“DYL,” or Dial Your Leads, is an integrated phone and CRM system. By bringing these two systems together, sales...
Marina Del Rey, CA
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Jonathan R.'s review for DYL

DYL Service was worth the $45 a seat I was paying, but our agency needed more integration and Automatic Intelligence (AI) behind our sales and service team. We were doing well with ROI and this product until unlimited text messaging was no longer unlimited. DYL gave no notice, but stopped us from texting prospects and clients, asking for more money. We are currently piloting another system with more AI services at $115 a seat instead of DYL price of $45 a seat. So far DYL isn’t worth the $45 a seat. Shop your CRM carefully

Pros: Price are fair for the limited services and technology ay at $45 a seat. Now others are paying $115 a seat way too much.
Cons: Servers go down frequently, Technology is old and out of date. Nickel and diming of fee’s was too much.
Would Recommend: No
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Stan V.'s review for DYL

Initially, I was excited to try the product. But they promised more than they could deliver.

Service outages are constant. As an agent, if you don't have phone service you're dead in the water. it takes a week sometimes two to get a customer representative to call you back about an issue. They don't integrate with any of the CRM's they advertise they do. Constantly promising to deliver more features in the future. No custom fields. Even your trainer will not return your calls leaving you on your own to learn a system that winds up being too few features and too much hassle.

Pros: Works with many phones.
Cons: service outages, priced too high, few features, no integrations, no custom fields.
Would Recommend: No
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CJ has become my best friend during the transition and has been beyond patient with me as I am not tech savvy!!! Her customer service attitude and personality are beyond amazing and wonderful. There should be more people like CJ in the customer service world! Thank you for all you have done for me and for all you may have to do in the future lol... God bless you sweet girl and thank you again for all your help! You are precious :)

Would Recommend: Yes
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As an Agent, we tried this as a piolet program with Farmers. I was told it was a need to have because we can use for text and listen in for monitored calls and for training. I didnt get it set up for a couple of months. Had to designate a phone line for my marketing producer which was not easy. So finally we got it started and we had one of our producers using it and then we couldnt use it because we uploaded our contacts to their program and then it didnt show the phone # so it wouldnt call the clients. So I told them I couldnt use this service. I had a salesman advising let me see what we can do and upgrade you to another package and he would call me back. He called me back several times just to follow up and let me know he is trying to see what they can do for our agents. Nothing resolved the whole time they are just charging me and they were aware this was not working for me and then they kept charging me. I am thinking they stopped the service they didnt charge me for a few months and than BAM 495 in one month. I called and started talking to them again about a resolution and giving me credit back and they have charged me for the last few months while they decided on what they were going to do. And today they decided after taking out of my folio again in Jan they were not going to reimburse me for all these months that I have not been able to use their services. I have lost more than 1000 in this product and cant even use it and they want to upgrade me from $91 to a higher amount. This is a joke there are better companies out there for this service. If it was a reputable company they wouldnt mind giving me credit back. I WANT MY SERVICES CANCELLED. Milking small business owners. Farmers has dropped them as a vendor due to service and other issues.

Would Recommend: No
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Daniel G.'s review for DYL

We left another VOIP provider and are happy we made the switch! It was easy to deal with the sales team, setting up our numbers, installing our new phones and getting the system up and running. Our office staff have been able to transition to the new system seamlessly and enjoys the ease of use.

Would Recommend: Yes
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DYL has been a huge benefit to our agency. We couldn't image going back to our old provider. Having the option to text from the office phone is a huge plus because it allows us to connect with those busy individuals who cant talk on the phone or done prefer email. Also the phone call being recorded have saved our butts countless of times. Wish we would have made the switch sooner. On the flip side the DYL app is not 100% reliable and that does tend to be quite frustrating because It makes it complicated to manage our phones when were away from the office. Overall there are some areas of improvement but we are still happy with the service

Pros: Recorded Phone Calls.
Cons: DYL app is not reliable.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Our agency uses DYL and it works wonders for us! We have been using this service since we opened in May of 2017. It is very convenient and is great when we need to go back and listen to a call. The only issue we have had with DYL is when our internet is down, but that is obviously not their fault.

Pros: Keeps our agency organized.
Cons: none.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We had an extremely busy Monday and our systems were completely offline. Long story short- Kevin Elliot went above and beyond with assisting myself and staff. In unexpected chaos Kevin dealt with a lot of impatience yet was willing to stand by our side. Come to find out the issue was not even a DYL malfunction but had to do with our internet provider. From the very beginning Kevin said that was the issue. Knowledge outstanding. Willingness to assist even though the problem didn't have anything to do with him- unprecedented. Thanks Kevin

Would Recommend: Yes
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DYL has allowed our office to effectively communicate with not only our current customers but with future new business we plan to write. DYL is an important aspect to our agencies day-to-day activities and without it, we would not be nearly as effective in reaching and servicing our book on a daily basis.

