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CoreDial is a leading SMB Hosted IP Phones (PBX) provider that offers software, solutions, and services to users. In...
Blue Bell, PA
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I've had no problems whatsoever. I do hope that they continue to add new features, but the quality of service has been great. I have not experienced any of the issues that others have in the past. I wish there was file sharing and integration with MS and or SSO using AD but my users are mostly simple and this works fantastically for calling and internal messaging.

Pros: inexpensive, easy to use.
Cons: no file sharing, desktop app.
Would Recommend: Yes
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After being with them for a year I can say we regret the decision to do business with them and waste our resources on an antiquated, unreliable platform. They continue to rebrand themselves under the CoreNexa brand which is apparently their way of showing fluffy and pretty graphic design are more important the technical innovation and a platform that delivers what clients want. As a reseller, our clients want some basic features in their VOIP service/app/desktop app: Reliable service, a fully integrated UC experience - calls, web/video conferencing, text/sms, fax send/receive, internal messaging, and file sharing, basically NOTHING that coredial offers in any significant way. I spoke with their sales and development teams on a regular basis and was essentially told they don't care or it's not a priority to them. TO compete in the space as a reseller it's required that you have the platform and features similar to the RingCentral's, Vonage, and other major players, but yet again coredial fails and really provides little more than a very basic UC web client.

We are currently speaking with BluIP and Skyswitch both of which offer a much more robust platform and the feature set our clients want.

Pros: Low prices, easy to use.
Cons: No modern features, reliability.
Would Recommend: No
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Horrible service, tech support, and so much more static on all the lines it's pathetic!! NEVER USE THIS SERVICE EVER!

Pros: NONE.
Would Recommend: No
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Customer service is second to none in a bad way. They have it completely backwards and think you (the customer) should treat them like the client. They feel, and make it known that they think they are better then you. Outage after outage so we are not renewing our contract in July.

Pros: Good overall platform feature rich.
Cons: Reliability is awful. Outages every month can be expected with no reimbursement from coredial.
Would Recommend: No
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Good set of product offerings and services. Very poor architecture

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

CoreDial is a leading SMB Hosted IP Phones (PBX) provider that offers software, solutions, and services to users. In doing so, the provider is able to meet a wide variety of users’ needs. In regards to software, CoreDial offers Cloud Software that enables users to sell, deliver, manage, and invoice for high quality, feature rich, and cost effective hosted PBX, hosted VoIP, SIP trunking services, unified communications, and related products and services. In addition to software, the provider also offers solutions including Interconnect--which provides complete phone systems for businesses (aka Phone System or PBX VARs)-- Managed Service Provider (MSP) , and Carrier solutions. Also, CoreDial offers several services including Hosted PBX and VoIP, SIP Trunking, Shared SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, and Virtual Auto Attendant and Mobile VoIP. With such a wide variety of offerings at their disposal, the provider offers packages for users. Though the functionality of each package differs, overall each is designed to enable Interconnect, MSP, and Carriers to successfully run and offer services. Packages are refined into three categories: Certified, Premium, and Core. Again each package includes different trappings; however, generally these include Private Label Service, Access to Cloud Software and Network Services, Margins, Sub-Service Providers, Bring Your Own BroadBand/IP (optional), and an upgrade feature. In regards to customer support, CoreDial offers a Support Center (online portal) as well as a list of policies and information directly on their website.

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