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As a leading hosted VoIP provider since 1999, Fusion, formerly Pingtone services, various organizations across multiple industries including energy,...
Herndon, VA
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Stay FAR AWAY from this company. My client has been with Fusion since they were Birch and even before that. Under Birch, things were okay. Since Fusion took over, they refuse to provide support, they have drastically increased their rates for the same service, etc etc. They are surely going to extract as much money out of the existing user base until they crash and burn.


Would Recommend: No
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Jerry P.'s review for Fusion

RUN...RUN AWAY FAST.......Birch was fine until Fusion bought them out. We had used Birch for 6 years . Fusion claims it has a Contract Termination Fee- $835.37 that renews every year without ANY input from the customer. I was told that there may have been an old 1 year only contract with Birch from many years ago that they were trying to enforce as current. Many angry calls and threats of action from my lawyer finally got my business away from these leaches. Spectrum offered me the same service for around half the cost without any contract.

Pros: none.
Cons: Everything.
Would Recommend: No
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I was notified by your company on May 2, 2022 regarding an alleged debt that you believe we owe. I do not owe this debt because we were no longer under contract with your company for the voice portion of our arrangement. Upon our cancellation of your services we were charged a cancellation fee even though we were on a month to month arrangement. We were still under contract for our Data services through July 2022 and that cancellation fee has already been paid to you. If you review the notes on our account you will see many interactions recorded in both 2020 and 2021 of me talking to Cindy, Mary and Janet (all at different times) asking the proper cancellation procedures and timing. I was given a small window of time to contact you to cancel the auto renew. I contacted you within that small window successfully being placed on a month to month arrangement for our voice services. On the day we cancelled all services with you (in February 2022) I spoke with Cindy because the cancellation department was stating that we were going to owe a voice cancellation fee. Cindy said not to worry about it because I was NOT under contract for our voice services and that if there was a cancellation fee on my final bill to put in a dispute. Well I did that, but they did not look far enough back in our notes and assumed that the voice contract ended in July 2022 along with the Data contract, but this is not accurate, the voice portion was on a month to month at this point.

To make matters worse, I have reached out 3 separate times asking for a fed ex return label and a list of what equipment you would like returned. That department said if I don’t get a label they don’t want anything back. Well I have not received a label yet, and they are charging me for not returning the equipment. Again, I ask that you remove that charge and send me a label and a list of what you would like returned. All of the equipment is sitting on my desk ready to go out.

At this time, I believe our account to be paid in full. The March 2022 final invoice that we received was paid in full less the voice cancellation fee of $7974.91 which would put our account at $0. Please review our account and let me know what to do with the equipment.

It is very disappointing that after 18 years of utilizing your service, first with Covad, then MegaPath and now Fusion that this is the final impression that I am going to remember about your company.

Would Recommend: No
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I'm a business Owner who used to be with Birch until it switched to Fusion. Birch was fine but after it switched to Fusion my rates went from $300 to $600 per month with less service. With Birch I had two voice lines, one fax and 2- T'1's internet. With Fusion I have same except NO fax bc they dont have it. Fusion piles on the taxes, and fees, like FCC fee which they were charging me $117/month until I called my Lawyer who sent them a letter and, although Fusion doesnt admit to that being the reason, they reduced the fee to $34/month which is more like what Ive paid for last 20 years of business. Customer support wants your money and will go lengths to get it. They are rude, and unknowledgable. I could get into details, but trust me. You dont want to use this company.

Pros: Remote Availability.
Cons: Rip offs, Rude, Poor Qual & Support.
Would Recommend: No
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Kelly C.'s review for Fusion

Our small business was with Birch when Fusion bought them. For the most part, it was fine, as long as you didn't have issues. If you had to call for service, you might get a support rep with a "what do you want?" attitude. Very off-putting, and obviously not professional. After several years, and reviewing our finances, we felt we could pay less for the same service which was costing us over $1,000/month. With only 9 employees and only 4 having business emails, we felt a move was necessary. What we did not realize and they did not notify us or our IT staff in any way, is they 'automatically' deleted all of our emails within 10 days of the account closing. It is what we were told 'normal business practice.' We are a small business that has been in business since the late 1940s. We began using our domain name about 6 years ago. All of our emails that are archived on their hosted Outlook Exchange was permanently deleted. All 6 years worth. Us and our IT staff vigorously tried to get information from them so we could do the transfer, and after 2 weeks, and 18 days after they deleted our emails, we were told of what was done. This is horrible experience for us, and we would never recommend this firm to business of any size or individual.

