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Freshdesk Messaging is the modern messaging solution that delivers effortless customer service for the digital-first customer by bringing together...
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Anaya S.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

This software is really very useful and easy to use because it provides an interface that can be customized to carry out a much more direct and comfortable chat with the client, also while doing some other task we will not be interrupted and the best is It provides a very good customer service so any questions are answered instantly.

Pros: It offers the user a very clean and accurate experience, the interface is very attractive and provides very good features for communication with our customers.
Cons: Some features are still limited but nevertheless always kept up to date so you still have a lot to give.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Ailin G.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

It is a versatile and flexible tool that adapts to any small, medium or large company; for any field that is needed. Work in real time, improve customer service obtaining better results in the quality of the product offered. I recommend it to find better solutions with an effective messaging system.

In a great way we cover a large number of customer reports, quickly and in real time we attend to any problem that may arise to find the best possible help. Being able to be closer to each of our customers, improve our response time and find quick solutions are three of the great advantages we have obtained from the software.

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: In general, it is a really good tool, which complies with each of the characteristics presented. The instant messages in real time that I can exchange with clients and colleagues are totally effective, and with this great option of the bots chats, which collect general information of the clients in case of needing help, it has become very easy to answer when we connect to messaging, in this way we extend our customer service system to something much more diversified and wide where we cover much more field than before using Freshchat.
Cons: Personally I would like to be able to personalize with different tags or categories in the chat and also have better options to adapt answers to frequently asked questions that customers have. Constantly updates are presented so that as time goes by Freshchat is more accommodated to my needs.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Jonathan L.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

Mixed feelings. It is currently a frusrating tool with a lot of limitations for us. But they've acted on some of my feedback, and seem genuinely interested in improving, so that's a plus. Give it a try as it might fit exactly what your team is looking for, but at this point I would call it a rough tool that needs a lot of polishing.

We were looking for a live chat tool. This has solved that business problem to an extent.

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: It does offer a decent experience on the customer side (as far as interface). If you are using it in the specific way that Freshworks intends for it to be used (in other words, using the specific workflow they want, I assume something like the workflow they use internally) then it probably works fine.
Cons: I spent most of my first week talking to their support team trying to find options, trying to fix bugs, and asking questions that weren't answered anywhere in the documentation (such as it is). Most of the replies were 'we don't support that' or 'sorry, you should actually follow this workflow instead'. Why remove simple options that were available in the old version? A new version should be more customizable, especially when they redesigned it to be a fuller experience (I thought), it shouldn't be less customizable and restrictive. And of the 4-5 requests I've made for features to be adjusted, I've only 1 time heard 'I'll pass that on to our team'. Every other request? I was told we should change our processes and workflows to match Freshchat's intended flow. The Freshdesk integration is weak, and if you choose to send chats to tickets then your ticket reporting will be messed up.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Pedro H. K. S.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

If you really want to get in touch and aggregate value to your customers, Freshchat is the right tool for you.

Freshchat for sure is going to change the way you chat with your customers and they'll definitely going to love the simplicity of getting help.

The simplicity of Freshchat and the ability to break barriers when supporting a customer is the main reason why we'll keep using this amazing tool. Customers are in love with Freshchat since the beginning as they are supported really fast on a casual and simple way they are already using on their daily life on other private messaging softwares.

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: Simplicity and Design are two of the most life-changing features of Freshchat. The possibility to add Freshchat on your website and on a blink of an eye start supporting your precious customers.
Cons: Some issues, I believe Freshchat team is already fixing... In some cases customers won't receive supporters chat, and this can be a con for a while. But the tool keeps being an amazing idea, changing the way you interact with your customers..
Would Recommend: Yes
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Jos K.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

Just try it. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

With 4 people on support we're not a huge part of the company but we handle hundreds of tickets.

Freshchat (and Freshdesk) have replaced 3 other programs that were taking way too much of our time.

The FAQ and knowledgebase have consistenly lowered incoming calls.

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: I love how easy it is to use. We haven't had a chat for our customers before and we've had 0 problems getting started. The FAQ is a wonderful addition to our supporttools that will help lower pressure on our helpdesk. The monitoring pages are great. I can see up to date information of my team's performance whenever I want. We're still experimenting with the canned messages and campaigns, but it looks very promising.
Cons: I would like some more customization options for the FAQ and chat. Screen size, tags, more categories etc. The bot could be better, but it seems new stuff is being released every month, so perhaps we'll see that in the near future.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Freshchat makes a great addition to your help desk allowing you to interact with your customers in real time.

