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Sangoma offers a variety of services for a number of users including Service Providers, Carriers, Enterprises, SMBs, OEMs, and...
Markham, ON
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VOIP call quality isn never very good compared to a real telephone line, but Digium's is the best of a bad lot. About equal in quality to a 1970's land line.

The downside is that most of the features that our employees want to use, such as being able to change your voicemail message, can't be done on the phone. You have to log onto Digium's website, which requires creating an account, which requires giving them a ridiculously unnecessary amount of personal information. Most of our employees refuse to do it.

Pros: Not as bad as other VOIP serviecs.
Cons: Intrusive website.
Would Recommend: No
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Easy to use as a smartphone, with many similarities, so learning curve is short. I love seeing who has left me a voicemail....caller ID, how long the message was, date of call, how many voicemails.....not just a blinking light like the system I replaced. Another cool feature is that I can make calls thru my cell phone and customers think Im in the office, because the caller ID links to my desk phone.

Pros: ease of use, future proof, adding features, common sense menus.
Cons: never heard of Digium until we got their phones.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Most people think a modern telephone system is a wall cabinet and circuit cards, Digium is software into our existing server. Includes every feature imaginable Call Center, Unified Messaging, Call Record, Call Accounting, and I can press **2 while on my phone and transfer it to my smartphone. And it cost 60% of Mitel and Cisco. Love the full color touch screen D80 phone on my desk with company logo! It's a cool phone and system.

Pros: Touch screen phone, full color display.
Cons: lots to learn with so many features.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Sangoma offers a variety of services for a number of users including Service Providers, Carriers, Enterprises, SMBs, OEMs, and more. The provider fits these and other types of clients with the ability to integrate and interconnect with new devices without having to alter their existing infrastructure. In doing this, there are a number of solutions available. For example, service providers can choose from SIP connectivity, SIP Trunking, SIP Dial Tone/Multi Dwelling Units, Color Ring Back Tone Solution, High Density Call Completion Platforms, and Mobile Value Added Services. Enterprises can choose from Netborder Software for Microsoft Lync, Interactice Intelligence, Elastix, Branch Office Support, Legacy Connectivity fo IP PBXs, Interactive Voice Response, IP PBX Replacement with Lync, and Telephony Support for Office 365. Aside from these there are also other services/solutions available. The provider also offers products, which include Gateways, Telecom Interface Boards, Media Processors, Multiplexers, Contact Center Solutions, and Datacom Interface Boards. Pricing varies on products and services selected. In regards to customer support, the provider offers a variety of resources including training, tutorials, success stories, an online portal, and more.


Sangoma Pricing & Services


Call Center Builder Bundle*


  • Queue Call Back
  • Music On Hold
  • Caller Announcements
  • Web CallBack
  • Enhanced IVR
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Time Conditions
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Automated Outbound Dialing
  • Call Recording Reports
  • Call Monitoring
  • Operator Panel

Cloud IP PBX*

Call Recording Directly from T1/E1*

Fax over IP*


*Contact Sangoma for Pricing

  • Manage Recipients
    Manage Recipients
  • Add Reminder
    Add Reminder
  • Overview

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