Pros: Easy to move from Birch to Fusion.
Cons: Everything else.
Would Recommend: No
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We used this company for 4 years, it was never great to be honest. The last year has been horrible with our company having difficulty receiving calls using their VOIP system. Whenever we called, they always place the blame elsewhere, but it was always their fault. I tried to cancel today and they told me I was on auto renew which my brother sent in our letter a few months back, but I was just making sure all was good since our doors are closing next month. Cheryl told me I was under contract and I would be forced to pay, well we never received a renewal notice and my brother sent in our letter to discontinue our relationship well before auto renew. Needless to say, I got transferred to a guy name Chris who was just as rude as Cheryl and tried to get me to buy more services from them and then he would let me out of our contract!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! We had taken every correct step, now they are trying to strong arm us and scare us. Never use this company!

Pros: None.
Would Recommend: No
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FUSION is a deplorable and highly unethical company. Issues from the onset with the sales representative making promises which could not be kept by service technicians, this should have been the first clue. One issue after another and not one FUSION representative would take accountability for the issues regarding installation - we kept getting “we don’t handle that in our department - let me transfer you”. Service never worked for the intended purpose; we cancelled the service within 30-days. This company is now charging an early termination fee of over $12,000 to cancel two telephone lines. It’s robbery! Save yourself time, energy and money by using a reputable company that has integrity and values ethical business practices… it’s surly not FUSION.

Pros: Lower cost.
Cons: False Promises.
Would Recommend: No
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Fusion deducted our payment from our bank account on 9/28/2020.THREE TIMES. ($3290.00) Could not get anyone to even pick up phone.I called again and Chose "Past Due Balance -Set up payment arrangement".They said IT was workin on the issue. 10 days later still no $$ DONOT CHOOSE FUSION! Horrible!!

Pros: NONE.
Cons: To many to list.
Would Recommend: No
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DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY!! We signed up with a company called MegaPath over 7 years ago. Fusion purchased MegaPath in mid-2018 and our experience from that point forward has been absolutely horrible. First and foremost, they do not care if you are happy with their service. They know they have you in contract and they charge mind-blowing fees if you're unhappy, can't get satisfaction from them, and try to end your contract early. You would expect early termination fees. What they charge is highway robbery. Any time you request anything it takes weeks to get a response and requires that you follow up 3 or more times demanding an answer to a simple question. Their customer support team is not properly trained and has absolutely no clue how to help with simple things like recording a greeting for an auto attendant or changing a CNAM record. Their customer portal and back-end technology is like navigating Windows 3.1. Every time I logged in I felt like I had gone back in time 30 years. Just something as simple as changing a forwarding number or find me follow me setting and you'll find you've blown 30 minutes or more trying to navigate their very outdated and convoluted portal technology. They auto-renew your contract if you don't pro-actively sign a new one. They'll offer you the "incentive" of not raising your price by some huge amount of money if you agree to sign a new contract but only if you sign for multiple years. They find other ways to slip in all sorts of extra fees. We tried to get help with a small issue with one of our phones. The phone was working when we called them. By the time they were finished "helping", the phone didn't work at all and then they wanted us to pay for a replacement. I tried to be fair in rating the reliability of the actual VoIP service. Call quality was typically good and down time was minimal. Even so, go elsewhere for your VoIP service. You can get reliable high-quality service from better companies. This company is awful.

Pros: None.
Cons: Price, contract, customer service, technology.
Would Recommend: No
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Let me start by saying I've used this service for 7+ years!! Do yourself a big favor and stay away from this company!! I do paperless billing therefor I do not review the bill vary often or ever. I signed a 3 year contract to start thinking once done I would go to month to month. NOT, It will auto renew once contract period is over.. Didn't find this out until I was ready to change from them!! Then, I had my cell phone ported to Verizon August 2018 today i discover FUSION continued to bill for the cell service AFTER the number was ported to Verizon...So they have been billing me $103 per month for a service they knew was moved $2400 to stole from me!!!! Now they are telling me they will only refund me up to 3 months $309 possible refund , WHAT?? Again STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

As a leading hosted VoIP provider since 1999, Fusion, formerly Pingtone services, various organizations across multiple industries including energy, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, associations, professional services, technology, emergency response, and national defense. With this, the provider offers voice, video and unified communication services along an impenetrable network. Additionally, SIP trunking, IP faxing, call recording, reception attendant, and various other service features are offered. Along with quality and services, Fusion works with leading technology innovators—such as Cisco, Broadsoft, and Polycom; therefore, further establishing a high standard of excellence. Aside from quality, the provider implores various customer service method with their brand of customer care—which includes administrative online portal, various training, resource pages, and phone and email support. Fusion also includes a variety of informative resources including white papers, case studies, user guides, video library, a list of supported phone types, and a full list of phone systems’ features.


Fusion Pricing and Services


Cloud Communications

  • Fusion360
  • MobileConnect
  • Contact360
  • Business Productivity Solutions
  • FusionWorks
  • FusionSIP
  • Fusion Essentials

Cloud Connectivity

  • Internet Access
  • MPLS
  • Automatic Failover
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Fusion SD-WAN
  • Private Networks

Cloud Computing

  • Private/Hybrid Cloud
  • Backup and recovery
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Security
  • Colocation

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