We use Freshchat to work with customers to answer questions about setup and configuration of their system. Support agents can send a link to documentation for the customer to reference while helping them with specific issues they are having. Being able to interact with the customer in real time is much more efficient and resolves the customers faster than email reply's

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: Freshchat has a Simple interface and is easy to setup. Freshchat integrates well with Freshdesk to create tickets that contains the chat session information. Freshchat allows us to interact with our customers to resolve support issues and communicate training information. Freshchat allows us to send links to documents that the customer needs to reference from our knowledge base instantly.
Cons: Some of the features are out of our price range. It would be nice to be able to add individual features to a basic subscription. A basic price with an a'la cart addition of the desired features would be great. I would like to be able to have agents set their availability inside the help desk screen so if they are working with a customer they will not be disturbed.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Dave K.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

The Freshchat team are incredibly responsive with setup questions both at the start and ongoing. You can be sure that they will help you to reach your goal even if you're simply failing to find the settings that you need.

Freshchat is integrated nicely with Freshdesk. The primary problem that it solves for us is providing an instant communication method for customers who have urgent requests, while keeping their conversations synced with the main support desk so we never lose a topic.

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: Chats are fully visible to other agents. Agents can view other chats and leave private or public messages. This makes it very easy to collaborate in the background, step in where needed or use chats as studies for the team. As a manager it's very useful for keeping an eye on chats that might have been missed by the agent.
Cons: Asynchronous messaging is really cool, but still confuses some visitors. Despite careful tweaking of the offline messages, some visitors still explode because they think they are being ignored when all agents are asleep. I would like to see an option to make business hours more explicit.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Vignesh V. R.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

If you are using a chat tool for the first time and considering FreshChat, It's better the scope of requirements are understood first. The jump in features is quite extensive as you move through plans and their pricing. Knowing the scope lets you understand what can be compromised and what can't.

Given the right kind of text in the right campaign, I understood customers were more comfortable in dropping contact information within FreshChat than going through an obligatory sign-up route. Using FreshChat increased my in-bound leads by a good margin.

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: Ease of set-up is what I love the most. Not being a tech person, a lot of tools tend to get very intimidating when it comes to setting things up. FreshChat simplified a lot of other things for me moving forward from setting up as well.
Cons: I faced certain situations where delivery of my chat messages were being disrupted due to add-ons to my browser.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Kennedy N.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

Retain some of the features that existed in hotline, like the ability to schedule future notifications. I also feel like you are developing for yourselves rather than asking customers what they need. I feel that 60% of the features on Freshchat are not applicable to my business yet I pay for them.

Customer communication and issue resolution. Our users are better able to communicate with us on problems they are having and we are quickly able to respond to them.

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: Simplicity and constant introduction of new features. I also like the ability to forward a reply to a users email if that user has not viewed the reply in a specific time period.
Cons: Lack of important modern features like bots. I also dislike the fact that they removed the ability to schedule a future notification targeted to some users. This was very helpful when reminding users to upgrade to the latest app. I also dislike that the only users it captures are those who contact us and not all the users who have downloaded my app.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Joshua R.'s review for Freshdesk Messaging

Look at the dev documentation, determine if you can do the necessary legwork yourself to integrate their simple tools with more complex sites.

Consider the paradigm you're stepping into, Intercom and Freshchat both use a "Messaging, not chat" approach that emphasizes the ability to initiate conversations, share conversations among agents, and track or interrogate user activity on your site in order to target them. As a support tool these features are excellent for helping users on a webapp, they may be nigh useless on a site selling a physical product, if their marketing goals don't serve you.

Finally, consider FreshDesk or FreshSales. A great amount of the value here is that FreshChat can link it's communications into the sibling products from Freshworks and create a picture of the user in multiple departments. If you're committed to other products for those niches, make sure the integration for those will be similarly robust.

Freshchat provides a rich interface for interacting with users and has the potential to let us reach out proactively.

Importantly for our original use case, Freshchat empowers us to gather client side information about our webapp without requiring us to coach out technically uninformed users through the process of extracting it themselves. We've already saved time by allowing techs to coach sales employees through an issue and the ability to simply convert chats to tickets saves us lots of time hashing out what the user said to the chat agent.

Channels promise to allow us to integrate multiple spheres of control, allowing specialization in our chat teams

