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Since its inception in 2002, CallTower has become a leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class Unified Communications solutions for growing...
South Jordan, UT
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I canceled service with cause consistent with the contracted terms, including a notice to cure period. This was after multiple instances where our company phone lines were down for 24+ hours without explanation or assistance. Service requests regularly went un-responded to. After I canceled they continued to pull funds for several months. They To top it all of, they've attempted to charge me an outrageous cancellation fee even after acknowledging that my notice to cure and termination was in fact received. No one responds other than to say they're looking into it.

Pros: None.
Cons: Unreliable Service, Ineffective Support, Unaouthorized Billings.
Would Recommend: No
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Bill S.'s review for CallTower

I've been reselling for Calltower/Appia even before the merger. The trunks are very reliable, and there's only been a few hickups due to the ISP's being at fault. I manage over a dozen businesses that have Calltower as their provider.

I am using just basic SIP trunking, and I handle all the PBX operations on my side.

Pricing is very good on what is delivered for the cost. I fortunately have some good reps I can deal with to get things going.

A few customers have had billing issues, such as 2 trunks that needed to be invoiced to one owner was messed up for a few months, and a trunk that needed to transfer ownership proved a huge challenge.

Once it's set up and rolling correctly, Outages and service interruption are pretty darn rare. Getting things rolling can be a bit of an adventure, HOWEVER, the tech team always speaks English, and I don't have to deep dive into proving that I represent the customers before we can get something done.

Tech team gets an A-
Billing Team gets a C.

Pros: Very Reliable Operations.
Cons: Billing can be scatterbrained.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We are a small company and used Appia, then calltower for over 10 years. We were very satisfied when it was Appia but then after the take over we had service issues abit infrequent. When our new owner moved us to their system the irritation started. We cancelled but they kept billing my credit card and for two months no response to my calls or emails. Finally a nice rep called me and said he'd get it fixed and did, I think, but it took two more months plus no email explaining the credits. I just let it go as amounts were small. Good luck with your service.

Pros: The product worked well.
Cons: Trying to cancel, a nightmare.
Would Recommend: No
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Rajiv T.'s review for CallTower

Calltower is becoming the go to Carrier for mid-large Not-For-Profits in the D.C. Metro. I love dealing with them. Not perfect, but the support damn near is. I give them 5 stars for any/all clients, that I work with. Calltower is great company and I have loved working with them through all levels of the sales cycle.

Pros: Support, Support and Support.
Cons: None I can think of.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I have been tying to CANCEL this service for many months as the company utilizing CallTower services is no longer in service. I’ve sent many requests for cancellation of service. In one e-mail they responded if i wanted to port any of the lines to another service and I simply replied “no.” Eventually when I spoke and e-mailed back to them they said the didn’t understand what my response “No” meant. One excuse after another. Once I canceled the credit card for the account they were somehow able to “hack” into the the subaccount of my wife and charge that account. What word do i use? Fraudulent, unethical? I have not used Call Tower for many months (I moved out of my office space last year) and they continue to bill me.

Would Recommend: No
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I have been utilizing services from Call Tower since September 2020. FIVE STARS for an outstanding level of customer service and availableness of the team for sincere help when needed! Best part: they even follow up! Big shout out to Richard Page & Frank Rusignuolo for going above & beyond! Thanks!

Pros: Readily available representatives!.
Cons: Still learning features & benifits.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Claudia P.'s review for CallTower

CallTower offers many products and they work to find solutions to Microsoft Teams limitations. We use their paging solution with Algo devices. They have setup an Intercom solution for us as well. They have Microsoft Certified Engineers and many people working on the back-end to make sure the solutions all work together. I am very happy we went with CallTower to host our SBC.

Pros: Work to find solutions.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We had a few hiccups due to unclear expectations set from the beginning, but the implementation team was organized and on top of the transition that occurred. When needed, the escalation process worked extremely well and responses were received timely. Overall, I enjoyed working with the CallTower team and would recommend their solution.

Pros: Well thought out implementation process and team.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Kevin W.'s review for CallTower

We switched from straight Microsoft with literally no support to Call Tower. They now handle all our O365 licenses and provide an in-depth level of support for both Teams Calling and O365. We attempted to mimic our old VOIP phone system and it's operations and Call Tower was able to provide to closest match possible. Additionally they have provided a go-to for all our support issues and license needs.

Pros: Convenience, price, depth of knowledge.
Cons: COVID.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Our company's previous carrier could not connect directly to MS Teams, which is what our organization decided to use for a complete communications solution, including telephony. We decided to go with CallTower and couldn't be happier. They were organized, and quick to port our numbers. User only noticed that call quality was better, and more stable. For an admin like me, I'm happy to no longer have to maintain on-site hardware.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Since its inception in 2002, CallTower has become a leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class Unified Communications solutions for growing organizations worldwide. CallTower provides, integrates and supports industry-leading, cloud-based, Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions, including Cisco® HCS, Webex, Microsoft® Teams Direct Routing, Office 365, Enterprise Hosted Skype for Business, CT Cloud Voice, CT Cloud Boost, CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom and Cloud Contact Center for business customers.

CallTower enhances their clients’ strategic and operational capabilities by integrating VoIP service, mobile applications, email hosting, unified messaging, instant messaging, audio, web and video conferencing, collaboration tools, contact center, cloud services and global networks solutions into one reliable platform.

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