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Agile CRM launched in 2013 to provide sales and marketing solutions to smaller businesses. Rather than rely on software...
Hyderabad, India
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Provider Overview

Agile CRM launched in 2013 to provide sales and marketing solutions to smaller businesses. Rather than rely on software intended for large corporations or a series of connected apps, Agile sought to provide a fully integrated sales and marketing platform without the need for overlapping solutions.

Agile CRM was founded by CEO Manohar Chapalamadugu and is based in Hyderabad, India.


AgileCRM Pricing and Services


Intended Customers
Small to Midsize Businesses, Enterprises

Free Version
Yes; For up to 10 users


Contact Management Lead Management Opportunity/Deal Management Calendar Integration
Email Templates Email Tracking Branded Emails Landing Page Builder
Web-to-Lead Helpdesk Ticketing Email Templates Builder Google Sync

Additional Features

2-way Email Integration 2-Way Telephony Custom Deal Tracks Automated Voicemails
Call Recording Marketing Automation Social Monitoring Mobile Marketing
Campaign Workflows Automation Rules Phone Support Email/Team Reports
Onboarding Coach Dedicated Account Reps

Contact Management

Profile Enrichment 360 Contact View Adjustable Lead Scores
Activity Timeline Contact-Level Reports Contact Import/Export

All Available Plans & Services

All Agile CRM plans are available on monthly, annual and bi-annual subscriptions. The prices shown are for annual plans billed monthly. (Their 2-year plans are discounted.)

The Free plan offers features aimed for sales. The Starter plan provides deeper marketing functionality. The Regular plan provides service features, and the Enterprise plan offers more in the way of integrations.

  • Free, Up to 10 Users, 50,000 Contacts & Companies, Custom Data Fields, Lead Scoring, Unlimited Deals, Tasks & Documents, Appointment Scheduling, Custom Deal Milestones, Email Tracking, 2-Way Email Integration, Custom Deal Tracks, 2-Way Telephony
  • Starter, Same as Free + Email Campaigns, Web Engagement, Contact Level Analytics, Form Builder, Email Templates Builder, Landing Page Builder, 5,000 Branded Emails, Web-to-Lead, Marketing Automation, Social Monitoring, Mobile Marketing
  • Regular, Same as Starter + Helpdesk, Groups, Labels, Canned Responses, Views, Activities, Reports
  • Enterprise, Same as Regular + 50+ Plugins & Integrations, Email & Phone Support, Google/Shopify/Stripe Sync, Chrome Extension, Basic & Email Reports

Help & Support Options

Agile CRM offers email support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). Their support email address is care@agilecrm.com. For the free plan, Agile offers email support only.

Agile’s paid plans also offer phone support. The phone number is 1-800-980-0729; users can schedule a call with a specific support representative during a block of time, or simply call between 9 am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

Live web chat is available from Monday to Friday. Weekly onboarding webinars are available upon registration. Archived and upcoming training workshops are available on their support page. Furthermore, Agile provides a knowledge base with how-to articles and training videos in three categories - Sales, Marketing and Service - as well as setup guides for software integrations, including WordPress, Shopify, Google Apps, Office 365, or expanded functionality, such as VoIP.

The Agile CRM support page can be accessed here.


Editor’s Bottom Line of AgileCRM


Agile CRM is a very capable platform that manages to feel nimble while still offering a substantial range of services. This is partially attributable to their user interface - the layout offers, in this reviewer’s opinion, a nice visual balance of space and function. Dashboard modules - called dashlets - with snap views of contacts, activities, deals, the sales pipeline, etc. can be rearranged and resized. The default color scheme involves whites, grays, shades of blue and lavender, which is gentle on the eye, and this can be changed in Preferences>Theme and Layout. You can also alter the layout, which by default offers a vertical left panel bar but can be made collapsible or repositioned to a horizontal top-level bar.

Agile offers considerable functionality even in its free plan, which is available for up to 10 users. It offers normal contact, task, deal and opportunity management functions that you would normally expect from sales automation software. However, it also offers lead scoring and email tracking, an email template builder (also drag and drop) and branded emails, helpdesk capability and web-to-lead options such as popups or web forms. The limitations of the free version include the limit to one campaign workflow, one automation rule, one integration and 500 API calls per day (which refers to individual operations invoked by the client application; depending on how frequently you use the application in conjunction with your CRM, you may deplete your 500 daily calls rapidly). So regarding the free version, Agile offers impressive versatility - a wide range of functions, though not so much wiggle room for extensive use.

One notable restriction stands out to me - the limit of 5000 branded emails, after which you need to pay per email. In a midsize organization, 5000 is a fairly small number. A company that sends branded emails extensively will find their CRM costs higher than they expected.

Then again, you get what you pay for. When you upgrade to a subscription plan (from Starter to Enterprise), you gain more integrations, API calls, branded emails, campaign workflows and automation rules, not mention more in-depth functions like marketing automation, social media monitoring, and 2-way email integration. Companies whose employees use a lot of phone time would find use from the Enterprise plan, which includes 2-way telephony (also available with the Regular plan), post-call automation, automated voicemails, and call recording. The Regular and Enterprise plans both offer mobile marketing, while allows you to send personalized SMS for drip marketing, scheduled messaging, or for automatic responses to contact actions.

Note that Agile’s 2-way telephony integrates the CRM with a VoIP provider of your choosing, specifically SIP or hosted PBX. Visit our comparison pages for SIP providers and hosted PBX providers to compare which solution offers the best calling features, performance and contracts relative to your needs.

While each increased plan adds functions and increases limits on usage, the Enterprise plan removes certain limits (campaign workflows and automation rules) and provides individualized support, such as an onboarding coach and a dedicated account rep.

Of course, at that point, it depends on your business needs and budget. The Enterprise plan costs $64.99 per user/month billed annually. On the other hand, If one-on-one onboarding and a dedicated account rep are important to you, then you might consider Infusionsoft, which requires purchase of an onboarding ‘kickstarter’ package that emphasizes a more ‘handheld’ approach.

Overall, I think Agile CRM is a solid choice for a small to midsize company whose needs are fairly balanced across the major communication channels - phone, email, social media - and has need of email marketing tools and online customer service. The best-valued plan, in my opinion, is the Regular plan. It provides the 2-way telephony, custom deal tracks and mobile marketing lacking from the Starter plan while also expanding its limits. It’s nice to have the dedicated account rep and onboarding coach in the Enterprise plan, not to mention the additional phone features, but if your company has both the need for such telephony tools and the size to afford its price point, you may find more affordable solutions elsewhere that are more customized to your business use case.

  • Dashboard
  • Contacts
  • Campaigns
  • Reports

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