Would Recommend: Yes
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We LOVE DYL! It has streamlined our day to day operations and opened up more time for us to do what we came to do, SELL!

We utilize the Campaign Feature daily. Uploading our lead lists and having them automatically called has shaved hours a week off of my producers "dial time". They are now able to call on average 30 more contacts on any given day as they no longer have to manually dial the numbers which has truly allowed them to hit their goal of 80 contact calls per day.

The Calendar Scheduling Feature is another one we use constantly. Setting appointments that automatically call the customer at the time they are expecting has promoted that we are an agency of our word and we will call you back when we say we will. Our Customer Retention Rate has gone up 7 percent since switching to DYL as it manages my customer review schedule as well as my sales follow ups.

DYL has truly empowered my staff and I to be able to be more efficient, punctual with follow-up, and generally happier while in the office. I feel that DYL's impact on my business is truly immeasurable and it has become an irreplaceable part of it. Top notch work and I cannot thank you enough for the boost your product has given my business.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

“DYL,” or Dial Your Leads, is an integrated phone and CRM system. By bringing these two systems together, sales agents will be able to contact more leads quicker, while automatically logging the information about the lead. The system sets up reminders to follow up with business calls, so no one falls through the cracks. Founded in 2009, DYL's headquarters are in Marina Del Ray, California.


DYL Pricing and Services


Most Popular Plan:
- Customized Ringbacks
- Customized hold music
- Unlimited ring groups
- Unlimited call queues
- Track and record every call
- Save call recordings offline
- Paperless fax, inbound and outbound
- Voicemail-to-email
- Unlimited voicemail boxes
- Auto-attendant
- Discounts on VoIP phones

Highlighted Features
- Enterprise call features
- Integrated CRM and call center system
- HD Voice
- Automated system takes the guesswork out of lead follow-through
- Detailed call tracking
- Dial without pressing buttons
- Manual includes list of states with “2-party” recording laws
- Syncs with Google
- Easily create campaigns
- Unlimited US calling
- Toll free numbers available
- Call breakdown (review)

All Available Plans:
VoiceConnect: “A full‐featured cloud phone system tightly integrated with all of our other tools.”
- Customized ringbacks
- Customized hold music
- Unlimited ring groups
- Unlimited call queues
- Track and record every call
- Save call recordings offline
- Paperless fax, inbound and outbound
- Voicemail-to-email
- Unlimited voicemail boxes
- Auto-attendant
- Discounts on VoIP phones

ContactConnect“A full service communications system that includes a CRM, email drip, SMS, and more.”
- Schedules follow up calls and emails
- Call back sequence, schedule up to seven automatic calls back
- Creates hotlist of high-priority contacts
- Online calendar
- Reminder calls for every appointment
- Follow up SMS text sent after phone call.
- Message notification
- Automated emails
- Click-to-call widget
- Drip sequence
- Dynamic folders
- Lead has subscribe/unsubscribe options

CampaignConnect“An ultra‐fast campaign dialer so you can reach more leads, faster”
Autodialer saves time every phone call
- Call recording
- Many agents may dial from one list
TCPA (Do Not Call Registry) compliant
- Create lead database from any Excel or CSV file
- Upload leads already in your account
- Unlimited custom fields in database
- Expected call rate of 100 calls/hour for every rep
- Make new calls without hanging up the phone
- Track and record every call
- Save call recordings offline
- Calls can be assigned to individual users
- Each agent gets their own DYL account

LeadConnect: “Be first in line and connect instantly with the right internet leads, at the right time.”
- Lead fills out online form indicating they want to be contacted, call connects in real time (under 3 seconds)
- Faster dialing
- Connect with leads at opportune moments

Customer Support Options:
Open Monday-Friday 6:30am PT - 5pm PT. Closed on weekends, but available after hours for emergencies: Call (888) 310-4474 for either sales or support

Best For:
Businesses where mere seconds can mean the difference between making the sale or losing it to a competitor.


Bottom Line for DYL

There's an old saying in business that if you don't shake your customer's hand within five minutes of him walking through the door, your competition will. That's an old saying, and by now, that five minutes has been squeezed to just five seconds. DYL ups the ante on timely response by letting its agents connect to leads in real time.

When a potential customer fills out a form, sends an email, or otherwise indicates that he wants to be contacted, that information goes to an available agent, and the phone will ring immediately. There is no chance of the lead getting buried in a mountain of email. DYL has a number of systems in place to make sure the agent persistently follows up on the lead until the connection is made. Even if the agent doesn't reach the lead right away, the DYL sets up automated reminders to the agent at regular (but not annoying) intervals. DYL gives agents tools for success that weren't available just a few years ago.

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