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Ring Free Communications is a North Carolina based VoIP & Business Phone Systems provider. As such, the company offers...
Hendersonville, NC
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I don't know what has happened since that terrible review in 2018 but I have been a customer since October 2020 and have been very pleased.

I came to Ringfree after having used VoIP since 2008. First with Vocalocity and then when they were bought out by Vonage. My bills kept inching up and I finally started shopping around. Ringfree cut my bill by about 30% rignt out of the gate. So that is nice but one of my biggest frustrations with my previous provider was customer service. I think that is the thing I like the most about Ringfree is the outstanding customer service.

When I have had a call for technical support it has been resolved, via email or telephone by an extremely patient, locally based techie. Then, regardless of how small the problem or question, I get an email at the end of the week making sure all my problems have been resolved. So back to that review from 2018? It was either a troll or the company has really stepped up its game. I highly recommend.

Pros: Customer Service!.
Cons: The dashboard could be more intuitive.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Would never, ever recommend Ringfree Communications. Horrible customer service. Horrible empathy for customers. Really bad experience.

Would Recommend: No
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One of our clients referred us to Ringfree and I was especially drawn to them because at the time they were the only VOIP provider that offered unlimited free call recording for all of their plans (which we use). That plus the included toll free numbers reduced our monthly telephony costs by almost 40%, with an increase in functionality. It took a few days to perfect the QOS, but once that was worked out, we never had to call again. We were cash strapped and David at Ringfree actually helped us find used Polycom phones which further saved us money. All in all, a very warm and high ethic company in a service offering that is typically, in my view, a bit more corporate and flat.

Pros: amazing service, insanely fast support.
Cons: when the internet goes down, phones go down / dashboard a little unintuitive.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Ring Free Communications is a North Carolina based VoIP & Business Phone Systems provider. As such, the company offers users a variety of Hosted VoIP services, features, and plans. The provider breaks down offerings by number of users and features/functions included. Pricing plans include RingSimple ($23.99 month/user), RingPlus ($33.99 month/user), and RingPro ($43.99 month/user). Generally, plans include basic features such as Express Setup, Call Record 30d, Unlimited Calling, and Premium Support. Other features also include CRM Integration, Toll Free Minutes, Number Porting, Toll Free Numbers, Virtual Assistant, Conferences, Company Directory, Follow Me, Paging, Calling Queues, Ring Groups, Caller ID, Voicemail, and much more. Furthermore, as the service is hosted, it also includes Cloud & Virtual PBX, Call Tracking, mobile integrations (iOS, Anrdroid, and Blackberry), Auto Attendant, Dial-by-Name Directories, 24/7 Customer Support & Uptime Monitoring, Easy Web Management, and Free Remote Installation. Aside from service, Ring-Free also offers users hardware such as phones, routers, headsets, and smartphone apps, too.


Ring Free Pricing and Services


Hosted VoIP phone systems for businesses*


  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling
  • National and International Telephone Numbers
  • International Calling at per-minute Rates
  • Call Recording
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Call Queues
  • Follow Me
  • Call Reporting
  • Conference Room Extensions
  • Advanced Voicemail Options
  • User Panel


  • Yealink T48G
  • Yealink T46G
  • Yealink T42G
  • Yealink W52P

* Contact Ring Free for Current Pricing

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