Over my trial period with RingCentral, I discovered a number of features that were a pleasant surprise. To name a few: The free virtual fax, call recording, the RingMe widget, Ringback. I even figured out the voice mail, which had once given me some trouble. But, all good things must come to an end, and today, I pressed “4” to cancel my RingCentral service.

It’s never easy to cancel a service. Regardless of your personal or professional feelings, the termination department’s job is to not let you leave. That’s the case with every company. The termination department is the last line of defense against customer turnover. It takes about six to seven times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep one, so they certainly have an incentive to keep you as a customer, even if they have dig deep into their specials and promotions. Buying, as is leaving, is an emotional decision. If they can assuage your concerns, whether lowering prices or giving incentives, it’s well worth their while. They also want to put you in the emotional state to buy the service you were ready to leave.

RingCentral offered me a range of different services that they don’t advertise on the front page, such as only having virtual numbers (à la eVoice), in order to tailor my experience and fit my budget. The person I spoke to was, understandably, interested in knowing what features I did and didn’t need. After convincing the termination department rep that I was indeed serious about cancelling, she emailed me the shipping form, which has the authorization code and the return address. Return shipping, if you can’t guess, is on us.

One thing to note about the RingCentral service: it does not cancel until they have the phone. From RingCentral’s Terms of Service (TOS), I know to expect that my month that has already been billed will not be refunded or prorated. I do, on the other hand, expect a refund for the phone, which is in good working order. We still have the box, and, thanks to our unboxing videos, I know how to put everything back the way it was. I had to make sure that the box was sent back with everything it came in, otherwise I’d be subject to a $30 restocking fee. That’d be an expensive Cat6 cable if I forgot it. But, everything fit neatly in the box, same as it came. Now it’s just a question of shipping it out.