions, businesses can boost customer satisfaction and lower cost-per-interaction. The platform is of course designed to integrate with other third-party applications including CRM and Help Desk and even Social Media platforms.

With offices both in the United States and Germany, SnapEngage was originally founded in 2008 in Huntsville, Alabama. SnapEngage also offers a fairly unique pricing structure, with a Self-Service plan offering most functionality for a simple upfront cost, or a Full-Service solution that will be custom-tailored to your business, and its exact needs. SnapEngage offers service both in the U.S. as well as in Europe, with data centers hosted in both locations.


SnapEngage Pricing and Services

Self-Service Full-Service
Easy Setup
Easy to Install Yes Yes
Fast Yes Yes
Unlimited Websites Yes Yes
No Ugly Pop-Up Yes Yes
Persistent Chat Yes Yes
International Yes Yes
Hours of Operation Yes Yes
Simple Offline Forms Yes Yes
Flexible Assignment Rules Yes Yes
Agent Training No Yes
Multiple Admins No Yes
Professional Services No Yes
Advanced Chat Portal
Comprehensive Visitor Information Yes Yes
Social Discovery Yes Yes
Easy Chat Transfers Yes Yes
Shortcut Messages Yes Yes
Sneak Peek Yes Yes
Concurrent Chats Yes Yes
Knowledge Database Integrations Yes Yes
Multiple Widgets Yes Yes
Agent Priority Tiers No Yes
Agent Tag Routing No Yes
Power Tools
Proactive Chat Yes Yes
File Exchange Yes Yes
Call-Me Requests Yes Yes
Co-Browsing Yes Yes
Team Chat Yes Yes
Post-Chat Surveys Yes Yes
SMS-to-Chat ($25-$35/mo per line) Yes Yes
Secure Data Transfer No Yes
Custom Design
Configurable Click-to-Chat Buttons Yes Yes
Pre-Chat Form Yes Yes
Custom Branding Yes Yes
Agent Photos Yes Yes
White Label Yes Yes
Open API Yes Yes
Javascript Variables Yes Yes
Reporting & Analytics
In-App Reporting Tools Yes Yes
Real-Time Activity Monitoring Yes Yes
Weekly Summary Yes Yes
Google Analytics Integration Yes Yes
Chat Transcript Data Yes Yes
Capacity Report No Yes
Audit Logs No Yes
SSL Encrypted Yes Yes
EU-US Privacy Shield Yes Yes
Secure Data Transfer / PCI Compliance No Yes
HIPAA Compliance No Yes
Password Rules No Yes
Access Rules / User Permission Settings No Yes
Audit Logs No Yes

Pricing and Plans

Self Service - From $99/mo

  • 5 Team Members
  • Essential Chat Tools
  • Basic Integrations
  • Design Studio
  • All features listed above

Full service - Custom Plan, Requires Quote

  • HIPAA-Compliant Chat Option
  • Account Success
  • Custom Contracts
  • Advanced Integrations
  • All features listed above


Editor's Bottom Line of SnapEngage

There's one thing for sure if your business is searching for a completely custom-made and tailored Live Chat solution, then SnapEngage is potentially your best go-to a solution on the market. With their Full-Service plan, SnapEngage will work directly with your organization to determine the exact features and functionality that are necessary for your team. This alone is one of SnapEngage’s strongest aspects, setting them apart from the competiton. However, it's important to recognize that SnapEngage might not be the most cost-effective solution, with their Self-Serve plan coming in at $99 per month while only providing service for 5 team members.

While the Self-Service solution might be more costly than other options on the market, SnapEngage does not place many feature limitations on their service. Your organization still gains access to unlimited website support, persistent chats, flexible assignment rules, custom design options, and multiple widgets just to name a few key features. The provider does specifically limit security features, however. Secure Data Transfer, PCI Compliance and HIPAA Compliance, as well as password rules and audit logs are limited to only Full-Service solutions. Therefore, if your business is privacy conscious, or in an industry governed by regulations, the Full-Service offering will be your only option.

SnapEngage's platform definitely leans more towards the higher end of the market, better suited for large teams or a Live Chat support department at a larger organization. Despite this, SnapEngage offers an impressive feature list with some unique functionalities including persistent chat across devices, and social discovery, which enables agents to learn more about a visitor they are chatting with by searching for their social media profiles based on their email address. Other powerful features like Team Chat for internal collaboration and Co-Browsing with visitors help further set the solution apart.

One truly unique offering that is unseen elsewhere on the market SnapEngage's SMS-to-Chat functionality. For an extra monthly charge, SMS-to-Chat enables your business to converse with customers in real-time, directly from their cell phone. Instead of utilizing an in-app or website embedded chat, the customer can simply SMS text message a specific support phone number, and your organization's representative will receive the messages in their SnapEngage app just like any other interaction. This does cost extra monthly, and SnapEngage will provide organizations with phone numbers for the service if necessary.

Overall, SnapEngage offers a very robust platform with advanced functionality and impressive features. Their pricing structure definitely leans towards the Enterprise end of the market, but a custom tailored solution puts SnapEngage in a class of its own.

  • Snap Engage Chat Monitor Page
    Snap Engage Chat Monitor Page
  • Snap Engage Chat Log
    Snap Engage Chat Log
  • Snap Engage Permission Dashboard
    Snap Engage Permission Dashboard
  • Snap Engage Agent Management
    Snap Engage Agent Management
  • Snap Engage Integration Overview
    Snap Engage Integration Overview
  • Snap Engage Design Studio
    Snap Engage Design Studio

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