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AstraQom, based out of Ottawa, Canada, specializes in providing hosted PBX solutions to the health care, hospitality, not-for-profit, and...
Ottawa, Canada
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After 4 months of non-working VOIP numbers, after dozens of support calls and dozens of emails, I was simply informed by email that the number is disabled and it is impossible to port it to another provider. The support never knows what's going on, always telling that "this issue is on a high priority and will be solved ASAP". But after all words they do nothing.

Pros: The worst service evere.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: No
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Kaito M.'s review for AstraQom

We have our staff in Osaka, Nagoya and Ottawa. AstraQom has been a helpful partner in our journey for 3 years. One of our primary requirements was for encryption and this was very well achieved. Considering our intercontinental presence, having a partner with multiple datacenters has been a particular treasure for us.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Their customer service and support is terrible. They think customer need them, not they need customer.

Since my purchase, they only replied my email midnight. Everytime i need to chase them to get my service activated. 1 week already and i don't know when my service will be activated.

I asked about the status, they replied like if you don't like the service, just take your money back

Terrible service!

Would Recommend: No
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I left Astraqom after one year trying to get their service to work. Service gets interrupted. I have never been able to trust their service. Preferred to leave.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: No
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Vahid E.'s review for AstraQom

Horrible service. Not responding at all. Their providers get hacked constantly and your service gets interrupted. DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL

Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

AstraQom, based out of Ottawa, Canada, specializes in providing hosted PBX solutions to the health care, hospitality, not-for-profit, and SMB sectors. They provide 24/7 multilingual technical support. Together with a network of satellite groups, Aastra services over 60 countries, including the USA, Mexico, Philippines, United Kingdom, and Colombia.

AstraQom is a federally incorporated Canadian company. In 2009, AstraQom Corporation successfully merged with Aon Communications, Inc, to combine AstraQom’s extraordinary customer service in English, Spanish and French, with Aon Communication’s network solutions. In July, 2012, AstraQom announced a partnership with Bios Technologies to expand their customer base even further.

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