Via G2Crowd with permission from Freshchat

Pros: I love that Freshchat is embracing a broader chat solution. Instead of simply offering a window with which to exchange text, Freshchat provides a rich experience with linkable FAQs, images(including GIFs) and a decent array of integrations. I really love the fact that Freshchat has the ability to integrate with my website, allowing logged in users to open a chat window and communicate using their identity from our site. This saves on repeat questions, avoids misinformation when users share accounts and supply their personal email instead of the credentials they're logged in with, and it helps us retrieve valuable information quickly. The Events API allows our site to submit data to the chat tool so that when a user reaches out to us we can see their activity on the site and the Smartplugs feature allows us to query our own api for more information right from the chat interface. The shared chat interface is great, it allows techs to shadow other users and help them answer questions, teaching the agent as well as helping customers. FAQ support within the chat widget makes information available to the users right at the point of contact. Ticket creation in Freshdesk allows sales folks to create IT tickets in seconds, losing no context and costing them no additional effort.
Cons: First and foremost the developer documentation is a hot mess. There's only documentation for raw JS integration, which means anyone using a framework is guaranteed to experience headaches trying to wrap the necessary calls and get them to play nice with more complex arrangements. Instead of pasting a few JS scripts into the various pages on my site, I had to wrap it in a service and I'm still playing around trying to get it to handle the login correctly. Second, because the documentation doesn't deal with frameworks and the like, crucial behaviors like the necessary steps for clearing a user, the purpose of certain components of the scripts provided and the classes needed to hide the widget on print are all missing or described minimally. As of the writing of this review, the entire developer documentation is a single long-scroll page with about 10 subheadings. The robust features on offer require a significant time investment in order to perform dynamically as intended. Admittedly Freshchat is a young product, and the service is great about helping me work stuff out, but having to deduce what my code is doing is not ideal. Notifications in the app are not loud enough and they're somewhat flaky. Agents don't get notified if they're on another virtual desktop/workspace, they don't always hear them when they're on another browser tab. These are probably simply quality of life improvements but they stress our agents when they cause customers to get dead air.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Freshdesk Messaging is the modern messaging solution that delivers effortless customer service for the digital-first customer by bringing together artificial and human intelligence across messaging channels.

With the world moving towards contactless service, customers expect on-demand, personalized support on familiar channels that are easily accessible. 

This is where businesses use Freshdesk Messaging's powerful messaging platform to service their customers on various digital channels using a blend of automation and human assistance. 

Freshdesk Messaging offers: 

- Unified inbox experience to manage conversations across digital channels - Best-in-class AI chatbots that focus on intent and engagement 

- Proactive messaging using hyper-targeted rich media campaigns - Intelligent load balancing and auto-routing capabilities 

- Seamless integrations via a rapidly growing app marketplace and custom APIs - Highly resilient architecture built on AWS and certified with industry compliances

Languages supported: 

Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Central Khmer, Korean, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified)

Benefits and Features:

  • Smarter Conversations: Available across first and third party messaging platforms including web, mobile, in-app, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger and more 
  • Smarter Self-service: Deploy AI-powered chatbots in the front lines to guide customers to resolve their queries - from informational to transactional
  • Smarter Operations: Reduce the cost of providing support by switching to messaging and scale customer service without linearly scaling team size

Freshchat Pricing and Services:


  • Free
  •  Chatbots
  •  Chatbot Analytics
  •  Inbox Views 
  •  Topics 
  •  Groups
  •  Conversation Labels
  •  Bulk Actions 
  •  User Properties
  •  Mobile SDK
  •  Wordpress
  •  Freshdesk integration
  •  Shopify
  •  10K MUV/account


  • $15/user/month billed yearly
  • 2000 free bot
  • Everything in FREE plus...
  •  Assignment Rules 
  •  Priority Inbox
  •  Canned Responses
  •  Private Notes
  •  User Events & Timeline
  •  User Segmentation
  •  Business Hours (Global) 
  •  Offline experience 
  •  Basic Dashboard 
  •  FAQs
  •  Conversations Overview Report
  •  Facebook Messenger
  •  Files 
  •  Marketplace (App Store) 
  •  100K MUV/agent


  • $39/user/month, billed yearly
  • 3000 free bot sessions/mo.
  • Everything in GROWTH plus...
  •  WhatsApp Business
  •  Apple Business Chat
  •  Auto-resolve
  •  IntelliAssign 
  •  Business Hours (by Groups) 
  •  Co-Browsing 
  •  Live Translate 
  •  Advanced Dashboard 
  •  Advanced Automations  POPULAR
  •  Team Performance Report
  •  Agent Availability Report 
  •  Roles and Permissions
  •  CSAT Survey and Report
  •  Roles and Permissions
  •  Conversation APIs
  •  300K MUV/agent


  • $69/user/month, billed yearly
  • 5000 free bot
  • Everything in PRO plus...
  • Allowed IPs
  •  Allowed Domains
  •  User Authentication(JWT)
  •  400K MUV/agent

Editor’s Bottom Line

The latest evolution in sales is integrating AI-based chat bots with human sales agents. Freshdesk Messaging is able to take information from the customer and add that information into the CRM database. The agents are able to take information about the customer from a range of sources and use that to more effectively close sales. The Chatbot also works facing the sales team by sending customers reminder messages with parameters set by the agents.  

Freshdesk Messaging helps businesses and its teams focus on a continuous and context-driven messaging experience. TheFreshdesk Messaging app, which works on both iOS and Android, allows agents to interact directly with visitors to the web site on the agents’ phones. The app is streamlined with canned responses, images, and FAQ.

In 2019,Freshdesk Messaging added three key features: CoBrowsing, Facebook Messenger integration, and OmniChat Chrome Browser extension. With these additional features, agents have three major tools to guide potential customers through the sales funnel and close more sales.

  • Bots
  • Settings
  • Conversations

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