Located in London, England, BT Business has been offering both businesses and consumers telecommunications services since 1981. The provider...
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Darren B.'s review for BT

The system itself actually does work at the phone when you try to do things within the system, ie download bulk, buy voice recordings, or setup Webex because they've changed the system. It's a pain to get the system to be administrated properly. And support, although they are polite, do not know what they're doing most of the time. I would stay away from BT and try to you than another VoIP system from another company.

Pros: it works.
Cons: to many.
Would Recommend: No
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I was pressured into going over to internet based system towards the end of my existing contract. I would have to pay a higher rate and a one off payment for the kit. I said that I was concerned that there was no choice of handset and that I wanted a range as good as or better than my existing (and old) Panasonic cordless phones. From day one the system did not accept calls and they had to fiddle around to get the the line operating as it should. I cannot stop the system from including my iPhone in calls which means that I get missed calls twice and answerphone messages twice and calls on my home phone when I'm in the car. I can not erase messages on 1571. It keeps asking me if I dial 1571 if I still do not want Fax (who does?). I then tried to cancell the contract inside the 14 day cooling off period. I was told that Business contracts only have a 1 day cooling off period. Very difficult to contact the guy who originally sold the package. Finally I managed to get someone sensible who said that I could go back to my old system for a lower monthly bill than I had previously. Why didn't they say that in the beginning? I will now see if I can get my money back for my wasted costs but am not holding my breath.

Pros: BT.
Cons: BT.
Would Recommend: No
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We had a cloud phone line installed at work, in theory a great idea, but it does not work, we I can hear the clients but the clients can't hear me. The internet is also slower with the smart hub than it was before, and I have spent a month trying to get them to fix it, and no success. This is a useless and painful company, do not use!!

Pros: Customers struggle to contact.
Cons: It doesn't work.
Would Recommend: No
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Simon D.'s review for BT

This is a service that is not fit for purpose.

The app looks really good, but don't be fooled by what it promises; that's just a smokescreen. What is going on behind is a clown riding a bicycle.

If you want the future of your business in the hands of clowns go ahead and sign up. I did, don't do what I did.

Pros: None.
Cons: Not enough time to list.
Would Recommend: No
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BT Cloud Phone ceased to work, without warning, after upgrade to latest Mac OS, Catalina. Helpful and knowledgable support explained only way to make it work is to disable one of Apple's key security systems. BT, which masquerades as an international IT player, had many months notice of the introduction of Catalina, but diid nothing about it.

Pros: It's BT.
Cons: Does not work.
Would Recommend: No
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Nick T.'s review for BT

Back in February I was convinced by BT to change our old phone service and broadband package to a new cloud based service and told it was a very easy and straightforward process to do so and would reduce uor bills considerably. Since then you couldn't make up the incompetence of the service we have had. They have added lines we apparently did not need, chnged our business number without our knowledge or consent, charged is for things that we were told were free, started chrging us for an additional line and broadband package we didnt ask for offered us a good will gesture to refund us some of the costs they shouldn't have chrged us in the first place (which they still have not done) and our bills have rocketed as a consequence and that's a very very abridged version of what has happened. If you do one thing today choose a different provider

Pros: None.
Cons: Everything you can think of.
Would Recommend: No
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The most awful telephone service provider . Very poor service. Costy and not reliable company and staffs. Do not recommend it to anyone. The bt has been charging me double every month. Whenever I complained I had a nonsense respond and again happened the following week. I still can’t change my supplier because the bt threatened me for an extra charge which is quite high for early termination.

Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Located in London, England, BT Business has been offering both businesses and consumers telecommunications services since 1981. The provider has more recently split its divisions into two separate entities, BT Business and BT Consumer to better serve clients in both markets. BT has also grown beyond a telecommunications provider, now offering a multitude of services including legacy and  VoIP telephony, broadband connections, mobile service, networking, as well as IT and data center services.

BT currently serves the UK and European market, and has a number of different offerings within Business VoIP to help your organization find the best fit. BT Business mostly serves small to medium enterprise organizations. With broadband, mobile and voice solutions BT Business offers everything your organization needs to establish a network and connection with the outside world, as well as internal communications and collaboration.


BT Pricing and Services


BT Cloud Phone - Plug and Play VoIP system, 1 to 9 users

Basic - £13.00 /mo  per user

  • Hunt groups
  • Call logs
  • Auto attendant
  • Voicemail and fax
  • Call Queues
  • Call Recording
  • Conferencing
  • Free Internal Calls
  • Choice of regional number
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Call Recording
  • 500 UK minutes

Connect - £18.00 /mo per user

  • All Basic features, plus
  • Auto call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • CRM integration
  • Multi-level attendant
  • 500 UK minutes, or unlimited UK calls option

Collaborate - £23.00 /mo per user

  • All Connect features, plus
  • Web and Video Meetings
  • 500 UK minutes, or unlimited calls option

BT Cloud Voice - Sophisticated VoIP System, 5 to 250 users


  • Online portal
  • Automatic call routing
  • Call forward
  • Call transfer
  • 3-way calling
  • Hunt Group
  • Hot Desking


  • All Basic features, plus
  • Call Director
  • Voicemail to Email


  • All Connect features, plus
  • UC Business
  • UC Team

BT One Phone Office - Designed for a business with a mobile workforce, and 20+ employees

  • 20-100 users
  • Choice of unlimited voice and texts, or flexible costs
  • Video Conferencing
  • Virtual Geographic Numbers
  • Maintenance included
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy to add users
  • System hosted in cloud for easy office relocation
  • 24/7  dedicated helpdesk
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Pay per user
  • Intelligent call routing with hunt groups and ACD groups
  • Free internal calls
  • Dedicated mobile network in your office
  • Access to 4G and 5 million BT wi-fi hotspots


Editor's Bottom Line of BT


With their roots in the telecommunications industry, BT Business knows what it means to deliver best in class telephony service, as well as broadband connections and mobile service. The provider has expanded its coverage beyond just legacy telephony and broadband networking to also include Business VoIP and collaboration solutions. What's really unique about BT Business is the sheer number of solutions and options offered by the provider, with three different tiers of service, each further broken down into pricing plans and tiers.

Depending on what your business needs in terms of communications, BT Business has a wide array of plans and options to choose from. For example, if your business is under 9 employees, then the basic BT Cloud Phone solution will have what you need. But beyond that, the BT Cloud Phone offering is broken down into three more plans with different monthly costs based on the features provided. Overall, even with the most basic solution, businesses gain every tool and feature they need to provide a professional experience and image to clients and customers.

Even starting at their most basic plan, BT Business includes hunt groups, call logs, and auto attendant, call queues, call conferencing and even call recording for only £13.00 a month, per user. This means that even the most basic plan includes the more complex, and necessary, features. Moving up the market, BT Business also offers their Cloud Voice solution, a much more sophisticated offering, for Small to Medium Enterprise businesses with up to 250 users. Here your business gains an Online Portal to configure and manage the phone system, along with access to the provider's UC Business and UC Team solutions with the Collaborate plan.

While mostly transparent, BT Business does require a quote for their more expensive plans, and their BT One Phone Office offering, designed for small businesses with remote workers, can be customized to fit the exact needs of each and every organization. Beyond the included features, BT Business also makes it possible to order optional features à la carte for a truly unique solution. With everything under one roof, from broadband internet, to mobile service, Business VoIP solutions, and even data center offerings, BT Business can be the one stop shop for any UK based organization. With every solution offered by the same provider, your business can experience a simple billing process, and ensure that each system integrates seamlessly.

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