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Breaking out onto the scene in 2016, CallHippo is a newcomer in the Hosted VoIP and Call Center market...
Walnut, CA
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Kevin S.'s review for CallHippo

RUN FAR AWAY! Horrible service, calls dropped frequently. They cannot receive texts from automated services such as Apple (SMS verification, etc). They said the silver plan included two phone numbers, however when I added they charged me for an additional year. I wasted $400 and lots of time disputing this, and ended up having to report it as fraud against my credit company since the services were not provided.

Would Recommend: No
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just run far away and try other services but not these guys. After you pay it's all downhill. Forget about getting a refund, the time spent trying to get it would have earned you more money if channeled into your business.
I was billed twice for an annual subscription when I've only been a customer for only a month, then they refused a refund after I disputed the payment via paypal and then blocked my voip number even though I still had about 11 months left on the 1st subscription with an extra $40 in credit. RUN RUN FAR AWAY.

Pros: they are nice before you pay.
Cons: everything is wrong afterwards.
Would Recommend: No
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Absolutely terrible company.
I was talking to a customer support live before subscribing and sent my documentation to them to be checked first.
I specifically said to make sure it is OK before I buy.
Of course they confirmed it and only after I purchased the subscription, they told me my documents are not sufficient and I have been asking for a refund for 2 weeks.
The support just keep sending me in circles asking for more documents I don't have and even though I write in every correspondence I only want a refund for their mistake..... it is always ignored.
I am actually nervous because they have my credit card details and I have asked repeatedly for them to be removed from their system and they won't.
I will be forced to cancel and get a new credit card as it screams scam.

Pros: None - I don't even have the service.
Cons: No service, no refund, no support.
Would Recommend: No
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Awful services! If I could give this 0 stars, Manish from support was very unhelpful, and would not allow me to receive a refund.

They were eager and happy to take my money but once I needed to get a refund they will send you the canned responses.

One of the worse experiences I have ever had with any company.


Pros: None.
Would Recommend: No
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Do not use. After setup and payment, I got an email (copy below) asking for a copy of my government ID and details of my payment card. By unencrypted email. Thinking of a rogue employee, I contacted their legal team (legal@callhippo.com) that confirmed this is their process. Account Cancelled. Pending refund request.


Hope this email finds you well.
I am here in your inbox to welcome you to the CallHippo family.
At CallHippo we take care of every Family member personally & make sure that they are making the most our of CallHippo and are getting the ROI at any cost.
For the same reason would request you to revert on this Email duly filling the details as below:
1. What is .com all about?
2. What is your designation in the company?
3. What is your relationship with the credit/debit cardholder?
4. What purpose are you solving by using CallHippo?
5. Please share a scanned copy of any of your Government Authorized ID proof. Along with any of your online business profiles like Linked-In, Twitter profiles, etc.

These are precautions to safeguard honest customers like you & understand your use-case better. So we can serve you the best of our services.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Your kind support would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to your response,
Thanks & Regards,


Bhargav Bhalala | Business Analyst

Easy to Use Phone System with World-Class Support

p: +17408482535

w: www.callhippo.com

Pros: None.
Cons: Putting private and financial information at risk.
Would Recommend: No
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Shaju J.'s review for CallHippo

Very horrible experience within 30 days. My card was charged 112.60 without any explanation nor my permission. 7 Days of attempt to resolve went into a total frustration. Nobody wants to refund you, they will put different charges from nowhere and make it like day light robbery. Stay far away from this service. Protect your peace of mind and your money !

Pros: None.
Cons: Terrible Support, Hidden Charges, Over Priced.
Would Recommend: No
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I warn anyone who is thinking of using CallHippo because of the pricing to be extremely careful.

They have a ridiculous amount of hidden fees that their sales team do not tell you about. I was told many things to secure the sale. When I enquired about what was happening with the account, their team told me I had been told the wrong information and continued to act as if it was my fault for "misunderstanding".

It took me 3 hours talking to people (online chat only) and trying to get a copy of the transcript - which they conveniently couldn't send to me. I eventually got screenshots of the conversation to prove what I had been told.

