While many VoIP companies might have an aggressive plan that requires you to pay upfront to get their best price, ITP offers you the same effective price with monthly payments rather than annual. Residential VoIP providers typically include a free Linksys router to get you started. With their $19.99 monthly plan, ITP awards 2 free months (First and last of the year) of service which brings your monthly rate to $16.58 ($199/annual = $16.58/mo). There is a $29.95 activation fee and the shipping of the required adapter is reasonable at $9.95 to most locations. They also have a service for smartphones in which you can download their app and subscribe to Mobile VoIP at just under ten dollars as well.

ITP has a bunch of features for businesses, with global plans that allow for unlimited calling to 60 countries. As discussed in one of my previous reviews, being translucent with regard to pricing is not only efficient, but also beneficial to the customer who is “shopping around” and may not have the time to ascertain quotes here and there over the phone.

ITP’s site was generally tough to navigate, and although there were many great promises, I would have like to see them grouped all together so I knew exactly what I’d be receiving for what particular price. Employing a series of dropdowns and/or clearly outlined packages would be to ITP, as well as the client’s benefit. Picking and choosing among so many features was more overwhelming than delighting, and the layout wasn’t so easy on the eyes.

The company also did not provide their web addresses or links to social media pages, though I was able to manually find their Twitter account. The nature of the industry almost makes this a prerequisite since the rapid exchange of information and advancement are what really propels products and providers. Beyond this, I also could not find a physical address for them, though they did state that , “ITP’s award-winning customer service & sales teams are based only in the USA.” That may be true, but there still remains the question of where and how their development teams or higher corporate members might be reached.

Overall, ITP seems to offer some great services at seemingly great prices for Residential and Business VoIP. Contrary to this positive, is the lack of translucency and assurance in their customer service. Personally, I did not feel apt to jump at this provider since I simply could not understand what I was getting. Once again, they are truly doing themselves a disservice due to the organization and aesthetics of their website, when there may very well be some great, yet less than apparent options that separate them from their competitors.

Stay tuned as I dig deeper into ITP, more posts to follow…