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Improcom began in 1996, and offers global services to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. They offer SIP Trunking,  Hosted...
Brooklyn, NY
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Very good and reliable provider, who we are with since 2004. Always improving and updating its services to keep up with changing trends in communication.

Would Recommend: Yes
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I manage two companies who are Improcom's clients. The first company became Improcom's client in 2002, 11 years ago, and the second company in 2005, 8 years ago. Improcom provides a reliable service, we always get support from them when needed. Most of the time the problem is not with Improcom's service, but with our internet provider- optimum on line. If you have good internet, you will not even need Improcom's service- never had any problem that had to be fixed, except after a Hurricane Sandy, when service was interrupted for 2 days, their call location was under the water. But they were one of the first who returned their service to the customers, even before Verizon did. If I have a question about using a phone or managing website, just email Support and an instant answer is back to you within a few minutes. I am very happy with IMPROCOM, even though other companies with discounts on price approached us during these 11 years.

Pros: None.
Cons: depend on internet service.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Improcom's customer support has done a good job answering all my questions with the Voip system transition, making the switch a bit smoother. Did run into setup issues, which they also helped me resolve.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Our phone system is synonymous to life support for our multispecialty surgical center. Improcom's team was quick to educate and tailor a systm to our work flow requirements. No gimmicks here. Fast customer service.

Pros: Highly experienced team. Tailored system calling structure to our business operations.
Cons: Not the cheapest prices out there.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Improcom is one of the most specialized providers I have dealt with. Very skilled customer service. Quick and responsive when it comes to unexpected, which are immediately resolved. Shipping and Installation was quick and free.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Very fast installation. They installed the phones on next day after I sighed up. Incredibly prompt support - you shouldn't wait for 10-15 minutes on hold as usual. Must have good internet to use this carrier, however (same for other voip carriers). You should have cable or fiber internet. Very feature wise phones. So far, so good.

Pros: Fast support, great quality.
Cons: must have good internet.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I have used Improcom for my business for 4 years and have been extremely happy with it. If I ever needed any voicemail passwords reset, it was done momentarily, and I need resets quite often. Staff is very friendly.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Delivered the phones ahead of schedule, the quality of their service is good, I have all the features I need and want.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Improcom began in 1996, and offers global services to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. They offer SIP Trunking,  Hosted PBX and IP PBX with Unified Communications solutions. Based in Brooklyn, NY, their Cisco Certified and Trained Engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year which is never outsourced. You actually get a dedicated tech assigned to your account. All their hardware is stored in the North Easts largest data centers and operates off of multiple Class 5 soft switches.


Improcom Pricing and Services


Plans start at $19.95/mo for Hosted PBX, which includes caller ID, call on hold, call screening, directory look-up, and pick-up. Improcom also offers IP-PBX and Unified Communication unlimited at $29.95/mo. They also offer have a $24.95 unlimited calling SIP Trunking solution which has termination to Tier 1 carriers.

Most Popular Plan: Hosted IP-PBX-Unlimited Business Calling Plan
Improcom offers two business solution plans, Hosted IP PBX and Hosted IP PBX and Unified Communications. The Hosted IP PBX is typically the more popular option as it is both the cheaper and simpler solution. Under this plan, Improcom provides businesses with phone system features and functionality with limited hardware purchase. Additionally, Hosted IP-PBX service expands each user’s geographical reach and provides calling throughout the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico with no extra cost for either regional or long distance calling.

Aside from this, Hosted IP-PBX offers customers some benefits including:
- No maintenance from customer side
- It’s not location bound, which means it can be dispersed worldwide
- Scalable for small businesses with 10 employees to large business with 100 users
- Customizable to fit each user’s business model
- Flexible to meet your seasonal activities
- No busy signal or busy line at all, ever
- Cost effective and feature rich
- Dedicated in-house support staff 24/7/365

As it is mentioned above, Improcom’s service comes chock full with features including: Abbreviated Dial, Anonymous Call Rejection, Auto-Attendants, Caller ID Name, Call Waiting, Call On Hold, Call Transfer, Call Park, Call Jump, Call Forward, Call Screening, Call Duration Display, Caller ID Display, Caller ID Block, Call Log, Click-to-Dial, Conference Bridge, Customized Ring, Directory Look-UP, Do-Not-Disturb, e-Fax, Follow Me/Find Me, Intercom, Group Pick-Up, Music or Message on Hold, Music on Hold, Multiple Appearance, Multiple Voice Mailboxes, Night Service, On-Hook Dialing, Paging, Password Protection, Paging, PC Integration, Priority Ring, Remote Phone, Reassign Your Phone, Speed Dial, Selective Call Forwarding, Selective Call Block, Time and Date Display, The Hunt Groups, Voice Mail, Voice Mail Notification, Voice Mail Distribution List, Virtual Ring, Web Portal, and 3-Way Conference.

In terms of options, there are a number of plans (varying in price) that allot different features and minutes. The most popular is typically the Unlimited Business Calling Plan, which allows unlimited calling to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico with no additional charges. International calls are subject to pricing, which is relative to the location.

While the above features come standard with the hosted solution, there are also add-on features available; however, they are subject to additional monthly charges relative to the service. Some of the add-on features available are: Additional Voicemail Box, Advanced Automated Attendant, Conference bridge, Desktop Operator Console, e-Fax, International Phone Number, Professional Recording for
Messages on Hold, Toll Free Number, v-Fax, and Virtual Number.

While there are a number of pricing options available for the Hosted IP PBX service, the Unlimited Business Plan typically offers the highest cost efficiency. The Unlimited Business Plan offers users unlimited calling to US, Canada, and PR for $29.95 per month.

Improcom are certified by a number of reputable partners and organizations including:
- Cisco Partner Premier Certified
- Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Member
- Preferred Business VoIP Provider
- BBB Accredited Business
- Broadsoft Partner
- CounterPath Partner

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