I told them I wanted a refund because what I had been sold was not what they delivered. It has been a month now and I still have not received the refund. I have many messages saying 'sorry for the inconvenience we will process this in 12 - 24 hours' it is just their automatic response and they never do what they say.

I was the only person to use the phone number that we purchased.
I did a trial test to check if the number worked and could see on my phone the couple of calls I tested took less than 2 minutes in total, all together. I then checked online and they had charged me 15 minutes of time.

We had the silver package as we were told it included many features without extra fees however it is not true. The calculations they record and charge you for are not accurate.

Please be extremely careful dealing with this company. They are great at sales but everything else is terrible.

Pros: Only the price however there are a huge amount of hidden fees.
Cons: Their sales team lied to me constantly.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Breaking out onto the scene in 2016, CallHippo is a newcomer in the Hosted VoIP and Call Center market. Capable of offering phone numbers from over 50 different countries, CallHippo provides businesses with a complete telephony solution. In fact, CallHippo's revolutionary approach provides businesses with advanced calling featured, capable of calling around the world, in three simple steps.

With CallHippo, businesses can make calls to over 190 countries, and even gain real-time insights into their entire organization's usage. With CallHippo, your business can replace costly and annoying desk phones with a built-in soft phone and mobile apps, and provide the same great support that even the largest Enterprise companies are capable of. With such a simple system, CallHippo is able to get your business' support center up and running in as little as three minutes or less, while still providing your business with a completely capable and robust solution, packed with plenty of features and integrations.


CallHippo Pricing and Services


Basic - $0 for 2 users
• Soft phone
• Welcome Message
• Ring All Devices
• Call Hold
• Call Transfer
• On Call Notes
• Office/Number Opening Hours
• Working Hours per User
• Call Cascading
• Call Mute
• Call From Any Number
• Unlimited Concurrent Calls
• 3-Digit Editable Extension
• SMS in-email
• Voicemail in email
• Voicemail custom greeting
• Contact management
• Click-to-call chrome extension
• Chrome & app notification
• Free 25 SMS
• Forward-to-device
• Voicemail Greeting
• Free Android/iOS App
• 3 Months Data Records

Bronze - $6 per user/mo
• Everything in Basic, plus
• Additional 25 Free SMS
• Call Recording
• Call-Hold Music
• Country Blocking

Silver - $12 per user/mo
• Everything in Bronze, plus
• Free Number
• Free Incoming
• Free SMS
• Free $2 Credit
• Lifetime Data Records

Platinum - $35 per user/mo
• Everything in Silver, plus
• Additional $3 Credit

Editor's Bottom Line of CallHippo


While they might still be new to the market, and only a few years old, CallHippo still manages to offer a competitive package worth considering. Designed to work as an entire call center platform, CallHippo aims to provide a simple yet effective solution. With an incredibly simple sign up process, your business only needs to complete three steps before users can start receiving and making calls. Simply sign up for service, select a phone number, and start adding users, and you're ready to go. And once you get going, CallHippo also provides businesses with in-depth analytics to understand how the service is being utilized.

Beyond a simple sign up process, CallHippo's strengths don't end just there. In fact, CallHippo is one of the most effective provider's when it comes to international phone numbers, and international calling. Many U.S. based VoIP providers don't even offer international phone numbers or calling, and if they do your business will be charged either for an international plan, or on a per-call basis. With CallHippo, your business can choose a local or toll-free number from over 50 different countries, and can even make calls to over 190 countries, without any additional cost at all. This alone makes CallHippo a strong choice for any business with an international presence.

CallHippo also manages to offer a completely cost effective solution, with paid plans starting at only $6 per user. In fact, CallHippo is one of the only few providers in the market to offer a free or unpaid plan. With the Basic subscription, your business can provide phone service to 2 users per month, and still gains access to a soft phone, ring all devices, call controls, IVR, unlimited concurrent calls, voicemail to email, and even more. While your business is limited to only two users, this can be a great way to try out the platform and see if its right for your business. It also shows CallHippo's confidence in their solution, since they are willing to give it away for free, knowing that businesses will come back for more.

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