Ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and independent professionals, Phonebooth Free is a Hosted PBX business VoIP solution that lives in the cloud. Provided with a business number and call routing, existing landlines and/or mobile phones can seamlessly be turned into business phones. You get a pretty considerable package for an unbeatable price…free. After all, it’s not just a clever name, it’s a fantastic chance to give Phonebooth’s VoIP a shot.  Personally, I’m used to being attracted to the word “free” and finding there is some sort of commitment involved or that my gratis period is grossly limited in features or woefully finite. Not so with Phonebooth – it is absolutely free for the as long as you’re a member. I’m a large skeptic and I assure you I checked high and low since it seemed to good to be true. Fortunately, it’s completely true and this is what free gets you:

  • 200 Free Minutes of Inbound Calling (3 cents for each additional)
  • Free Local Number (Pick an area code for your location, for your business)
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Call Hunting (Route calls so you never miss a beat or a sale)
  • Vocemail Transcription (50 Voice Message allowance per month, directed to your inbox)
  • Extensions & Specific Voicemail (Voicemail options and specific extensions for employees or coworkers)

While users cannot simply sign up, they can request an invitation to Phonebooth free. The VoIP provider decided to institute this system to “slow things down a little” as the reception has been large (about five digits large). Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll be placed on their waiting list for a follow up as soon as there is availability in your specific area. With over 10.5 trillion minutes served when I last logged off, it’s no mystery that Phonebooth is having to tap the brakes on their popularity. Phonebooth free seems a fantastic opportunity to start and operate your business in a professional manner without being crushed by some of the initial costs that come with setting up a concrete network/calling infrastructure. Also, the cost of setting up an intricate calling system at a high cost isn’t always justified or feasible – Phonebooth offers a great alternative and even primary means for this service.

As usual, Phonebooth requires no contract and no up front costs…free in this case, means absolutely free. Hopefully my request to try out the beta will be processed and approved – at that juncture, I will provide more details on the logistics of the beta.

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