About Our Company

What is GetVoIP.com all about?
GetVoIP, owned and operated by BizMedia Central LLC, is a comprehensive VoIP shoppers guide featuring service provider comparisons, reviews, and an insightful blog aimed at offering unique guidance and insights to all VoIP shoppers. In doing so, GetVoIP covers VoIP and other related topics such as Cloud Communications, Unified Communications, Mobile VoIP, and more.

Who is behind GetVoIP.com?
GetVoIP was founded in 2012 by internet entrepreneur Reuben Yonatan, and is composed of a team of VoIP experts that work together to deliver a wide range of content such as thorough provider comparisons, in-depth service analysis, expository phone reviews, breaking news, and other relevant content. Our staff is absolutely VoIP-obsessed. They eat, sleep, and breathe everything VoIP. As such, our experts go above and beyond to engage the industry via events, conferences, and conventions. Additionally, our team also engages professionals and industry experts directly via exclusive interviews.

The GetVoIP team strives to build a comprehensive one-stop hub for any and all VoIP needs. To do this, our writers and editors inject honest and unique insights into every bit of content. In addition to the content itself, we utilize state of the art layout, configuration, and design that makes our site experience intuitive and accessible. As a result, GetVoIP.com is sure to quickly become your most reliable online VoIP guide.

What Makes Us Different?
GetVoIP is NOT affiliated with any provider, service, or product. Our goal is to help VoIP shoppers make the best decision for their telephony needs. To do this, our team delivers 100% unbiased and unfiltered content. Our team of VoIP experts spends hours each week researching and purchasing VoIP services from every provider mentioned on our site.  In doing so, we’re able to develop top-notch honest information for our readers, based on our own hands-on experience. Additionally, we supplement our extensive editorial analysis with actual VoIP users’ feedback  and reviews to provide balanced and accurate experiences. With GetVoIP, you’re given a fuller picture, which can help you to choose the best VoIP provider to accommodate your needs.

Our team also regulates content regularly. VoIP comparison charts are updated daily. Also, each VoIP provider and company is independently tested for Reliability, Cost Effectiveness, Performance, Customer Service and variety of other aspects. We don't just take the providers' word for it, we dig into the service and disect the provider on many levels.

What to expect with GetVoIP?
GetVoIP is lauded for its all-encompassing and ever-increasing nature, reaching over 30k monthly readers worldwide. Our visitors trust GetVoIP to be an honest and independent advocate for all available VoIP information.

Our Mission
GetVoIP is all about YOU—our readers! Our vision is to educate, empower, and enlighten YOU, while also enlisting new and existing users into the VoIP sphere. Furthermore, we aim to do this in an engaging, interactive, and fun way. Looking for the best place to learn about what’s happening the world of VoIP? Wishing to share your thoughts and experiences with like-minded individuals? GetVoIP.com is for YOU! We welcome and look forward to hearing your voice and helping you with any and all your needs.


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