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One of the many “local VoIP providers,” Plano, TX-based Cytracom offers voice and data plans, and enhanced hosted PBX...
Dallas, Texas
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Absolutely the best service bar-none!

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Provider Overview

One of the many “local VoIP providers,” Plano, TX-based Cytracom offers voice and data plans, and enhanced hosted PBX. Founded in 2008, Cytracom partnered with CoreXchange in 2011 in order to build an infrastructure of a fault-tolerant, VoIP-specific network with remote redundancies and on-site power backups for 24/7 reliability.


Cytracom Pricing and Services


Most Popular Plan: Individual Quotes - Cytracom offers IP solutions for voice and data with enhanced Hosted PBX, web conferencing, and IP phone hardware. Unlike most other providers, Cytracom offers an all inclusive service plan that’s pricing is reflective of the amount of intended users, and amount of lines needed. The provider offers unlimited local and long distance calling on any extension, phone number extension, and an easy to use web interface. Along with this, Cytracom offers 150 standard, enterprise level VoIP features.

In addition to those features, Cytracom also includes Automatic Call Distribution, Call Queue, Attended/Unattended Transfer, Disable Outbound Calling, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Call Conferencing, Call Blocking, Privacy Screening, and Royalty Free On Hold Music.

Aside from features, Cytracom offers support 24/7, 365 days a year via their 877 phone number, online resources and video tutorials, and on-site support available from local partners.

Pricing: Cytracom does not offer a wide variety of plans. Instead, they offer on inclusive plan that’s pricing is determined by the amount of intended users and the number of extensions needed. This allows for optimum individualization of service.

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