Getting a toll-free 800 number instantly is a fairly easy thing to accomplish in a matter of minutes, but it’s not clear how easy it is for companies to do so. Many providers assume people already know what to do since toll-free numbers have been around for so long; they’re often included in your existing business phone services, but those services don’t necessarily outline a toll-free phone number’s significance to the overall success of your company.

Toll-free 800 telephone numbers paired with business phone plans add legitimacy to your company by giving the impression that your company is more than just a startup or mom-and-pop shop. This is encouraging for new entrepreneurs looking to expand their base quickly. Here, we’re going to break down nine ways to get toll-free service instantly.

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How to Get a Toll-Free 800 Number Right Now

Like we said, there are a number of ways to get an 800 toll-free number instantly. What really speeds things up is knowing where to look. You’ll see they all come down to finding the right provider for your business, but that doesn’t make it any easier to get a toll-free 800 number instantly. Here, we’re going to highlight those providers.



1. RingCentral

RingCentral, a top leader in UCaaS, offers vanity and toll-free business phone numbers. “You can choose the instantly recognizable 800 toll-free code or choose from 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844,” they say on their website. Variety is key when it comes to getting a toll-free 800 number instantly.


RingCentral 800 Number Slection


What makes their service so powerful is the fact that if you have a toll-free number from a different provider, you can import that number directly to RingCentral to ensure everything stays the same. Minute bundles range from 1,000 to 100,000 to ensure all business owners.

  • Best For: Businesses of all sizes will benefit from RingCentral’s high-quality VoIP phone services. With features such as faxing, conferencing, screen sharing, and call logs, RingCentral offers businesses the tools they need to ensure toll-free numbers are not just easy to acquire, but also fit into an already-existing business strategy optimized for unified communications. More about RingCentral pricing and plans.
  • What’s Lacking: Transparent pricing for minute bundles make it difficult to determine how much it would actually cost for their services, which could ultimately determine whether or not their service is right for a startup.



2. FreedomVoice


Freedomvoice Screenshot


FreedomVoice is a veteran in the toll-free number industry, having been around since 1996. Their services come with a virtual attendant and a free mobile app. What’s impressive about their website is that they take instant service seriously.

When you view their pricing, you’re instantly brought to a simple page that outlines whether you want a local number, vanity number, or 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833 number. When you’re done with that, you pick the plan you want, which is minute-based. They also give you the option to get additional features such as “Get Name & Address,” call recording, and random hold music.

  • Best For: Ease of use in signing up is a top priority for this established company. They clearly outline three easy steps that anyone, regardless of experience, can follow. Their prices are very affordable, which make them a great option for everyone. Mobile apps are especially useful for startups and side hustles where teams are on the move.
  • What’s Lacking: Desk phones and softphones with CloudNumber plan make it hard for small businesses who want the complete package at an affordable price. They’re required to upgrade if they don’t already have the tools they need at their disposal.



3. Grasshopper


Grasshopper Sign up Screen for Toll Free Number


Grasshopper is the first toll-free number provider we’re looking at that’s actually built around making it easier for companies to acquire a business number. Their service is truly instant and allows businesses to look up available numbers from an inventory pool, pick your own, and even assist with potentially acquiring numbers right from their homepage.

They even offer a real-time update of new batches as they become available:

Grasshopper Number Batches Update


Their service comes with multiple lines, the ability to text from your toll-free number, call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and no need to acquire any new hardware so you can use your cellphone if that’s your preferred method of communication. Grasshopper users the ability to make business calls from their desktop as well, using the web based admin portal, or their desktop app.

According to their website Grasshopper has 877, 888, 866, 833, 844, and 855 toll-free numbers, and a very limited supply of true 800 numbers.

  • Best For: Unlimited minutes for every Grasshopper plan. Their standard price plan might not be affordable to startups, but they offer unlimited minutes, regardless of what plan you choose, which helps to alleviate the higher cost.
  • What’s Lacking: No auto-attendant makes it harder for callers to find the right department or agent to speak to. If a company is looking to optimize the user experience, and they rely heavily on toll-free numbers, auto-assistants can really help.



4. MightyCall




MightyCall isn’t dedicated to toll-free 800 numbers like Grasshopper, but they offer just as powerful of a solution. They’re a business VoIP provider, like Nextiva and RingCentral, however, the first thing you do when you sign up for their service, as stated on their website, is to choose a toll-free number. This ensures your business has a dedicated, professional number for your current and potential customers to reach.


Mighty Call


Because they’re a VoIP provider, their toll-free numbers come with the features found in a typical business VoIP solution, such as call forwarding to any device, call recording, VIP/blacklisting, call routing, and a mobile app to make/receive toll-free from your smartphone or tablet. There’s no hardware needed and users can port an existing number for free. To sign up instantly, all you have to do is click their sign up button, put in your location, select a plan, and choose how you’re going to pay.

  • Best For: Quality VoIP phone system features such as unlimited calling, call queues, visual call flow configuration, mobility, and call forwarding on any device make it easy for startups who want both high-quality toll-free number and VoIP services in one neat, affordable package.
  • What’s Lacking: No pay-as-you-go option leaves startups in a tough spot regarding whether or not they should upgrade from the most basic plan to their standard plan.





Let’s shift back to dedicated toll-free number service providers. is a great choice because their entire platform, like Grasshopper, is built around setting businesses up with toll-free 800 numbers. Again, all you have to do is go right to their homepage and you’ll find a search bar to see if the number you want is available. Underneath, they offer some options that you can purchase right away to make the process even faster.

Many of the features listed on their website can be found on some of the best cloud phone systems’ features lists. Some of these features include call forwarding, number parking, vanity numbers, an auto-attendant menu, and number porting. 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 numbers are all available, giving users a wide variety of options to choose from, ensuring they can get the number they want instantly.

  • Best For: has a very user-friendly website designed specifically for selling toll-free 800 numbers instantly. As you see in the picture above, they emphasize instant service by offering multiple available numbers and make it easy for businesses to make a purchase. Their middle plan is pricy, making their service a better option for small business needs. However, number parking allows businesses to only pay for when they use the service.
  • What’s Lacking: No call recording or auto attendant for the high price could force subscribers to look elsewhere for cheaper service with more features.



6. CallHippo



CallHippo makes getting a toll-free 800 number instantly very easy by outlining how the user would go about getting one directly on their homepage. When you first visit their website, you’ll a 5 step sign up form — before choosing a monthly or yearly subscription. Users can pick from up to twenty countries around the world as well.

Multiple users can use the same toll-free number using virtual extensions, making it easy for small businesses and startups to use CallHippo since their budgets are typically much smaller. CallHippo markets themselves on being accessible and it shows, from their transparent signup process to their calls-to-action on their website. They say, “Sign up now and start making and receiving phone calls in 3 minutes.” Without this transparency, their CTAs would seem unrealistic, but for those who want a toll-free 800 number right now, CallHippo is a great option.

  • Best For: Startups and small businesses with tight budgets. Businesses that either work in different countries or have customers overseas will benefit from the fact that numbers can be bought from 50-plus countries. Cheap prices and the ability to add multiple users make CallHippo an ideal choice for businesses with tight budgets.
  • What’s Lacking: No call blocking or blacklisting makes it harder to filter out calls from spam numbers, which constantly seem to make their presence known.


7. Kall8



Kall8 advertises on their website that you can receive a toll-free 800 number instantly, and their page layout, like some of the other providers listed above, make the process very simple. Visitors can search for vanity numbers before they sign up, and they can also choose from a wide variety of 800 numbers that help the visitor go straight to checkout faster.

They’re also a pay-as-you-go service, ensuring the responsible organization only pays for what it’s using. That way, there’s no pressure to commit to a plan that’s way more or way less than you need. One feature that stands out with Kall8 is their online management, which allows users to keep track of certain call metrics and call history.

  • Best For: Pay-as-you-go service, for startups who want to pass themselves off as a legitimate, or bigger, company worth doing business with. Startups also don’t want to lock themselves into contracts because of the shaky nature of starting a new business.
  • What’s Lacking: No desktop or mobile app makes it hard for businesses who already implement VoIP phone solutions to use a toll-free number from Kall8 more seamlessly. Pay-as-you-go can also add up quickly when startups begin to scale, which might force businesses to look elsewhere when that time comes.


8. allows businesses to work with any kind of device, such as softphones, traditional landline phones, mobile phones, and ring-ready IP phones. Their service also comes with HD talk and voice to ensure sound quality is professional and your business continues to give off a professional vibe regardless of size and how established you are. Little details like these matter and has them covered. Plans


They also like to look at the bigger picture when they include features such as video conferencing and group messaging. There are a number of ways for businesses, leads, and customers to communicate with each other, which is beneficial to anyone who’s looking to optimize their business’ omnichannel customer service strategy.

  • Best For: Sound and video quality for phones and video conferences help optimize the user experience. Their service works best for any company who’s looking to implement omni-channel into their business strategy; however, their prices are extremely affordable, making them a great option for startups.
  • What’s Lacking: No auto-attendant makes it difficult to optimize the customer experience when callers have no idea who to speak to. Toll-free numbers are meant to give off a more-professional vibe. With that in mind, it’s safe to say customers will expect your service to direct them to the right agent quickly with minimal hold times.


9. GoDaddy



GoDaddy has a service called SmartLine, which, again, is another instant way for businesses to acquire a toll-free 800 number. They interestingly layout the price of their plans first, which we’d assume is an attempt at being as transparent as possible. As you scroll down, you learn more about how the service works, how your business can look more professional with a toll-free number, and how your business doesn’t have to rely on any hardware to use their service.

If you can spare five minutes, that’s all it takes for your business to have its new toll-free number up and running with SmartLine. You simply pick a number and connect that number with their app, which is available on Android and Apple phones. According to their website, users can “make calls through the SmartLine app and your toll-free number shows on caller ID. This keeps your personal number private and trains customers to use your toll-free number instead.”

  • Best For: Mobility-driven and already-established businesses will benefit the most from GoDaddy’s toll-free number service. Their app is user-friendly and allows businesses on-the-go to take incoming calls and outbound calls wherever they are. They also don’t have to ask customers to call their personal number, which could lead to issues between your work and personal life.
  • What’s Lacking: GoDaddy is a bare-bones service that offers customers very little features that are standard with other providers. If all you’re looking for is another source of 800 numbers, GoDaddy is a good choice, but be aware that you’re paying the same amount as other providers for a lot less. This wouldn’t be the best option for startups.


Price and Feature Comparison

Now that we understand the ways to get a toll-free 800 number instantly, how to secure one quickly, and the benefits of signing up for one, we can look at what really matters: the price. Use the table below to compare the price of each service and what each service comes with.

Provider Price (Most popular/Standard Plan) Call Forwarding Call Blocking Call Recording VoIP Phone Services Vanity Numbers Auto-Attendant Call Routing Desktop/Mobile Apps Texting Shared Lines
$34.99/user/month Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
$19.95 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, smart number routing Yes Yes Yes, unlimited users
$44/month, billed annually Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
$49.99/month Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
$49/month Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
$35/month Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pay-As-You-Go, starting at 6.9 cents/minute Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No
$19.99/month, $15.99/annually Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
$19.99/month No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes

Tips for Getting Your Toll-Free 800 Number Approved

As you can see above, there are many providers that can help you get a toll-free 800 number instantly. However, just because they have simple sign-up processes doesn’t mean that you can just get your toll-free number approved instantly. The FCC puts specific limitations on toll-free and vanity numbers. For example, they’re sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Companies also can’t horde vanity numbers without planning on using them.

With all this in mind, we want to offer some tips on ensuring the toll-free 800 number you search for is approved quickly and requires little guesswork.

  • Use the new 833 toll-free prefix, and others like 888, 877, 866, 855, 844.
  • Don’t limit yourself to vanity numbers.
  • Don’t limit yourself to a true 800 number.
  • Try alternate spellings of an already-taken vanity number.
  • Use keywords your website ranks for.
  • Use the pre-made suggestions some providers offer you.
  • Use “overdials” if the word you want is too long.

These tips are short and simple, but that seems to be the trend when it comes to acquiring a toll-free 800 number. It doesn’t take much to sign up and it doesn’t take much to find one that’s right for your business. With proper research and the ability to remain open to options other than true 800 numbers, you can sign up with a great provider and find a toll-free number instantly.


Benefits of Toll-Free 800 Numbers

So why does all this matter? As we’ve discussed, it’s easy to sign up and find a number that’s right for your business. However, businesses should be doing more to implement toll-free numbers into their calling strategies. Let’s take a closer look at why that’s the case, and what the benefits of having a toll-free 800 number are.


1. Added Legitimacy

There are a number of ways companies benefit from toll-free 800 numbers. As we previously mentioned, smaller businesses and startups benefit from the added legitimacy of using an 800 number rather than a local number.

This benefit, of course, depends on the business’ intentions when it comes to how they wish to brand themselves, but those who wish to scale can do so with a toll-free 800 number. And people want to call 800 numbers. In fact, “57% of survey respondents reporting that they prefer to dial a vanity 800 number over a local numeric phone number.”


2. Easy to Remember

The mention of vanity numbers in the above statistic also brings up another important point. Vanity and toll-free numbers are easily recognized — meaning customers can call at any time because they’re easy to remember, thus increasing the number of inbound calls a business receives.


3. Branding

Toll-free numbers are also great for branding. The most obvious example of a business marketing their vanity number is 1-800-Flowers. Everyone knows what they sell based on the name, and everyone knows what the number to call is if they’re interested in buying flowers. You’re killing two birds with one stone by streamlining the customer journey and making it more user-friendly.


4. Mobile and Desktop Apps

And while we’re on the subject of user-friendly, toll-free 800 numbers can be used on mobile phones and desktops, making them a perfect option for businesses with cloud phone system features. Making a call on the computer while at work is an easy and cost-effective way to communicate with leads and customers. Agents don’t have to pick up a physical phone, and they, theoretically, wouldn’t have to access their contact management solution if they wish to call a business with a vanity number since they’re easier to remember.


5. Free to Call

Finally, customers are more willing to call a toll-free number because they know it won’t cost them anything to do so. Any time your business can mention something’s free, you can turn that into an actionable request that benefits your business. Leads and customers who aren’t even sure if they need your product or service will feel more inclined to ask what your company’s about since they have nothing to lose.


The Final Word

Getting a toll-free 800 number instantly is a relatively easy task to accomplish, but it’s not easy to figure out where to look. Here, we broke down nine ways businesses can acquire toll-free numbers quickly with very little hassle.

Many business VoIP solutions offer toll-free numbers as a feature in their service. There are also solutions that specifically handle toll-free numbers that make it even easier for businesses to acquire a toll-free 800 number. What makes both channels so useful is the fact that both offer number porting, which allows businesses to keep using their current number even if they switch providers.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from toll-free numbers, but small businesses and startups, in particular, tend to benefit the most. Toll-free numbers and vanity numbers are used by marketing teams to make a business stand out and show leads how to contact them at the same time.

The added benefit of customers never having to worry about the cost of making a call also encourages them to do so since they have nothing to lose. Using toll-free numbers for marketing is a proven strategy that your business can implement instantly. 1-800-Flowers was an instant success, even though some initially questioned what they were thinking.

It’s not a guarantee your business will see the same success, but if increasing the number of calls your business receives is your goal, toll-free numbers are a great way to do so.

Frequently asked questions

The person dialing the toll-free number isn't charged — the person called will foot the bill. That means your customers can call for free.

It depends on the network that they signed up for. Some providers will charge for calling toll-free numbers, where as others will not. 

No. Calling an international toll-free number may actually incur higher international charges than normal.

These calls are free for those with unlimited minutes in their plan.